Saturday, February 27, 2016

Spring has my house...

The sun is shining and as far as I'm concerned Spring has sprooong at my house!  I put all the snowmen to bed in their cozy plastic storage containers and I brought out all of my spring-y stuff... bunnies and carrots and eggs and daffodils and all makes me smile. And because I have decorated for another season I am doing a gratuitous post so I'll remember where I put what next year. Not that I put the exact same thing in the exact same place (although I did do a bit of that this time) but it gives me an idea where to start when I've got all my goodies strewn all over the floor.

To begin...

a giant new wreath for my front door. I think those flowers are peonies... I'm calling them peonies because I LOVE LOVE LOVE peonies. Wish I could grow them in this color...sigh. I picked this up at Homegoods and it kicked off all of my decorating this season. Turns out I have several nice piece from Homegoods that are in this room... you'll see.

The big accent wall in the living room...

the quilt on the wall is one I hung last year, but the storage bench, 3 tier tray and the laundry cart in the corner with quilts are new.

A close up of the 3 tier tray...

bunnies and daffodils and carrots and eggs.

Can you see that the eggs are lacy? They were crocheted by my friend Lois in Nebraska and I love them. I think they look great  tucked among the greenery.

And here is a close up of the laundry cart I put in the corner...

I've had this cart for a couple of years... I got it at Homegoods. I was using it as a place to corral  my scraps in my sewing room, but I recently found something better for that purpose ... I need to show you that too...soon. The turquoise color is a nice accent and I like showing off some quilts this way.

Next to the cart, my TV stand....

more quilts and a bunch of yellow accents... birds and chicks and a little Rookwood vase ...and a bit of cross stitch too.

My bookcase that took the place of my mantle and foyer table from my other house...lots of space...lots of goodies...

This looks a lot like last year except I changed out the cake stand... that pretty coral one came from Homegoods too. I'm having quite a love affair with Homegoods wallet needs me to stay out of much temptation! (If you enlarge these pictures you can see more details... like my collection of egg cups...with feet...weird but I like them!)

My little yellow chest...the bottom is filed with quilts and the top has cute Easter-y stuff...

Even with the blinds closed the sun is streaming through the window and I had a hard time getting a picture of my newest cross stitch piece... this is a little better...

That wonderful cross stitch egg/bunny was stitched by Barb from the Wicked Stitcher. It goes PERFECTLY with my decor! Thank you again Barb...I LOVE it!

And I will finish this tour with a picture of my dining room table...

the lemons are fake and there are about 3 more lemons in that bowl than there should be...every time I move it the roll on the floor. I figure I can count it as exercise as I have to scramble to pick them up.

So I'm very happy with my home. I do most of the decorating in this room but I have branched out and added a quilt to the back hallway and I put a spring-y quilt on my bed. I really enjoy making seasonal changes to my home...wait I take that back... I like how the seasonal changes look but my back was killing me the day after I did all this decorating...lot of boxes to move and the old gray mare ain't what she use to be...LOL!

Now that I've brought Spring indoors I hope Mother Nature will do her part outdoors. While today is beautiful and tomorrow is suppose to be even better, yesterday and the day before we had snow. I checked back on the weather this time last year and we are in much better shape, so I shouldn't complain, but I will because it is what I do soooo well!

Hope things are looking Spring-y where you are!
happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Lovely! You did a great job. Yes, this weekend is beautiful weather.

  2. Everything looks great! I love the laundry basket full of quilts.

  3. Love your "springy" house--looks so bright and cheerful! It's great how you use your quilts as part of the decorating scheme. That laundry basket is a cool display piece.

  4. Hi Carol, Your home looks just beautiful and so very springy!!! I have read that a persons home should reflect the people who live there. I think yours does that very well. All your beautiful quilts plus the many little touches that make it special. I am so glad you like the egg and it does look very nice in your home. It would be just impossible to pick out my favorite thing! As you know, I also decorate for seasons. This year(thanks to my back) my DH has been more involved than usual. This is kind of funny. We were sitting on the porch having coffee when he said, "Do you decorate for St. Patrick's Day?" I said not really. He gave a happy sigh but then I mentioned all the rabbits and eggs!! The happy sigh was gone! Actually, I will be doing most of that myself. I do love all the ways you use Yellow. It is such a happy color. Great Job!

  5. It certainly has sprung, love all your decorations.

  6. Hey Girlfriend, Your home is absolutely gorgeous! Love that laundry cart.. Love Home Goods too.. Just got a turq. little table there... You are an inspiration and that's what I'll do today - get out my Bunnies and Eggs! I'm still waiting on 'Chocolates'

  7. Your home looks so pretty! Even with snow this week, just pull the curtains and think sunny thoughts. Love those egg cups with feet!

  8. I so like your spring decorating! You want to come on over and decorate for me Carol? The three tiered tray is a wonderful accent piece. And I continue to love your yellow cabinet.

  9. I love your Spring decorations! I am especially enamored with your laundry card, your bunny knick knacks and Barb's pretty stitched egg. Lucky lady!


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