Thursday, July 14, 2016

Floral overload???

Hello there... well I haven't been in my sewing room all week, nor have I worked in my garden as it has been scorching hot, but I do have lots of flower-y stuff to share...

First, my Flower Basket quilt from the Live.Love.Sew pattern which you can see here...

All bound and laundered and nice and crinkly...  love the look and feel of a freshly washed quilt. As you might remember most of the flower fabrics are vintage Hoffman from my stash ...with a couple of new Modas that snuck in... all the baskets are different and all the sashing squares are different... some of my favs...

petunias and clematis... I had a jumper made from this fabric... oh how I loved that style ... fitted through the bust and loose every where else... so comfy... wish that was  till the style because it would suit my body type even better now!

Yellow tulips... my favorite flower and since the deer eat them in my yard as if they were candy I will have to have them in my house...

Another pretty floral... a Dena Design as I remember ... I had a dress out of this fabric... sigh... I loved that dress...again so comfy!

And even though it has been HOT HOT HOT here and more HOT HOT HOT is forecast, I've been watering every night and I'm seeing the fruits/flowers of my labors...

BEFORE... about 6 weeks ago..


the petunias and the sweet potato vine have exploded.... notice the barberry bushes are gone and in their place I have a treeform Ninebark (that is the tall thing-y) and I have a little section of perennials...

I 've got shasta daisies and tall phlox and mexican button flowers and hollyhocks and coreopsis and salvia and speedwell and day lilies and hydrangeas (if the damn deer ever leave them alone!)

And here is a close up of the flower boxes... sorry these pics are a bit washed out... like I said it is really HOT and very sunny  out there!

And while I concentrate of a lot of my energy on the side of the house these boxes on the front porch are doing well too...

I planted 3 of these boxes with identical plants... notice how the petunias on the right are more purple with white stripes while the ones on the left are more white with little narrow purple stripes...huh??? bought them at the same time but the ones on the right have mutated as the summer has progressed.

And we can't forget my pyramid of petunias...  I know I don't as I pass it every time I go in and out of my house...



I can't wait to do this again next year... I LOVE that I was able to have so many different varieties of petunias in such a small space ... I think this is a good spot as they get a nice amount of sun, some shade and they are protected from the wind...I love all their sunny little faces!

Sooooo was that enough floral frolicking???  You know that I love alliteration as much as I love flowers!  Hope you are staying cool... I'm inside sitting by the fan... they predicted some rain for today but the sky is totally devoid of any clouds that would bring rain... lawn could use some rain... I''ll water the plants but I drag my feet to water the lawn...

happy stitching... and gardening!!!
carol fun


  1. Love your petunia wonderland!

  2. Your flowers are certainly uplifting--make me smile!!!

  3. I could never be overloaded with flowers. You have so many "pretties" in this post. I honestly think I would shoot the deer if they ate my hydrangeas. I feel for you. We have been cool and cloudy and I'm not complaining one little bit. I will hope that some of this weather gets to you. We haven't had the rain we need just lots of clouds so we are watering each week. You stitch so many amazing quilts!!

  4. The flowers look wonderful !

    A little suggestion............I had THE WORST Spring ever this year as far as deer eating my HOSTAS ! So I followed an online tip, and bought BLOOD MEAL from Tractor Supply, and sprinkled it all around the flower bed that they frequented. Then I sliced up bars of Dial original bar soap and threw them around the bed. NO MORE SNACKING ! Give it a try !

  5. Your flowers look SO beautiful! Way to go! Hey, take a look at what I finally finished!!!

  6. Love your quilt! And your flowers are beautiful. We have to water at least once a day here in this heat. Great idea for the petunia ladder. We have very little shade, so are limited in the flowers we can plant.

  7. Gorgeous flowers! Love the pyramid of petunias!

  8. Those big baskets look lovely on your bed! Florals aren't something I buy regularly but there are a lot of pretty ones out there! Jealous of all your garden explosion, our flower beds are bare in this drought and there are a greater number of brown yards all over!

  9. You could never ever post too many florals for my liking. I am a flower nut and have to hold back on them in my fabric choices. Yours are so beautiful. Petunias obviously love the heat. Stay cool and comfortable!

  10. Your window boxes are stunning as is your A-frame set up. You will attract lots of native birds with the Ninebark.

  11. Gorgeous quits and your house looks amazing! I love the window boxes :)


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