Monday, January 2, 2017

1st Design Wall of 2107...

So 2017 is starting out on a productive note... I meant to post yesterday as I did start a new cross stitch piece and I cast on another sock. But after doing lunch with my sons, daughter in law and her mom, a trip to the Cincinnati Art Museum to see the Van Gogh exhibit, and making a prime rib dinner  I was too pooped to post. I'll catch up with the cross stitch and the knitting later this week but for now...

I haven't posted a Design Wall Monday for a while... but I have been sewing ... and here is some of what I've been working on...

These are for a swap I'm doing on Instagram... Bonnie and Camille Log Cabin blocks...

You do these by making a big block... squaring it up.. and cutting it into quarters... I've made some that way and others I'm doing a quarter at a time. The important part is that each quarter measures 10.25" square and the last round of logs are 2.5" strips. This is fun... but messy messy messy... I have piles of fabric strewn here there and everywhere.

This is a great project for me because I've been hoarding my Bonnie and Camille fabrics for quite a while.  I have various different cuts of the fabrics. I have a FQ bundle of Ruby that I won from Fat Quarter Shop eons ago... I have a charm pack of Scrumptious... and a layer cake of Hello Darling ... and jelly rolls of Handmade and the newest Basics line... so it is quite a nice collection and I think this block will show them off. You can check out what is going on with this swap plan is to make more blocks as I want a quilt big enough for my bed.  Should be a very pretty summer quilt... and it may even get done by then...but don't hold your isn't a good color for skin... just saying.

And I put these on my design wall for a group shot... my blocks from Tula Pink's City Sampler book...

I started these as part of a QAL on Instagram... they began  at Block 1 and I didn't jump in until Block 78... a bit behind... the goal was to do a block a day... and as you can see I didn't last too long...oh well... I do LOVE what I got done but I was feeling a bit blue that I couldn't keep up... but then I saw that another QAL was starting on Instagram by Three Dandelions and the pace is much better... 2 blocks a week... I think I can do that!!

They are logically starting with Blocks 1 and 2... and I have till this coming Saturday to have them done...yeah!!! You can check out this QAL here. I think the hardest part of these blocks is first deciding on a theme which for me is Momo fabrics... and then picking out the fabrics for each block... decisions decisions... sewing them together is a piece of cake...and very satisfying... like eating a piece of cake.... I wonder if there is any cake left in the kitchen...hmmmm...

Anyway heere are  two blocks I like a lot...

This is how I imagine Big Dude would look in a tree... if he could get up that high...LOL!

And I like this parrot... the Momo collections have a nice selection of animals which worked out well for this group of blocks that had larger squares and rectangles that could be fussy cut. Unfortunately there are no polka dot chickens so I shall have to settle for parrots and other birds... hey they are fowl and that is close enough.

I'm developing a love/hate relationship with Instagram... so much inspiration...but I spend waaay too much time looking at the pretty pictures. And I keep stumbling upon QALs that I want to do ... along with the Bonnie and Camille swap I found a Swoon QAL that I want to do ... you can check it out here... it runs from Jan 8 to Apr 9... and I think this could be the kick in the butt for me to finish the Swoon blocks which I haven't touched since. OH MY GOODNESS... Jan of 2012!!! I have 7 blocks completed so I only need 2 more. It would be nice to finish that project.  And to me fair to me... and I am always fair to me...LOL... I did do an complete Swoon quilt back in 2011... a Halloween version of 16" blocks which you can see here.    So I'm not a total slacker... well I'm a little bit a slacker where some stuff is concerned. Hey we all have flaws...right?

So I want to sew today and I should go outside and take my Christmas lights down as it is 52 degrees... quite warm for Ohio in January...and it is going back to the "seasonal" temps by Wednesday...but I just am not feeling it right now. I'm not turning them on anymore this season so really no one but me is going to notice...right?   Can you tell I'm talking myself out of it and justifying my actions at the same time... a slacker but a crafty slacker...LOL!!

I hope your 2017 is getting off to a great start... right now I'm full of anticipation of getting lots of stuff done... I'm just not sure exactly which stuff ... but that is ok.

If you have a minute check out this video... an adorable 4 year old explains why New Year's resolutions are so hard to keep... my resolution is to keep doing what I've been doing and stay awesome... we'll see how that turns out...LOL!

happy stitching -
carol fun


  1. Looks like you've made a good start to 2017! If you need any more B&C Scrumptious, let me know! After 3 quilts, I'm ready to move on. I have some of that Momo, too, just waiting for the perfect opportunity.

  2. Gorgeous blocks! I have not joined Instagram because I already stare at my phone too much! I just spent another 2 hours getting all the Christmas decor down. Think I'll wait a day or two before putting any other decor up. DH took down the lights and hauled the very dry tree out. I'm off to sew a little--after a couple more chores. Ugh

  3. Love the colors in the log cabin blocks---very cheerful to look at on this dreary, rainy day. are awesome... and get so much accomplished in a variety of needlework genres!!! Keep it up!!!

  4. I always love your quilt tops. They are always so cheerful and colorful. I watched that very cute video of the adorable little girl. Now I just have to say no lots of times to treats. Maybe then I can loose a pound or two!

  5. I love your new year's resolution to keep doing what you're doing and stay awesome! I like your TP blocks, too, especially the palette you've chosen. I usually don't like the TP blocks I've seen, but yours look more unified than most, I think because of your fabric and color choices. Good luck with your QALs and other projects in 2017.

  6. You have some wonderful blocks there. I watched both quilt alongs on Instagram. It looks like a lot of fun!


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