Saturday, April 2, 2016

Socks I like...and a sock I'm not so fond of...

I meant to post this yesterday but yesterday was a waste of a day. I was exhausted all day...not like me... and while I did shuttle my son and his friend back and forth that was the extent of what I accomplished. However, I did finish another pair of socks this week...ta dah!

In my continuing series of socks knitted with two different self striping yarns. This pair uses Drops Fabel 677 and 910 with green heels and toes which are Drops 112. You can see all the Drops yarn here.

With that pair off the needles I cast on a new combination of yarns. Regia Colorito 4456 Petunia and what I believe is Drops Fabel 903. You can see the Regia here.

Now I thought these would play well together...and I think they will...when I start this sock over. I didn't pay any attention when I was casting on this sock...and then I never do...but the pinky portion of each skein is landing right next to each other and the lighter portions are doing that too. You can see the first part is all mushy lights with no visible stripe pattern...and then I got a little striping... I LOVE the striping... then it went to mushy pink. I wasn't feeling good when I was knitting this and I wasn't thinking (ohhh... some would say that is a common occurrence in my life but we aren't listening to them). Today with a clearer head I realize I can probably fix this by unraveling this back to the cuff...(I AIN"T reknitting that cuff) and then breaking one of the yarns and pulling off some yardage till I get the pinks next to the lights. We shall see...

Right now I'm off to lunch and Krogering...gotta get stuff to make lasagna for dinner tomorrow.

happy knitting -
carol fun


  1. Love the socks. How many balls of yard did you get for each pair? I love to knit socks, although I've not progressed to circular needles, just can't figure it out.

  2. I know nothing about knitting, and certainly nothing about knitting socks. But I do know that I like your socks!!

  3. Your sock looks great to me! Have a good dinner tomorrow!


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