Thursday, September 1, 2016

Is this anyway to run a blog?????

No, no it isn't... but it is how life has been going lately... run run run no time to stop. However it is the beginning of a new month, and the beginning of what I hope will be a much cooler season so I'm going to try to get back on track. I have been putzing with projects and I've finished a couple of things. Today I'll share my latest quilt finish...

I'm calling this one Avant Garden Vintage Stars... it is a riff on the Giant Vintage Star pattern by Jeni Baker that you can see here.  Now my twist on this pattern is that I made it from one layer cake of  Moda's Momo collection  Avant Garden and the background fabric is a Basic Grey Grunge in a butterscotch color that I wish I'd bought a bolt of!! You can read more about this quilt in this post from last year.

Since by the time I got around to making this quilt the Momo collection had been out a while I was able to snag several pieces of yardage at a marked down price from my favorite store Fabric Shack. In fact, they still have some of this collection if you want to check it out.  Here is a pic of the back...

I pulled it up on the bed so you can see all the little bits I included... I love this side too!  This one was quilted by Terry Finnerty... love this panto and thread.

And I even made pillowcases to go with this quilt...actually it will go with 2 other quilts I've made with Momo fabrics so I'll get a lot of use out of these!

The pillowcases are a perfect example of why one should have a nice healthy stash of fabrics... I decided one morning that I NEEDED new pillowcases... now since I adore shopping online my first stop was to check out Fabric Shack which indeed still had a nice selection of Momo... and then I had another thought... what was lurking in my basement sealed in a plastic tub???? Enough fabric to make about a dozen pillowcases...LOL... but I stopped at 2!  I'm so virtuous...not!

Anyway I'm quite happy with this look in my bedroom for late Summer, early Fall...just wish it was actually cool enough that I needed a quilt to sleep under...mostly it's been kicked to the bottom as it is still too hot here in Ohio for my taste. Now the local meteorologist says we are going to have a cool down but it is only for about 2 days... the long range forecast shows upper 80's again... but I suppose I should take comfort in the fact that they are upper 90's like we've been seeing. I shudder to think what my electric bill and my water bill are going to be !!!

Well I'm off... places to go ... people to see... things to do... Big Dude hopes that you are having a wonderful day!

happy stitching!

carol fun


  1. Your quilt is beautiful! I find that letting fabric collections age a bit before using them can be advantageous to getting deals on yardage - sometimes this doesn't happen though, unfortunately. The down side is if they sit too long, eventually I don't like them!

  2. Butterscotch Grunge is one of my favorites, too -- goes with so many things. Lovely result!

  3. What a wonderful summer quilt.

  4. The perfect quilt for late summer early fall. I like the pillow cases too. I know what you mean about fabric. As soon as I pass some on, it is exactly the next thing I need!!

  5. Well, you're ahead of me, I haven't blogged in a full month! Love your newest finish, it looks terrific. I am a stingy spender and don't buy collections or precuts much, nor big pieces of yardage, for which I kick myself once in awhile when I adore a collection and it passes me by! We are enjoying cooler temps here but our two hottest months are coming up, and as everyone pretty much knows, California is mostly on fire.

  6. Oh, I ADORE that first picture of this quilt on your bed. I must have a love affair with that butterscotch color, too ! I love all that open butterscotchy space, followed up with the rich colors. Very, very nice ! And I'm crazy about your frankinsocks in your next post.

  7. Loving the yellow in this quilt - one of my favourite colours, after blue. Big Dude sure looks big on your big stars - what a cute fellow :)

  8. Big Dude and I both like the Garden Stars quilt Carol!

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