Monday, February 8, 2016

Making up my mind on Monday....

So today finds my design wall quite crowded with several projects...some old and some new. Now to make up my d*** mind about what to work on first.  Right now I'm just jumping around from project to project... or as my sainted father use to say " you bounce around like a BB in a boxcar"... folksy and true.

What a mish mash... I can't even decide what season to work in. Lets start from the top and see what I can sort out...

This is the most senior project... I started this 2 years ago and according to my blog I had it on my wall in 2014 and 2015. It is from Lori Holt's first book Quilty Fun... you can see it here. These flowers are my version of her Tulip Patch Quilt. My tulips are more squat than hers and all of mine are dotty... they are my hybridized version. When I first started this quilt I was going to make it big enough for my double bed. I have since decided that it doesn't need to be any bigger than the one in Lori's book. When I released this one from its plastic tomb I was happy to see that I had several rows put together and was almost half way done. Then I looked more closely and realized I had made a mistake in the first row of tulips. The spacer I added to the last tulip group on the right hand side is narrower than it should be. I'm pretty sure I fudged to make the rectangles above and below fit which I shouldn't have done. Need to go back and fix the tulip row and then continue on. It would be nice to have this one done for this Spring. Third time I've played with this quilt will hopefully be the charm.

These 3 amigos are Charm Pack Churn Dash blocks done with 2.5" squares which produces an 18" block. You can find the pattern here. There is a group on Instagram doing this one... you can see what they posted here. Each of these blocks was done with a different Fall collection from Sandy Gervais and my favorite butterscotch Grunge is the background. I'm using Charm Packs cut into 2.5" squares to do these blocks and the other six I want to make will use all of the different collections mixed together. I really like these but it will be a while till Fall rolls around again so perhaps they can wait a bit.

And this is the newest project... Friendship Pinwheel from Missouri Star Quilt can see the video here. This pattern was just uploaded last Friday and I was immediately smitten with it. The block is BIG... 18" finished... and I thought it would be a good pattern for a quilt for my younger son. I'm using my stash of Debbie Mumm fabrics and I'm going to put minky on the back. I think he is more excited for the minky back but he does like the stars too. I figure 16 of these with sashing and border will make it big enough for his bed. The pattern is easy but somehow I messed up and my stars are rotating in a different direction from Jenny's ...hmmmm... need to be sure all mine end up in the same direction whatever that will be.

So what to do first... oh I forgot to mention the projects not on the wall that need some attention. I need to put together a back for another quilt for my brother... I want to get the borders on my Double Square Stars...and I want to get the signature blocks from my older son's wedding assembled by their 1st anniversary which is the end of April.  There is certainly no lack of things to be done and hopefully I'll have more time at home this week than last week. They are even calling for some snow...but I can't say I would take their predictions to the bank.

Hope you and I have a productive week...
happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. these three are all lovely--hard choice!!
    --it's funny you should mention how you made mistakes on two--all of my "projects interruptae" have errors too!!
    I get all squirrely when that happens and usually put them into the "closet of shame". This year I plan to just "go with the flow"--which means: if it's too long, cut it off; if it's too short, add a piece". I mean really, who'll know.... hugs, Julierose

  2. I love the variety of brights here. So happy feeling.

  3. So many wonderful projects to choose from. The tulip quilt will be perfect for Spring.


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