Sunday, July 31, 2016

This week's tally...88 down...10 to go...

Well I haven't been a very good blogger, have I?  And I can't say I've been good posting to Instagram, because I haven't done that for a week either.  Life wasn't too busy... I was home pretty much... got no excuse... that's just the way it is.

As for next week, I promise that I will try to try do better... now I didn't say I would do better ... I just said I'd try to try to do better... not much commitment there either... okay lets just chalk it up to being lazy... I'm good  with that...

My progress on Sampler Hill by With Thy Needle and Thread...

my goal was to get ALL the tulips stitched... 88 finished and 10 to go!!! The dark ones are GA Pomegranate... 2 different dye lots... the light tulips are CC Jakey Brown and GA Faded Rose... if you make the picture bigger you can see the subtle differences.  I really LOVE the border on this piece... I'm a sucker for a good border.  Not sure what my goal for this piece is next week... maybe one of the people... or both of the birds... or perhaps give those dead looking trees some leaves... decisions, decisions, decisions...

I'm quite impressed with myself that I've been sticking with this one... it is good sized... about 9" X 12"... and lots of dense stitching... I haven't done one this big for  a while... and other samplers are calling my name... I recently saw this sampler stitched up...

and I LOVED it!!!  The house, the bird, the alphabet, the little bits and bobs of designs and the irregular border ... I loves me an irregular border!! I rushed to my computer to order this and then it hit me... I ALREADY OWN THIS PATTERN.... whoa... that was close. This is part of the Loose Feathers Abecedarian Blackbird Designs series of last year. I have all 12 of this series ... I've even stitched a couple of them and I think I've gotten one framed. Well since I already had the chart that just left the flosses and fabric... I figured I'd order the flosses and then make a decision on the linen using something from my stash... and I figured it would be at least a week before I got the thread... holey moley US Post Office... I placed my order with 123 Stitch on July 27 and it was in my mail box on July 30!!! Excellent service from both 123 Stitch and the Post Office... so now the thread and the chart are sitting next to my stitching chair calling me to find some linen and start this one too... perhaps just a few stitches... oh I can resist anything but temptation... LOL!

Still hot here in my corner of Ohio, but not as hot as it has been... got a some rain... the lawn could use some more... my son and daughter in law are coming for dinner... gonna fire up the grill and do steaks ... salads, corn on the cob, fruit and rolls are ready to go...

I'm linking up with Kathy's Quilts today and Super Mom - No Cape tomorrow... hope you have a productive week ahead of you... and I hope mine is productive too... but it probably won't be... LOL!

happy stitching-a
carol fun


  1. Love your progress and the tulip border. I'm also an asymetrical kind of girl!!!

  2. Lovely project. Love that little bee skep at the top.

  3. Wonderful border on your current stitch and a super new pattern.

  4. Impressive progress! I was told that in the 19th century you could tell what female academy a young girl attended by the borders and the building.

  5. I would say Garden Borders should be very good motivation to spur you on to a finish for Sampler Hill. It is looking splendid!

  6. That is so funny ... I have done the same thing myself and bought the same pattern or magazine twice! When we love something, we really love it!

  7. Sampler Hill is beautiful! I love the colors of the tulips. You do such a great job with colors both with your quilting and stitching. I have the BBD design too. It's kind of been calling my name. I want to finish the Fall things first.

  8. I recently ordered from 123Stitch also and was quite impressed with the speed in which I received my fabric. Your sampler is looking wonderful. I actually like the subtle difference of the dye lots. Enjoy your stitching and keep blogging. I enjoy reading your blog.


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