Friday, December 9, 2016

The saga of socks saunters on...

Another crazy week... but then aren't they all a bit off... running around...cold weather has descended...working on too many projects at one time... par for the course. I have dutifully opened every door for this week on my Advent calendar... right to left Day 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9...

I'm very fond of Days 4 and 6... Days 5 and 7 are kinda similar as are the greens in Days 8 and 9... but I have seen some other skeins on Instagram that make my heart go pitty pat and I hope they are still lurking in my calendar.

I haven't been knitting as much as I thought I would and the new little hanks backed up a it but that was a good thing. It let me pick and choose more what I wanted to knit. This is where I am at the moment...

The sock on the left is about ready for a heel... gonna do that in the same charcoal gray I did the cuffs. And the sock on the right is showing off my favorite skein so far...Day 4... the only one to have any yellow in it!!!

I've been looking everyday at the Instagram board #opaladventcalendar which you can see here... and there are lots of pretties. Instead of knitting a bit of each skein when it pops out of the cube some people are knitting the whole skein before moving onto a new one and I'm liking how that looks...

these socks from oldmaidenaunt...

two #frankensocks and one toe! falling farther behind on my #opaladventcalendar but still loving it 😄 socks are days one through five & i'm knitting day six!!:

and these from coopknits which use a substantial chunk of  a skein before moving on...

One and a half #opaladventcalendar socks:

I think when I finish this first pair I'm going to make a pair using more of the skein... Looks like it takes about 2 1/2 skeins to do a sock. Since several of mine will be a little light by then I'm thinking 3 should do a sock and I can pick 3 that sort of coordinate.

Have you noticed that my plan for these socks changes every week?  The plan is there is no plan that way I can be as fickle as I want!!

Well my mood this morning was a gray as the sky but things have brightened up. Last night my laptop decided it no longer wished to converse with the internet in my home. Other devices were happy to chit chat but not my laptop...ugh... I tried everything I knew ...which wasn't much ... and then took it to Best Buy to their Geek Squad. I had resigned myself to probably paying at least $100 to get it fixed. I hoped it wouldn't be more than that. The computer is old but it works and I like it... and it is Christmas and I don't want to have to buy a new laptop for me at the moment.

When I got to Best Buy they asked if I had an appointment... I didn't know you could make one, but no problem they'd look at my laptop in a few minutes after they took care of the older couple in front of me who did have an appointment. They got to me in about 10 minutes and I explained that my laptop wasn't speaking to the internet in my home.

The tech, Eli, told me that they were getting a lot of this issue with Microsoft... and well, they didn't have a definitive fix for it... ugh again... but he'd try a few things and see what he could do. So he did and on the 3rd or 4th try he coaxed my laptop to engage in a conversation with the internet... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ... and what did this little exchange cost me??? NOTHING... absolutely NOTHING... the first 20 minute consult was FREE... I was stunned. Needless to say I will be giving Best Buy and Eli at the Waterstone Plaza in Cincinnati OH and glowing review. He never made me feel stupid ... which has happened before ... and he was personable and funny. I will definitely be returning for any other computer issues I have in the future...and you know they will occur. I'm hoping this doesn't happen to my son's laptop, but if it does we will be off to Best Buy lickety split.

So I have a busy weekend planned to go along with the busy week... tomorrow I'm doing lunch with my boys at one of our favorite restaurants in the trendy Over the Rhine neighborhood of downtown Cincinnati.. and then we have tickets to go see Brickmas which is a Christmas display of Lego stuff. My boys are both big Lego fans and if I had a penny for every Lego brick I've stepped on in my life I'd be a very rich woman...LOL!!  Sunday I'm hoping to have my handyman Dan hang some vertical blinds in my son's room and take care of a couple of other projects. My Christmas shopping is pretty much under control... still need some gift cards but I know what I'm getting.

Hope you holiday preparations are coming along well... but for now I'm back to do a little knitting...

happy stitching and knitting -
carol fun


  1. I don't knit but seeing your wonderful socks makes me think maybe I should take it up. I hope you have a wonderful day with your boys. I had only one son but I know all about the stepping on legos!

  2. I love the socks that you've showed. I'm still knitting from your little gifted balls. I am glad to hear that your Best Buy Geek Squad was so good. Most of the time mine is. I did by a plan for a year with my Windows 10 laptop that I bought earlier this year. I have had to take it back 3 times for things that were not working correctly. Thank goodness I bought a plan, cause I don't think they would have done my fixes for 'nothing'. In fact I had to leave it for 3 days one of the times. I think this Surface 3 has some Microsoft problems. Now my camera is not working correctly on it. Ugh. Hope yours lasts a long time.

  3. I JUST love your socks--they're always so pretty! I don't knit so mine are boring store-bought but they do the job. HA I've been having issues with my computer not talking either..had two techs in today and was on the phone this evening for an hr and 15 min. ATT is getting the boot as soon as I find a suitable replacement!!!!

  4. I love your advent yarn! I hadn't heard of that. What a great way to have some funky socks! Yours are looking great as always. Glad your computer is up and running.

  5. I love your calendar, and great work on the socks!

  6. Carol, you know your sock knitting just send my heart into pitter pats! I just love them. Those mini skeins are just too dang cute. Glad the laptop issue resolved itself inexpensively. Technology is great...when it works!

  7. It's been A WEEK since we got to laugh with you. I hope you're not 'under the weather' , and that you are keeping up with your advent knitting. Be well !


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