Monday, May 16, 2016

Quality time with my sewing machine...

It was a lovely weekend... I was able to spend quality time in my sewing room and I got lots I didn't get everything done that I should but when you see what distracted me you'll understand why I didn't get the borders on the behemoth top...

So this was the distraction... isn't it pretty???

I only need one more block for my Flower Basket quilt from Live.Love.Sew. I love these BIG blocks ... they finish 16". I made a couple more blocks with my vintage Hoffman prints like this one with wisteria...

and this one with roses...I LOVE roses...and as an aside, the rose bushes in my yard are full of buds and some are just opening. I'm going to cut some today before the deer chow down on them.

However I regret to inform you that is no longer a FREE quilt... I was up at Fabric Shack and was seduced by these new fabrics...

Flowers that look cross stitched... I was powerless to resist!

And this Moda dogwood print... so pretty!

In fact so pretty I also got some of the smaller scale print too!

I plan to make each of 25 of the cornerstones a different floral fabric from my stash... lots of unfolding, cutting an refolding but it will be worth it!

And here is the behemoth top that still needs borders!!!!

81 blocks for a giant sized Hi Again quilt for my son and daughter in law!  At the moment it is already over 90 some inches and with the borders it will top 100" square. I have a seamless back and a king size batt waiting in the wings so I can take this to Terry my long arm quilter ASAP.

I hope that this week will give me time to finish up both of these quilts...and maybe start something new! So many quilts I want to make... so many quilts!

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Carol, Quilt blocks are lovely, as usual. Could you please send me the name of the one that has "cross stitched" flowers? Thanks!
    Have a good and productive week!

  2. I'm so happy to find you again. I lost your bookmark over a year ago when the hard drive on my work computer crashed. I knew it was something about a chicken but there are an awful lot of chicken blogs out there. Now I'll just have to go back through all your posts to remember what quilt I bookmarked. Love your flower baskets too.

  3. Lovely indeed! Great use of your time, lol. And money!

  4. Both quilts are just spectacular! The one with the flower prints looks just like summer. That's a great quilt for your son and DIL. I bet they will just love it!

  5. How funny is this! I just realized that we both used the same fabric in our Hi Again! quilts. You are right, putting keystones would have been much much easier.

  6. Fun blocks! I can see why you got distracted.


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