Monday, February 27, 2017

Defying Mother Nature...

Last week the weather was glorious... I even shaved my legs and worn sandals one day!  This week is starting gray and yuckky... but I'm not going to let Mother Nature get me down...I'm making tulips... GIANT BRIGHTLY COLORED TULIPS!!!!

So far I've completed this dozen...

and this one of a kind aqua tulip...

There is very little aqua in any of the American Jane collections... as far as I can find it is just these 6 prints... I am very fond of the square in the bottom center of the tulip...those cats are sweet... the collection from several years ago  was called Fairy Tale Friends.

I've been pushing myself to think outside the box where the color of the leaves are concerned and I've made red leaves and blue leaves and yellow leaves along with the traditional green leaves... and I may have just enough fabric to do one tulip with aqua leaves...oooohhhh   very trendy....LOL!

I like the 30's vibe of the American Jane fabrics and that there are always some novelties to play with...for example....

there's a gingerbread boy making a run for it in the upper left corner of this tulip.

And paper doll clothes appear in this minty green designer tulip with the pink leaves... very Spring-y!

Bees, and old fashioned items like cursive penmanship and a rotary phone are included in this ginormous tulip.

And of course my favorite motif... CHICKENS....

in 2 different colorways... so cute!

So I have 13 sewn and 17 to go...and they are ALL cut out!!!!

Now to find time to sew... at the moment I'm waiting for my furnace guy to come and figure out what is wrong with the furnace... I have heat...thank goodness, but the water pump thingy keeps cycling over and over and over and over ...and well I'm not a repair guy but even I know that isn't right.

Tomorrow I'm scheduled to have my left eye cataract surgery... I'll be happy to see approximately the same out of both eyes... and then to figure out if I can get by with just reading glasses or do I still need prescription lenses... I'm okay either way...and after that I have a bit of a double vision problem that needs to be corrected. It comes and goes and it  is mostly when I focus really far away but it is annoying... now I can rectify the situation by closing one eye so maybe I should go for a pirate look and just say "aye mateys" a lot... probably not a long term solution. There is always something isn't there?

Hope you have a good week...

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Sending prayers for your surgery tomorrow and I think the pirate gig sounds like fun. Checking Amazon for parrots to send your way right now because every self respecting pirate needs a parrot. :)

  2. Love your flowers! Sending good vibes and prayers for tomorrow. And if you need a pretty eye patch, let me know and I'll make one for you. :)

  3. Those are awesome tulips!! I am praying for your surgery.♥

  4. Love the tulips--very upbeat!
    Good luck tomorrow with the cataract surgery!

  5. Those tulips are really great! Good luck for the surgery.

  6. I am very smitten with your tulips! It's my favorite flower and the way you've mixed the prints is wonderful.

    Good luck with your surgery. I play pirate everyday - I have struggle with depth perception. It's not fun! LOL

  7. I love seeing those big tulips. They brighten my day! Today we had rain, sleet, and 5 minutes of sun. All the while it was cold and damp. We have not had one glimpse of Spring. I hope all goes well tomorrow. I'll be t6hinking of you!

  8. Very pretty and cute tulips. They would make any day look bright and sunny. Good luck tomorrow on your eye surgery. You are so funny with your pirate comment. Maybe you would start a fad if you wore a cute quilters eye patch for a few days. lol

  9. Love the bright tulips best wishes with the eyes

  10. Your flowers are great! Nice and cheery! I could really stand to see my tuplips but with another 10" of snow it will be while. I am home from work today due to snow!

  11. Beautiful colorful tulips!
    Good luck with the eye surgery.

  12. I love your giant tulips especially the unconventional leaf colours. How are your eyes? I hope you're keeping well:)


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