Monday, April 4, 2016

Similar, yet different on Design Wall Monday

My design wall this Monday is very similar to the one I showed last week...but it is different too.

Forty two blocks using the same pattern as last week...Hi Again in the Mar/Apr issue of Fons & Porter's Quilting Quickly. This time I used a layer cake of the collection Basic Mixologie by Studio M. This is a great collection. I love the rich colors...teal, purple, olive, orange, navy, gold and taupe. And the patterns are wonderful too... a hashtag print, florals, tossed triangles and other geometric patterns.

My daughter in law "liked" this one when I showed it on Instagram. When she and my son were over for dinner on Sunday I told her to go downstairs and look at the blocks and if she wanted it I would make this quilt for them. She was very happy with the colors and the block...modern... something I don't always do well. I'm going to make it bigger. Instead of 42 blocks I'm going to make it 81 blocks so it will be a generously sized quilt for their bed. The blocks were very easy to assemble. I started by making the little sashing that goes in the middle of each block. With that done and the layer cake cut in half it only took a couple of hours to sew up 42 blocks. I'm looking forward to getting the rest of the blocks done this week. Like the one I did last week for me, adding cornerstones to the sashing made that assembly process easy too.

I think this quilt will look great in their home. I'm happy with the version I made for me and I'm happy with this one too. It is fun to make a quilt that you know someone else is going to enjoy.

I hope you have some quality sewing time in your week. Along with these blocks I want to play some more with that tulip block I showed many many many quilts I want to little time!

happy stitching-
carol fun

PS I just notice that I have a block turned the wrong way in the top row...happy I saw it now as I missed 2 wrongly turned blocks in the quilt I made for me and didn't see them till I had the top all sewn together.  Took them out and turned them the correct way but wish I'd seen it sooner!


  1. Love the colors in these blocks. How big are they? I hope to get some stitching time in later this week. New projects are always so fun to start. I'm cutting up shirts for a memory quilt now.

  2. Your DIL is a very lucky young lady. I'm sure she loves you very much!

  3. I saw that pattern in the magazine. I may try to make one too...problem is I don't have much time to sew....only one hour this week. Beautiful colours in your quilt.


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