Thursday, August 11, 2016

Something to talk about...

Okay, to be perfectly honest I always have something to talk about... but it doesn't always seem to be something blogworthy to talk about... but today it does! Last week I got 3 quilts back from my long arm quilter, Terry and today I have one bound and hanging in my living room!

I'm calling this one Spiral Star, all the hexagons were cut Stack n Whack fashion from that border print. This is a different setting than I usually go with and I like the stars that appear in the negative space. I chose a small scroll-y panto which echoes the "swirliness" (is that a real word? I might have made that up) of the fabric and the variegated thread picks up the colors in the hexagons nicely.

And this quilt shows the value of having a well aged stash... look at the brown/black fabric of the inner border and binding...

An eagle eyed friend saw it and asked, "Is that a Mary Ellen Hopkins fabric?" Yes, yes it is... which makes it about 20 years old!  It was the perfect inner border and I had just enough to eke out a binding... I love my stash!!!

As for some decorating I may have shown this before but I'm showing it again... this is my 3 tier trayed decked out in bird stuff...

I love this display piece and look forward every season to decorating it... I'm pretty sure that I'll be switching to Fall stuff in early September as a way to think cooler thoughts... another week with 90 degree temperatures and high humidity...ugh!!! I thought we would get past it since July was so hot but no luck... I'm not looking forward to seeing my electric bill or my water bill this month... hate to spend money on those items when there is so much lovely fabric and yarn and thread out there calling my name...LOL!

Hope you are staying cool ...

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Another fabulous quilt--these must make you very happy to look out--so bright and colorful!!!
    Hope you keep cool--we're having the same oppressive heat here! I can't wait for autumn weather!!!!

  2. Hurray! Stash to the rescue! Hot here today thru Sunday, yuck!

  3. Gorgeous quilt. I love the fabric you used

  4. What an amazing quilt. The designs almost seem to be moving. We just got home from Chicago, I can now appreciate the kind of weather you all have been having. I hope those 90's go away soon!


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