Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Trying to find a routine...

Hello there... well last week was a bust in getting anything posted. I LOVE the idea of the 3 day weekend but the reality of the 4 day work week meant too much got squished into too few days. (Kinda like this blog post...you'll see what I mean) I was looking forward to the weekend. but when Friday came I was plum tuckered out and not much was accomplished besides some napping, and I did manage to pull together a family dinner on Sunday evening... I grilled out steaks... on the 22nd of January in Ohio... unbelievable!  It was 60 degrees and I figured we wouldn't see that again for quite some time.

Today was the first day  I've had in a while that I didn't have to go anywhere... so  I didn't... I stayed home and got some sewing done...yippee!!  I'll show you some of the stuff I've accomplished. This was not all finished today but there is some productivity to show for the last 2 weeks.

First, my Bonnie and Camille Swap Blocks...

This is a stack of 64 10.25" half log cabin blocks... now I  need to send off 36 for the swap part. I made enough that when I get my swap blocks back I can put together a quilt for my double bed. I think it will look very summery.

Here's an example of the block I'm planning to do...

I want to do a white on white sashing with assorted colored cornerstones and a nice wide white border... that's the plan right now...we'll see how it turns out.  They were fun blocks to do and I have high hopes for what I'll get back in the swap as the requirements were to only use Bonnie and Camille fabrics and the blocks all have the last round of logs cut 2.5"... that will let you trim your block down if you need.  Now if I can only remember to go get a padded mailing envelope... so far I've been out at least 3 places where I could have picked one up and either they were out of them... or I forgot about it... ahh tomorrow is another day!!!

And something else I forgot to do ...I  forgot to show my progress on  the Three Dandelions Shop QAL of Tula Pink's 100 Modern Quilt Blocks. Here is the link to the Instagram board and this my Block 3: Fly Away!

I'm calling Block 4: Put a Cherry on Top

I didn't get my blocks for last week posted till today, because I didn't make them till today... oh well,
Block 5: Raindrops bring Rainbows... this is straight IRL, the picture is wonky...sorry...

and Block 6: Into every life a little rain must fall...


that has me caught up till the end of the week when Blocks 7 and 8 are due... gotta sew faster!!! Oh these blocks are a lot smaller than they appear... they finish a mere 6 inches square... and some had 25 pieces in one little block...sheesh... glad these last two were easier... haven't looked at the ones for this week yet.

Also I played around with this project...

polka dotted deer with flowers in their antlers... sounds kinda trippy, doesn't it???  LOL  All the fabrics are from my very well aged stash of Debbie Mumm.  The deer is from the pattern Dear Deer which you can see here.  I reversed the direction of the one on the left and the whole piece is about 20" wide and 9" high. I plan to minimally quilt it and hang it on my back door as a ode to my little city Deer Park.  I know I gripe about the deer a lot but if you can't beat them... and I can't... I can celebrate them... a little bit.

And speaking of deer and thinking of Spring...( I know where did that thought come from??... trust me my mind is a very strange place)... I got this catalog from David Austin Roses  ...

and here's a link to their website. I got to thinking (and that is always dangerous) about what I'd like to plant in my yard this year... I LOVE LOVE LOVE my rose bushes even though it was a constant battle with the deer and the Japanese beetles and the black spot. But hope springs eternal in this gardener's heart and I think I can stay ahead of some of those problems this year ...and yes I may be delusional but I'm okay with that... it is a nice happy sweet smelling delusional little world !  The more I think of Spring and Summer the more I want MORE roses... more English roses!   I've decided I could plant 2 or 3 bushes by the front corner of my house where I had a dead bush torn out last year. I couldn't find a tree/bush I wanted for that spot and now I'm glad I waited. I think climbing roses would be super in that spot as they would grow up the corner post of the porch... in my mind's eye it is going to be gorgeous (again let me have my dreams)... and the young man who mows my grass and digs holes for me said he could put another flower bed in on the other side of my driveway and I could put a couple of rose bushes there too! And David Austin sent a coupon for 15% off if I order by March 24.... and you know I will ...LOL!

So hopefully I'll get into some sort of a routine in the next couple of weeks...no more 3 day weekends till late in February ... I want to stay home more and sew more so that when Spring comes... and I'll be chomping at the bit for it to arrive I'll be able to play in my yard again...roses and petunias are in the forecast for me!!

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. What a collection of lovely blocks!!! I love the David Austin roses too. However, I have given up on them. In fact, I have given up on roses. We have incredibly damp springs. There is just no way that I can stay ahead of the blackspot. So I am using lots of hydrangeas. They just love the NW climate and I have found a way to bring them in the house without them wilting, so that's what I'm dreaming about, that and dahlias!!!!

  2. Always look forward to reading

    your blog, Carol. I have used the large white mailing envelopes that are free at the post office for mailing swap blocks.Perhaps they would work for your swap too. Hope to see your swap quilt posted soon.

  3. Your swap blocks look great, and the tiny Tula's too. I'll never be a gardener but can appreciate the desire!

  4. Pretty blocks coming out of your studio.

    Those dang deer. I have a love-hate relationship with them, too. Day lilies are their special treat around here and they even munch on the more delicate holly leaves!

  5. Love the Bonnie and Camille blocks....so fun and.....if this makes any sense.....joyful! We'll have to see what spring and the deer bring to us here. We've only planted some Leyland Cypress trees so far and they had quite a feast with them already!!!

  6. Really like Block #5 and Block #6 and the deer block. I think that David Austin roses are mildew resistant. I LOVE David Austin roses - my sister and mother have several of them (behind the deer fence!).

  7. I love the fun fabrics in your little blocks! We have deer in our neighbourhood too. They seem to love the neighbours' cedar hedges/bushes so they leave my plants alone. Have fun sewing.


  8. You have some very pretty little blocks there. I particularly like the deer one and the Fly Away and Put a Cherry on Top. Since I'm not buying any fabric, I don't have the latest and greatest collections to play with. I have never had any rose bushes, but do love them. I often hear my friends complain about the Japanese beetles eating them and the deer love my day lilies, so I guess I won't buy any roses to feed them. Hope your week settles down a bit and you get to sew more.


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