Thursday, February 9, 2017

The tulips are blooming....

The tulips are blooming...not the ones in the yard but the ones that have taken 3 years to "grow" in my sewing room...obviously they didn't get a lot of sunshine shut up in their plastic bin...imagine that... and to think I call myself a gardener...LOL!

Dotty Tulips...this is my take on Lori's Holt's Tulip Patch pattern in  her book Quilty Fun... my tulips are a bit plumper than hers and they are all dotty fabrics and each one is a different fabric and all the stems/leaves are different greens and  ALL of the fabrics in this quilt came from my stash  so it is a FREE quilt.  The rationalization for the FREE designation is that I don't remember what I paid for these fabrics... a form of  crafty Alzheimer's... without the dementia element... at least I think I'm not crazy....okay... just a little crazy... or as my older son tells me, "you are crazy it just isn't the kind of crazy I can have you committed for....YET"... LOL...who knows when that will be!

My best guesstimate is there are a little over 100 different bright fabrics in this quilt... the reward for accumulating a large stash of pretties!  I tried hard to not have two of the same color fabric touching each other... when I started sewing it together I was adamant about it... as time went on ...not so much. Occasionally a fabric touches a fabric of the same color, but they are different fabrics of the same color family which somehow soothes my OCD about this.  Now I need to get a back together and get this off to Terry my long arm quilter.

I'm proud of  myself that I'm keeping up with the Tula Pink's 100 Modern Quilt Blocks for the Three Dandelions  QAL... we are still in the  "cross" section...

Block 9: Polka Dot Cross

Block  10:  The Cross in the Garden

These were easy blocks...not a lot of pieces... it took longer to pick my fabrics than it did to cut them out and sew them together!

Well for what I thought would be a quiet week somehow there was still a lot of running around...and tomorrow has  several things on the schedule... and Saturday has stuff I want to do but may or may not get done... and next week... well next week is chock full of  running here and there... when does a gal find time to sew????  Gotta squeeze it in some how, some way...

Hope you find time to sew too!

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Your tulip quilt is absolutely beautiful! :0)

  2. Your tulips are delightful. That is a happy quilt that makes me smile. :)

  3. Dotty Tulips - such a happy quilt on so many levels. A great stash-buster, too!

  4. I see that your tulips didn't 'fade' any with out sunshine--
    it is sooo pretty and to think it was 'kinda' free is even better--
    blocks are coming along great, too--
    enjoy the moments, di

  5. I love the way your tulip quilt top turned out. What's not to love everything about it? Are you going to put a border on it?

  6. Crafty Alzheimer's, haha. Wonder what the ICD10 billing code is for that!!! Wonderful dotty quilt, your cross blocks are great too.

  7. Love the tulips...what bloomin' fun!!!!

  8. Your tulip quilt just makes me smile. It's like a breath of Spring. Speaking of Spring, it is nowhere near Washington State!! We had 2 days of school closings this past week!!

  9. I love your cute tulip quilt. Amazing that you were able to make all the tulips and their parts with entirely different fabrics. Your fabric stash must be as varied as your yarn stash. lol

  10. You are certainly tiptoeing through the tulips today! Great quilt. I think spring is my favourite season!

  11. Oh, wow! You even have a green thumb when it comes to fabric gardening! How fun are those?! I think I'm going to have to start making only floral related quilts because it's the only thing I can 'grow' out here in this wild west desert!


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