Sunday, August 14, 2016

Flowers, fruit and a finish....

Hello everyone... how is your Sunday going?  I was up early (early for me) to have breakfast with my son and daughter-in-law... now I'm stuffed and want an afternoon nap, except it isn't afternoon yet! Details, details....

Watching the Olympics has given me time to do some stitching and progress was made on Sampler Hill by With Thy Needle & Thread.

I got all the flowers/tulips stitched and both the big and little urns with flowers, and I got the fruit baskets stitched too. Still need to get some leaves on those naked trees and get the birds and people stitched in.... it is prettier in real life than the photo shows... I'm a lousy photographer and my cheap camera doesn't do this piece justice.

And for a finish... ta dah!!!!

Summer House Stitche Workes "Fragments in Time" is framed!  I took this to Bev who use to work at my Joann's and now is working from her home with her business Frames of Reference.  Years ago Bev had her own frame shop so she's returning to her roots. When I visited her to bring this over she immediately showed me this frame. As soon as she put it down I told her don't show me anything else... it is perfect!!!

It is a very detailed frame with gold highlights. I love how the inner part of the frame echoes the stitched frame of the piece.  Not sure where I'm going to hang it yet... I have plans to expand this gallery wall in my spare bedroom ...

but the OCD in me needs to add pieces equally on both sides so it is balanced. More stitching needs to be done!!!!!

Well dinner is in the crockpot... beef tips to put over egg noodles... so I have my afternoon free ... perhaps more Olympics watching and more stitching... sounds like a plan.

I'm linking up with Kathy's Quilts today for Slow Sunday Stitching... and tomorrow I'll link up with Super Mom - No Cape for her stitchery party. Hope you have an enjoyable day!

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. These projects are stunning ; I enjoy watching them grow.

  2. Excellent progress! I love how much brighter your choices are. Beautiful framing as well. You're lucky to have such a good one nearby.

  3. Your stitching is beautiful. Must say you are exactly right that the frame is perfect for the finished project. I hope you speed up on Sampler Hill so both pieces can be added to your wonderful wall!

  4. When stitching on linen are you counting threads the same as you would with Aida cloth? You are lucky to have a framer who understands needlework. Both pieces are lovely. We have a sampler done by one of my husband's ancestors dated 1847. I had it reframed with acid-free materials several years ago.

  5. Your embroidery is lovely and the scene is just adorable!

  6. Congrats on the finish. So exciting when they are all framed and up on the wall to enjoy.

  7. ooOoo! Sampler Hill is looking so pretty. What a beautiful framing job! So great!

    And I love beef tip. ;) tee hee.

  8. I always look forward to your Sunday stitching posts. Sampler Hill is just beautiful. I bought fabric to stitch Fragments and plan to start soon. You are fortunate to have such a great framer. That frame is just perfect for the design. Beautiful!

  9. That is a gorgeous frame and a perfect choice for this piece... congrats on the finish!

  10. Your "fragment" piece is fabulous and the framing pefection!!!
    Sampler Hill is moving along know I'm digging the beehive!

  11. What a wonderful frame Carol. It well deserves to join your displays.


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