Sunday, February 21, 2016

Slow stitching on a Spring-y Sunday...

Oh my poor neglected little blog.... I do need to give you some attention. Life has been busy...not particularly noteworthy... but busy. I haven't sewn a stitch on my sewing machine in over a week, but I did do a bit of cross stitching, so I have a little something to show here.

The beginnings of my Fragments in Time by Summer House Stitche Workes. One chart of the eight finished...

That little house took FOREVER as you were suppose to alternate GAST Tarnished Gold and Chamomile... a muted checkerboard effect. Except that my skeins of these two flosses are almost identical in value... not good. I ended up substituting DMC 3829 for the Tarnished Gold but I'm not sure I shouldn't have just stitched the whole house in one color and said "good enough". Oh well...

Cross stitching and card making are about all I've accomplished this last week. Lots of running around and then when I get home I'm pooped. I've gotten back into card making, rediscovering lots of goodies I bought years ago. When I purchased these goodies I ooohed and aaahed over them but couldn't bring myself to use them. Now I'm over them, and I'm enjoying playing with these pretty papers and stamps and ribbons and buttons and lots of carp I have no idea why I bought...but I'm glad I did.

I've sent off a couple of cards but I forgot to take pictures... I will try to remember to do that with the next batch. Nothing fancy, simple layouts, but I think most of us enjoy getting a card in the mail so I don't have to produce a Mona Lisa in each envelope.

It is an absolutely gorgeous day today... as was yesterday... a tease of Spring even though I know it is still 27 days till official Spring. Yesterday did spur me into action to banish my snowman decor to their plastic bins and break out the bunnies and eggs and other Spring-y stuff. I will have a gratuitous  decorating post this week so I can document for me what I put where ... that will save time next year when I do it all over again. I looked at my photos from 2014 and I didn't put everything exactly where I did before but it gave me some direction... and Lord knows I need direction... lots and lots of direction!!

I'm going to enjoy this glorious Sunday by sitting in my stitching chair with the Dude napping beside me... I plan to stitch ... and nap. Hope you have a great day!

I'm linking up with Kathy's Quilts today and Super Mom - No Cape tomorrow.

happy stitching-
carol fun

PS... while I've neglected my blog I have been posting pictures of this and that on Instagram you can find me as carolfun53... check here.


  1. I need a little direction sometimes too! Nice cross stitching!

  2. Stitching and napping, sounds like the perfect Sunday!

  3. I love your Fragments in Time. If I do it, I think I will stitch the house one color. The same thing has happened to me. The colors are so close, you can't tell which is which!! It fun changing the seasonal stuff. I had very little winter, mostly Valentine so I will change the beginning of March. Out will come eggs and rabbits! The people who get your cards are very lucky!!!!!! Have a lovely week! I hope it stays Springy!

  4. Love your start on the Fragments in Time!!!

    Since I think I was a recipient of one of your cards, let me know and I'll send you a photo. It is so nice to get a hand written note in the mail!

  5. Your stitching looks great. We had the same awesome weather this weekend up here. :)

  6. Oh, carol. Even when you say "just sit around, nap and cross stitch, you get so much accomplished. I need some of your energy!


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