Friday, October 14, 2016

A few things on my needles....

I haven't linked up with Patchwork Times On the Needles for a couple of weeks but I do have something to show today. Like Judy I'm pretty obsessed with knitting socks. If  I could only knit one  thing it would be socks. It plays to my strength in that they are a short term project... they fit my  gnat-like attention span. They can be easy simple stockinette vanilla socks or more complicated pattern and designs. They are portable and sock yarn is is evidenced by my ever growing stash... it is hard to resist a pretty skein of sock yarn.

Now my current infatuation with scrappy Frankensocks falls somewhere between simple and complicated. Simple in that it is just knit knit knit... a bit of complicated in picking which yarn to use next and wondering how it is going to knit up because you have no memory of the sequence of the self striping yarn.... and it is about as much excitement as I want in my life ...LOL!

First another finished pair of Frankensocks...

These are made from Opal left overs and I love the little dotty bits. It reminds me of a soft worn old scrap quilt.

And with that pair complete of course I cast on another pair. Now I'm not sure if these are extremely ugly or exceedingly quirky... this is not a palette of colors I normally work in....

Lots of purple in this pair and a bit of every other color in the crayon box. And if you enlarge the pic you may see that some of the yarns are sparkly... not sure where I picked that one up.

Right now I'm going with the premise that these are exceedingly quirky and I cast on a second sock...

I figure go big or go home...although I really like being home...LOL!

Also I have a shawl on my needles, which at the moment in a big blob of blah...

but there is a lot of potential prettiness here just waiting to me. The pattern is called One and Done and it is by her patterns. You can see the pattern here.  Check it out and you'll see how pretty this will be. This blob will blossom when I drop the stitches and add the border and the picot bind off... I loves me some picot bind off! The yarn is  Malabrigo sock yarn called Diana... lots of pretty coral/rust/olive and a touch of tan...a nice Fall palette. I have one more pattern repeat to knit ...and it is an easy easy repeat...and then I can drop the stitches and move onto the border.

As always there is soooooo much I want to do....knit. cross stitch, sew, make cards... just aren't enough hours in a day, are there?

Well we are having a lovely spell of Fall weather... even a bit on the cool side which I love. I'm wearing long pants and hand knit comfy. The weather should hold through the weekend and the week is suppose to start with a return to the 80's...huh??? Glad I got my AC fixed this week although at $20 a skein I could have made another 39 pairs of socks for what it cost to fix it...such is life isn't it?

Hope you have a lovely weekend!
happy knitting-
carol fun


  1. LOVE!!!! that first pair of socks. And of course the other projects are nice too.

  2. Those are very fun socks! What a great way to use up the leftovers. Your Diana yarn is just beautiful; Malabrigo yearn is one of my favorites. Now I need to go check out the pattern.

  3. They are neither extremely ugly nor exceedingly quirky. They are incredibly magnificent. If I were you, I'm fairly certain I would never want to wear shoes, because all of your socks would make me smile and I would grin every time I looked down.

  4. I always love your Frankensocks!

  5. I love your second pair of socks BECAUSE OF ALL THE COLORS, especially purples. They are dy-no-mite! I looked up the picture of your shawl and you are right, it looks wonderful and pretty big. Can't wait to see how yours turns out.

  6. I love the palette in your 2nd pair of Frankensocks, beautiful! And nice finish on the first pair as well. Enjoy!


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