Friday, May 20, 2016

Adventures in sock knitting...

Hello everyone... well another week is whizzing by and while I've gotten some things done other projects are languishing...oh well... as Scarlett said, "tomorrow is another day".   One of the projects I did work on was another Frankensock... this one only using Blue Moon Fibers Socks that Rock yarn...

This is one of those projects where first I LOVED it... then I was kinda hmmmm... and then I HATED it but I kept on knitting ...and then I came back to hmmm... and ended up at I LIKE it... I may even LOVE it.  The jury is out till the second sock is done.

I used about 15 different BMF STR in this sock... I wish I could remember all the names of the different yarns... I do remember Sunshine Superman, Count Cluckula, Farmhouse, Fire on the Mountain, Citrine, Sugar Pie, and one of my absolute favorites Crabby McHappypants!!!

In knitting these socks I usually join a new yarn by tying a knot with the old and the new yarn but about halfway down the foot I discovered another way to join yarn. I found it here on Jen Hagen's Instagram feed.  Go look at what she has done... she catches the tail of the new yarn into the back of the last 8 stitches of the old yarn, then she catches the tail of the old yarn in the first 8 stitches of the new yarn... no knot... no ends to weave in... pretty cool!  I did this joining method for the last 4 or 5 yarns I used in the BMF STR sock and I'm using it in my new sock.

These are all Opal leftovers... I LOVE Opal yarn too...(yes I am very fickle I LOVE LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of things...LOL) . The thing I LOVE most about Opal yarn is when it does that faux Fair Isle thing like that blue and white part of this sock.  I spent some time the other day winding 5 gram balls of some of my Opal leftovers... I now see that I need to somehow secure the ends of the little balls as what I now have is a big mess...ugh! (Update to say I've corralled all the loose ends with rubber bands and it make me happy!)

And as I was typing this post the mailman rang my doorbell and this lovely package appeared...

A gorgeous pouch to keep my yarn project in ... love those bright colors... this was a gift from Dar of Dar's Patchwork Garden and I do LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much Dar... it wasn't necessary... but I do appreciate it.  Blogging friends are so special!.

On the gardening front things are looking good... my rose bushes are just FULL of buds and some have opened...

These are a deep peach that fades to yellow... so pretty! I know I should clip off some of the buds so the resulting ones get bigger but I just HATE to do it... I want every rose!!! And I always dither as whether to leave them on the bush or cut them and bring them inside. Right now I'm leaving them as several neighbors commented on how they enjoy seeing them too... isn't that a nice thing to say? And on the petunia front four more petunias came home with me...

I put them into little pots and tucked them in here and there... oh this is getting addicting but SO MUCH FUN!! See those pink packs to the left side of the pic... those are Wave petunias... LOTS of Wave petunias. My handyman Dan is suppose to come on Sunday and hang my new window boxes and I am ready to plant!!!! I will show some before and after shots as I think it is going to be quite a nice addition to my house.

Well off to run some errands and maybe get some more crafty stuff done.. there is quilting and cross stitching calling my name... have a great weekend!

happy knitting -
carol fun


  1. Nice work on your Frankensox and way to go for using up leftovers. Love the roses also!

  2. Your Frankensocks are looking spectacular. I hope mine turn out half as well. Your roses are beautiful. That is one flower I've never planted at my house. Boy, the postman was superfast. It was not destined to arrive until Sat. So glad you liked the little sock pouch. hope it comes in handy.

  3. I love the socks. The colors are great! I am really looking forward to seeing the window boxes. I think they really complete a house. I try to keep mine decorated all year round. In the winter I usually use heaths and heater. I don't know if that would work in Ohio. The roses are just lovely.

  4. Well I hope the jury comes back LOVE on the socks---that's a lot of work to do and not like it! Pretty flowers. I'm not planting anything given yet another year of drought:(

  5. Loving this post; drooling over the opal mix sock and all the flowers! I would love to be a bit of a gardener; but as you said you have to be so judicious, far-sighted, and unemotional about your "plant husbandry" (not a thing, I think, but do you get me?). I also would tarry and dither too long over thinning those buds! Of course the neighborhood is enjoying them if they have any sense at all! You are an asset to the neighborhood! :D

  6. I could never do socks one at a time, they would never match at all. But I LOVE the top sock with the yellow heel and toe. I don't have yellow socks: that seems to be an oversight. :-(


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