Saturday, December 17, 2016

A soggy Saturday of socks, and a shawl, and a sad sad song...

Hello -- can you tell I LOVE alliteration... soggy...Saturday...socks... I'm don't believe that all those things  would actually have any connection other than on this blog... oh goes...

First off on this soggy Saturday,  I'm down to the toe of my first Frankensock from the Opal Advent Calendar...

I like this one but in the scheme of the Frankensocks I've knit I think this one is rather subdued... pink, lavender, sage and blue... not a bit of yellow and only  a couple of specks of orange. Not my usual picks but then I hoped that the Advent Calendar would give me new color combos, so it is successful on that point. I am going to make the second sock using these same skeins... by my calculations I've used a bit of 7 different little mini skeins in this sock.

And here are the delightful little bundles that have popped out of the calendar since I last posted...

This soggy Saturday doesn't make for good lighting but these little guys are a nice bright bunch... except for the black/gray/white one bottom row second from the left... he is definitely odd man out!  I see several pairs of brightly colored Frankensocks using these skein.

My ever changing strategy this week is to proceed with the second sock mate to the one currently on my needles and then start a new pair with lots of the bright stuff.

 Wednesday night my quilty lady friends got together to celebrate Christmas.  We exchange names each year and I was blessed to receive this magnificently exquisite shawl from Cathy... thank you SOOOOO much Cathy!!!

My photo does NOT do justice to this shawl... it is knit with yarn from Caterpillar Green Yarns which you can see here. The pattern is called Playground Shawl... it is free and you can see it here.   The magic of this shawl is that this was knit from ONE skein of yarn that was dyed to have the rainbow sections separated by the gray sections... there are NO joins or loose ends to weave in for the entire shawl except for at the beginning and the end... think about that for a minute?  Isn't this genius???

Here is how it looks when you wear it...

The shawl from yesterday's picture. #playgroundshawl by @letesknits knit with an XL (170 g) hank of Concrete Remix.  This is a super fun knit. The designer, Justyna, lets the colour changes in the yarn tell you when to change stitch patterns (garter for the grey, lace for the colours). So gauge is not critical and there's no counting rows. Plus, if you miss an increase somewhere it's no problem because there's no stitch count either. Kind of Paint By Numbers But For Knitting.:

I tried to take a selfie of me wearing it, but between juggling the camera when it almost fell into the toilet and temporarily blinding myself, this is  the best pic I could get...

and yes, the bathroom mirror definitely needs to be wiped down... housekeeping isn't one of my talents, no one on their death bed every said "I wish I'd spent more time in the office" or "I wish I had cleaned more bathrooms."  NEVER been said!!!

As for the sad song...have you ever heard the song "Same Old Lang Syne" by Dan Fogelberg?  It is played on the oldies station locally that does all Christmas music this time of year. Now other than it mentions Christmas eve in the first line I'm not sure why it is considered a Christmas selection. I love the lyrics and the melody but this song ALWAYS makes me cry... last night it came on the radio and I should have turned it off after the first 8 bars... but I didn't... and I cried. I don't know why... I'm certainly not pining for any lost love but there is something just so evocative about this song that is always touches me. The chorus includes the line "we drank a toast to innocence, we drank a toast to now"... you can tie up a lot of memories in that line.

So on that note I'll sign off... I'm happy all the rain today isn't snow... and I hope you are warm where you are.

happy knitting-
carol fun


  1. I heard the same sad song on our Christmas station. I'm with you. It is very sad. My DH and I call things like that Debbie Downers. Not sure where that came from. Anyway , I do like the socks. I finally gave up on my basic black or blue ones and bought some with color. That should brighten my outfits a bit. The shawl is so lovely. What a funny photo. At least you tried. Have a very Merry Christmas.

  2. Beautiful scarf. I'm with you on the Fogelburg song.

  3. Nice sock. I'm thinking of doing either a knit hat or scarf in my leftovers, as mismatched as they are, since some of them are machine-washable and some are not. That way they don't have to be washed as often. That shawl is wonderful ! Thank you for sharing that's a new one on me, and definitely takes a person back to a lost age. Melancholy now, but fitting for a cold winter morning.

  4. I didn't get the same emotions as you listening to that song. And the SOCKS!! Can't imagine your sock drawer. Love them!

  5. I like those socks--all those colors look nice and bright to me--so keep going-
    what a beautiful gift with the shawl--I miss wearing my shawls--I knitted alot of them in NY--but now living in Fl it is just too hot most days for a part wool shawl!!!
    Love and laughter, di

  6. Dan F. & I go WAY back - 1980 was my junior year in college - so he is part of the soundtrack of my younger more romantic life. Carol that is a stunning scarf! Love the rainbow effect.


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