Thursday, January 5, 2017

I have a new appreciation for plastic bags...

What is there about the first of the year that makes you want to straighten stuff up and organize?  I have a couple of closets and my desk that needs to be sorted out and things purged but instead I spent a day organizing my cross stitch stash. First I dumped everything on the floor and on my desk.

I had several boxes with stuff thrown in willy-nilly... charts and fabrics and works in progress and thread and linen... what a mess. I decided that the large WIP's should be stored in one box... threads in another... linen got it's own box... Blackbird Designs got a box...a miscellaneous box...and two boxes of alphabetized!!!

It took quite a while to get the charts alphabetized... seems like I have as much trouble with the alphabet as I do with wouldn't think that was a problem with as many samplers as I've stitched, but those 26 letters can be tricky...LOL!!

Now this isn't a slick professional filing system but it is going to save me lots of time when I go looking for something...

Charts from each designer are in a ziploc bag ... I used a LOT of plastic bags... but now it is easy to just grab the right bag and see what I own.   I sorted all the linen by count and even figured out what counts the unlabeled piece were.  Turns out I have a lot of 30 count linen I didn't know I had! I still need to do some sorting of the thread but this such a better arrangement of my stash! I've been wanting to get this straightened out for years... and I have such a new appreciation for plastic bags... they are going to save me a lot of time in the future.

The boxes on the top shelf is stamping stuff... I need to find my label maker and make labels for the big boxes of cross stitch stuff like I did for the stamping stuff.  I think the label maker is hiding in one of the desk drawers I need to clean out... maybe tomorrow I'll find it.

On the sewing side I made a few more of the blocks for the Bonnie and Camille swap and I finished the first two blocks for the Three Dandelions Shop QAL of the Tula Pink's 100 Modern Quilt blocks... here is the Instagram link.

Block 1 I'm calling " Oh Deer!"

and Block 2 I'm calling "What a cut up!"

It took forever to pick out the fabrics for these blocks... and there was a lot of cutting ... 20 pieces for each 6" finished block.... but I think it was worth it in the end! This pace of 2 blocks a week is very nice... I think it will work for me.

Sooooo more organizing, cleaning out, purging is on the agenda for the next week... along with more sewing!

Hope your week is going  well... we got our first snow here today... I think there is about 2" in my neighborhood but most of it fell after dark so I won't know for sure till the morning. We do have some frigid temps for the weekend but that's doesn't seem as bad as the snow that the South is expected to get hit with.  I'm  looking forward to the warm up to above freezing on Monday. How many days till Spring?? Darn... I just looked it up... 72 days... that's a long time away! Big sigh!

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. I agree, zip lock bags are wonderful! Love your blocks and their names. Log cabins are my favorite. I'm in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in NC and am making plans for my snow day project tomorrow.

  2. What did we do before zip lock bags? I guess we didn't own so much "stuff" that needed to be contained. It is so nice to work in a nice clean area. Your blocks are adorable! Love the names, too.

  3. I am so right there with you on this organizing thing. I've been working in my sewing room a few hours a day this week .......a new beginning, de-clutter and all that stuff. You're area is looking very tidy!!!
    They are calling for snow here tomorrow--can't wait!

  4. Looks like you've conquered that mountain! I've said for years if I had a nickel, even a penny, for every Ziploc bag I've used, I'd be a rich woman! I'd invest, but SC Johnson is a "family company." Tip: if you nip the corners, it's a lot easier to get the air out. Of course, you can never use them again for liquids ...

  5. I am SO impressed with your clean, tidy space! And I love "What a cut up" block!!

  6. My problem with organizing any part of the stash....books,fabric, wips, pigs, ect is I get side tracked by the colors and patterns and want to start something new. No this dose not mean set it aside and do it when the clean up is done.

  7. Good Job! Pat yourself on the back. I love the names you gave your blocks.

  8. 72days! UG1 that's way too long. We have had a week of the coldest temps in 5 years. I am concerned about some of my more tender plants. Oh well, there is nothing I can do. You have done a great job organizing. I even need to reorganize my organizing in my craft room!! It must be the time of year that we all get those urges. I'm starting in the kitchen tomorrow. Love your names for the quilt squares, very appropriate! have a good week-end and keep warm and safe.

  9. Wow on your organization of your stash! What kind of boxes are you using? Hope you find your label maker! Ours goes MIA at times. Your quilt blocks are super. I really like the deer fabric you used. Do you remember where you got it? Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Wow, can you come to my house and give me some remedial help?! LOL! Seriously, did you alphabetize by designer? I love the boxes too. Ikea? I really need to take a weekend and do this. Yes, it would probably take several weekends if I'm being honest. I need to make room for my new stash of the wool variety. No, I don't hold you responsible. LOL!

  11. All those organized boxes look so nice....I will dream about that level of organization lol!

  12. Suffering from an extreme case of Organizational Envy! Wow, you are ready to go.


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