Saturday, June 25, 2016

90 degrees in the shade...

perfect weather to finish my latest pair of wool socks, dontcha think???  Oh my goodness it is HOT and HUMID... I've got the AC cranked up and I'm staying inside. Glad to have another pair of socks done...

These are knit with Opal Hundertwasser 2104. I bought this ball off of ebay and when it arrived, it didn't look anything like what I'd seen on ebay... but I still like it... very Nordic looking... makes me think cool thoughts.

And as soon as this pair was off the needles I cast on another pair...this is Vesper Yarn, the colorway is Vintage Kitchen and this skein is a seconds.

Now it isn't quite as neon as it shows in this picture ... but it is pretty close. Again it isn't what I thought I was getting. First I mis-interpreted the blurb that went with this skein. The description said,

"This colorway is a 'Seconds' Yarn, because it due to an uneven blending from the mill, it dyed with a barborpole effect. It is more defined on some of the dark colors in the skein than the light. It actually looks really cool, but is not an accurate representation of Vesper Sock Yarn"

Soooo...what I zeroed in on was the "barberpole effect"... I took that to mean that the stripes barberpoled... when in fact they were talking about the color in the strands of the yarn... for example in the brown section one ply is darker than the other...ohhh... my bad... I cast them on and before I had the cuff done I realized my error...and I knew that I didn't want to knit just a straight pair of striping socks that would repeat and repeat... so I cruised the internet and found this pattern called Geek on ... you can see it here and it is free. However, as I approached the 3rd stripe I realize that I'm not following the pattern correctly and instead of getting a rick rack effect I'm getting more of a bubble... not sure that is what I want. I do think I've got it figured out how to fix it but it will require me to frog it back to the cuff... and if I do that I might as well start over as I wasn't paying attention when I cast on and for this kind of regularly repeating stripe yarn, I should have started at the beginning of a color sequence...not in the middle. I have a sneaky suspicion that this skein is going to be put in time out for a while... it isn't the yarn's fault... its me... I'm just not that into it.

And I got an urge to knit a shawl about  a week ago and saw some yarn on Instagram... the dyer is The Flying Kettle ... you can see her Etsy listing here and you can follow her on IG here.

The colorway is Lunar Moth and it has silk in it... the pattern is Pebble Beach which you can see here on Ravelry. The designer is Helen Stewart and I really like her patterns... she gives you the stitch count for every row and tells you how far along you are... so far I'm 5% of the way done... yeah for me!!

Well I thought I would get a lot done today...but it isn't turning out that way... oh well.. I think I'll go and make some pasta salad for dinner tomorrow night and get a jump on that. My son and dear DIL are coming for dinner which is always a treat. Perhaps there will be more knitting this evening... we shall see, we shall see.

happy knitting-
carol fun


  1. Don't know how you can even think about knitting on a hot and humid day! Love how your first pair turned out.

  2. I think those Nordic looking socks are great and yes, I feel much cooler just looking at them. Now for those neon colored ones -- I would have to wear sunglasses to knit them. lol I think the pattern is cool though. I checked out your link to the free pattern, and it's a bit too advanced for me, especially the heel treatment, but I do love the look of the socks.

  3. Love the socks but I'd like it better if I never had to put on a pair. I HATE the cold and even tho this hot is horrific, it's not nearly as bad as a cold day for me. HATE the cold! And I heard something on the radio in the past couple of days--we're halfway to Christmas. I DON'T like hearing that! :-)

  4. Vesper yarn - hot colors for hot temps! Stay cool!

  5. I always seem to love whatever you are knitting. Very inspiring.

  6. I always seem to love whatever you are knitting. Very inspiring.

  7. I love the yarn you are using for your shawl-- beautiful colors


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