Monday, June 20, 2016

BB in a boxcar....

I shouldn't be surprised that at my age my behavior is not changing... I'm still bouncing around like a BB in a boxcar...Last week was busy and I tried to cram as much as I could into every day. I've been working in my yard planting and mulching and trimming and repotting. And last week my new trees got planted...yeah... I'll show pictures before this week is over.

And the weather has been HOT HOT HOT... so I've gardened in the morning and the evening and then I hunkered down in between in my basement sewing room where it is cooler and I've played with several projects... bounce... bounce... bounce...

Now this has been on my wall for about 2 weeks and it is getting closer to being done...

I'm happy with the layout ... I like the stars that form in the negative space...and I think a small inner border in brown and then a wider border of the Phillip Jacobs Spiral Shells fabric and I'll be good to go.

And I got a few more of the chubby shoofly blocks done too... but my design wall was full so I layed them out on the floor. I'm not sure I'm using that really light one in the lower right corner. Oh my friend Linda suggested that this block would look great using Christmas or Halloween novelty fabrics...yes yes yes... can't wait to try that... I've got a lot of larger scale Christmas fabrics and you can always use another Christmas quilt...right????

And then there was a shiny new squirrel that could not be ignored...

This is from the Timeless Treasures  Color Me collection by Gail Cadden and you can find it here at Fabric Shack...that's where I got it.  (Oh they are offering free shipping on orders of $25 or more in the US... great deal!) Anyway, this fabric just begged to be stacked and whacked... and I was happy to oblige...

This is half of one repeat... I will be able to make 40 hexagons from one repeat... 80 hexagons if I stack and whack another repeat... decisions...decisions... I LOVE how these look... there are 17 different colors in this print according to the selvedge...

Here's some close ups....

Now my first thought was to use a solid black for the star points but the more I look at these the more I think maybe a deep turquoise would be striking...  can't wait to whack some more!  But in the meantime I have dueling projects on my design wall and I'll just bounce from one to another...

Hope you have time to sew this week... the weather forecast here is for more heat... it seems too early to be this hot... 90 degrees... hazy...HOT...humid...ugh!!!  So glad for AC and fans...and ice tea!

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Fantastic work and love how the new fabric turned out!

  2. I feel like I'm back in the 60's with that last fabric!!! Groovy man!!!

  3. I hadn't noticed the stars in your UFO until you stitched some rows together. I like the effect. I was inspired by your chubby shooflies and dug out some batik strips to make some string beans. Would never have picked that fabric for hexie SNW, but it works!

  4. Both of the designs are just wonderful. I also love the way the stars show up in the negative space.

  5. Well you are a very productive BB - always making beautiful, happy quilts! I saw that Moda was coming out with 30 more grunge fabrics and thought of you:


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