Sunday, July 17, 2016

I planted trees...

oh boy it is hot out there... glad I got the last of my mulch spread last evening and rearranged some plants ... do you rearrange plants in your yard?  I planted some impatiens under a tree in my front yard and after 6 weeks they were still scraggly... and something was nibbling on them... so I pulled them out and put them in a pot and relocated them to another part of the yard ... and replaced them with some marked down wave petunias I picked up last week at Meijers. Right now all the garden places are  pretty picked over and sparse... I know they don't want to get stuck with inventory but sometimes I just want to pick up a plant to put in a bare spot... and I really enjoy walking around garden centers...but bare shelves aren't appealing...oh well...

And what did that paragraph have to do with trees... ahhh...nothing... here is the picture for the tree reference....

I planted stitched two trees (and by the way I had two trees planted in my yard)... these trees still need leaves but the ones in my yard are looking pretty good... I've been watering them religiously.  And I got the border stitched and it met where it should...yeah!!!  Now there are 98 leaves and 98 tulips to stitch on the border... I have no idea why I counted them but I did... so I have a long way to go on this.

Here's what it looked like last Sunday...

it is good to take pictures of your progress... now I see I did the numbers and a bee skep too... oh I was productive!

And speaking of productive... yesterday and today are totally making up for Friday when I was a complete slug... I have a Fitbit pedometer and I have a pedometer program in my phone... on Friday my phone said I took a whopping 494 steps ... now the phone wasn't in my pocket much but my Fitbit only counted 2000 steps so either way I didn't move much... however yesterday I did a bunch of errands, I worked on a new quilt top (pictures on Monday) and like I said before I finished up spreading the mulch in my yard and rearranged some plants.

This morning I got up and cleaned the inside of my filthy car... yuck... but I vacuumed and wiped the dash down and spot cleaned the upholstery  and then I took it to a car wash to clean the outside... I have NO idea what has gotten into me... I even swept out the garage when I got done... there were still leaves in it from last Fall... I have a couple more jobs I've been putting off that I feel like getting done too... I figure I should move forward while the body is still willing ... these jobs will cut into my stitching time but in the end I'll be happy...

Soooo I'm going to stay inside and work on the indoor guilt projects I've been ignoring... hope your weekend is going well... I get a reward at the end of today... my brother is taking the family  out to dinner to celebrate the 7th year anniversary of his stem cell transplant... modern medicine is amazing... he's already 2 years past what they thought they could give him... he's not in perfect health but he's still here and that is a blessing.

And with my rambling done I'm linking up with Kathy's Quilts today and Super Mom - No Cape on Monday...

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. You have a green thumb!!! Love the pictures showing how beautiful they have become.

  2. Congrats on your brother's anniversary. Each and every day is a gift. We are having a much cooler and milder - though still sunny summer than the past 3 years and that is just fine with me. I can enjoy being outside more and water the plants less frequently. Win-win!

  3. So glad that you got to celebrate that anniversary with your brother. Your stitching is looking great. I do like to see the progress pictures. I don't move around my plants, but I do sometimes visit the nurseries around this time when one of my potted plants needs refreshing.

  4. What a great reason to celebrate! You have made lots of progress on your stitcheries too...sounds like a great week!

  5. I actually DID plant two 'trees' (small bushes actually--hardy hibiscus!) and it's super hot here so I did them at night and EARLY am! But they're so pretty and payback in huge maroon blooms. So wonderful about your brother. Hope he has many more!

  6. Nice progress and congrats to your brother beating the odds!

  7. Your stitching is truly coming along great! Such wonderful news about your brother. A real blessing.

  8. I don't know how you can handle this stifling heat and do gardening! I am hibernating as much as possible in the A/C.....and stitching!

  9. I hope you had a wonderful celebration with your brother. What a great thing to celebrate!!! Your new design is really looking great. Funny that you counted all those leaves and tulips. I actually do things like that too. I just love the yellow house.

  10. Hi Carol!
    Lovely progress on this piece. Like you I find progress pics a great motivator and inspiration.
    Sounds like you are keeping up with summer stuff with the garden and everything. So nice that you have meijers nearby!
    Stitch some for me!!

  11. Have great celebration with your brother. wonderful progress on your project.

  12. It's hot here too... you better water those trees! LOL
    ENjoy every minute with your brother!!


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