Sunday, October 16, 2016

Some slower pursuits for a Sunday...

First, what happened to my lovely Fall weather??? Those nice days of lower 70's temperatures, sunny skies and a light breeze???  It is 80 degrees right now, with forecasts of 83, 85 and 80 for the next 3 days. Good thing I did get my AC fixed...

I didn't get a lot of stitching done last week, but yesterday was productive...

This is my start on the Blackbird Design chart called Ann's Sewing Tray.  You can see a full pic here. It is from the book titled A Schoolgirl's Work... I've stitched a couple of things from this book and there are a couple more I want to get to.

This is going to be a Christmas gift but the recipient doesn't know they are getting it so I think I'm safe to post my progress. I want to get this knocked out so I can have it framed before the holidays, and I want to get back to the BBD Garden Series. My linen order came last week so I have plenty of 32 count to chose from.

And I spent quite a bit of time on a new to me blog called Everybody Has to Be Somewhere... you can check it out here. The author, BW, takes some fantastic pictures of places he seeks out in Saskatchewan Canada. Now as a geographically challenged American when it comes to Canada I had to turn to Wikipedia to learn more about this province...and if you'd like to learn more you can click here.

Anyway, I got sidetracked there, BW tools around Canada on his motorcycle seeking out pieces of the past... old one room school houses. churches, cemeteries, and houses...along with pictures of the natural beauty of Canada. You can't help but feel the slower pace of life back in the mid-1900's. I enjoy looking at his photography and seeing these structures that are disappearing. and it has me wondering what happened? Why did the people who built these structures leave? Were they happy or sad to leave? And the graves and cemeteries he comes across define the phrase "bury me out on the lone prairie". I'm intrigued by the fact that many old schoolhouses and churches, of which there isn't a single piece left, are remembered by markers that name the structure and the dates it operated. Lots of times when he shows these markers there isn't anything anywhere around for miles and miles.

I've stolen a couple of pictures to give you a taste of this blog...hope you don't mind BW...
Isn't this church interesting?  According to what I've read there was a large Catholic Russian population in this area.

A one room school house... with nothing anywhere around it...

And this church also gives you a sense of the wide open spaces, doesn't it?

BW supplies whatever he knows about these places, including the location. Anyway,  it is a wonderful trip to a place and time that I knew nothing about and would have never seen without the internet! Isn't life wonderful???

Well my dinner is prepped and ready to go, meatballs and spaghetti tonight. My son and his lovely wife are dining with Nick and me. And I have a Dutch apple pie for dessert, compliments of Marie Callendar... she makes a great pie! As usual, I'll link up with Kathy's Quilts today for Slow Stitching Sunday and on Monday I'll link to Super Mom - No Cape.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. That's a very nice start. I think I need to get back to BBD after I finish the Fragments in time. Thanks for the new blog suggestion. It looks like the kind of blog I would enjoy. When we drove out here, I was so surprised at the wide open spaces. Signs would say, last gas stop for 90 miles!

  2. I forgot to say, have a wonderful dinner with your family!!

  3. Thank you for sharing. I will be reading his blog. You dinner sounds yummy

  4. Thank you for sharing this looks wonderful.

  5. I'm trying to work on a linen piece that is pomegranates and poinsettias, but my eyes go cross-eyed when I work on it at night. Yours is coming along. We've had a cool week but are heating up to the 90s again in a couple days. I plan to stay still and put some fans on!

  6. What a pretty gift you are making. We too are heating up again.

  7. Such beautiful photographs! Hope you enjoyed your stitching and your yummy supper!

  8. This is a bit of a surprise. I do no mind in the least that you published some photos.

  9. Lovely start to your project I'm sure you will have it done in time for the holidays. Thanks for the info on BW's blog.

  10. Nice start and thanks for the link. I'd like to check out his blog.

  11. I can get lost in blogs like that for hours! Thanks for sharing. I don't do XS, but I appreciate it, and your basket with flower is absolutely gorgeous! I came from the Super Mom No Cape linky

  12. I love the sentiment that will be on your cross stitch! I live in Canada and will take a look at the website with the photos. Have fun stitching this week!

  13. Thanks for sharing the photos of Saskatchewan. I think like our Dakotas it was once much more heavily populated with little towns and small farms. Now lots of ghost towns and fewer and much much larger farms.


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