Monday, June 13, 2016

Monday... Monday....

I have no right to whine in light of the horrible tragedy in Orlando but it has been a Monday here... my son's lunch date he was so looking forward to, got cancelled.... my car's AC isn't blowing as cold as I think it should and last time I took in it for this it cost me $1000, ugh... the insurance company denied coverage for my son's crown... the one I've already paid $600 for...need to fight talk with them... the first two quilt blocks I cut today I cut wrong and they couldn't be salvaged... and the new Stack N Whack I was hyped up about is awful... it will make a nice SNW but not with the shape I cut.

On the bright side this UFO is improving...

The last time I had this on the design wall was  May of  2015... it has spent a year sealed up in a giant ziploc bag waiting for me to release it.  Now the last time I pondered this quilt top I had a different vison for it... it was going to be a lap sized quilt... almost twin size with the number of hexagons I had made. But in the interim I decided it should be a wall quilt in my living room and for that space it has to be smaller. Now I'm not sure exactly how big this is going to be, but my rudimentary math skills lead to me to believe it will fit the space I want it to fit....keep your fingers crossed.  The fabric is a Phillip Jacobs print from the Kaffe Fasset collective called Spiral Shells, in case you wanted to know!

And then there are the chubby shoo fly blocks I started last week... after tossing the two I mis- cut this morning this is what I have...

my plans for this one it for it to be a lap size quilt... if I use all the squares I have left in the layer cake I can make 40 blocks...hmmm...I'll  probably not use all of the squares.

While both of these projects are nice they aren't making me real excited... I had high hopes for a new Kaffe Fassett Collective fabric that I stacked over the weekend... but when I whacked it today I immediately realized that I had made a mistake. I only stacked 4 layers with the idea of making the blocks from 4 squares. I've done this before and it came out beautifully... however this print really should be whacked as a triangle or a diamond...  I walked away from it after cutting just 2 blocks... but now that I think about it, perhaps there is a way to salvage it, but it will require some fussing and fudging... not in the mood to do that right now ... and I REALLY want to make a SNW with just squares... I don't know why I just do... and  at the moment, I'm feeling a bit like a two year old throwing a temper tantrum.  I think I need chocolate... there are some Oreo Thins in the kitchen.. maybe that will help.

So I hope you are having a good Monday... I'll be linking up my paltry offering with Patchwork Times...going over there now and I think that will brighten my mood... and the Oreos won't hurt either.

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Sorry you are having a time of it. Love the simplicity of shoo fly.

  2. In my case it's the AC upstairs where our bedroom is. Thank goodness for fans! SNW with 4 squares (a/k/a 4-patch posey) is easy but you're right, some fabrics don't work as well. I know a couple of gals who used Spiral Shells for their SNW. They always look great.

  3. You definitely need the Oreo thins. There are days when chocolate is the only answer. I'm so sorry to hear about the difficulty with the quilt blocks!!!!

  4. Even when there are people worse off, we still get time to ourselves to feel annoyed/frustrated/irate, etc for other reasons. I hope taking a break and some chocolate! helps. :)


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