Friday, June 16, 2017

Flowers on Friday...

Oh baby it is hot hot hot outside... it is 7pm and it is still 90 degrees... glad I'm inside with my AC. I know I've been absent here for over a week...nothing going on...just life... but I do have a little something to show today...the fruits of my gardening labors and a little flower quilt...

First the quilt...

This only measures 12" x 24" and it is hanging on my back door... I think it looks bright and summery... the pattern is from Lori Holt's book Vintage Farmgirl and the fabrics are all American Jane... such happy fabrics... I love this flower a whole bunch and would like to make an entire quilt from them!  I'll put it on my list of things to do... which right now is about 3 feet long...oh well.

And now for  the other flowers in my life... my  yard/garden... I don't have a back yard since my house sits on the corner so what I have is a front yard and a side yard and all my gardening is visible to the street... sometimes I wish I had a more private space but then only I would enjoy my flowers. I remind myself that lots of people get to enjoy them this way and I do get lots of compliments when I'm out in the evenings watering.

It is nice for me to post pictures here so I can remember what the plantings look like as the season progresses. Everything seems so puny in the Spring but it has come on gangbusters in the last week.

The front of my house...

one window box and additional boxes on the porch ledge...

the side of the house... my favorite view of  my house...

window boxes and perennials and pots of flowers.

a close up of the front window box...

the petunias have filled in nicely.. if you make the picture bigger you can see there are 3 different colors... a light yellow, a light lavender and a pink with a yellow center... all of these are wave petunia varieties.

this spot is tucked into the corner and makes me very happy... lots of perennials with an edging of annuals... I was going for a English garden look chock full of different flowers... in bloom now are 2 types of cone flowers each a different shade of orange, my hydrangea is blooming pink, I've forgotten what that tall purple flower is but it is beautiful... there are day lilies in the back and some gallardia to the left side. Not yet blooming but will be soon are white daisies and tall phlox and 2 other perennials that I don't remember what I planted but they are looking good.

On the side of the house by the back door...

the pyramid of petunias ... I pass by this every time I come in and out of the house and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it... that rose tree smells so good!

And last year this began as a overflow area and it has become even more overflowing this year... lots of pretties have followed me home from the garden centers...

there is a little bit of everything here from snapdragons to zinnias to geraniums to more petunias... that big pot on the end has pink wave petunias which something munched on the other night and dahlias in the center...

this petunia was just too pretty to leave at the nursery last week...

my problem is I find ALL petunias to be pretty...LOL... and I want to give them all a good home...but I'm running out of space.  I didn't take a picture of my rose bushes but they are doing nicely... the deer did come for an evening buffet in spite of my spraying them and putting down the stinky deer scram stuff but they did leave some blooms... I know that the roses will be a constant battle but I'm hanging in there.  I'm very very happy with my garden yard this year... and I already have ideas for next year... so many pretty flowers... so little time... and dirt...LOL

Hope your weekend plans give you time to stop and smell the flowers... I need to water tonight but hopefully Mother Nature will do the job for me tomorrow and Sunday... I'm waiting till 8pm to go out and drag out the hose ... and then I'll be back inside for a cool shower and more AC.

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Darling little flower quilt, very cheery in those fabrics. I would definitely admire your garden every time I passed by, very full and festive with all the blooms.

  2. A wonderful yard! Love all those petunias. I think the large purple perennial is a variety of salvia. Hope those deer move on to a yard that could really use some pruning...but it never works that way!

  3. Beautiful flower that petunia tower! We are fighting a battle with chipmunks this year--they are eating every little thing in our front's a pitched battle let me tell you--the only cute chipmunk is "Alvin"!!
    Adorable flower block--I love your choice of fabrics--so bright and cheery...hugs, Julierose

  4. Love all your flowers, both fabric and natural. The colors are so bright and cheerful!

  5. Just got back from CO yesterday and brought flowers home from there! The most BEAUTIFUL purple (DEEP purple) think it's a salvia, and rich red petunia and a plant I'd never heard of--Bidens, part of the aster family. It's an annual so will try to save seeds for next year. Yours are all gorgeous!!

  6. I just love that cheery flower wall hanging on your door. It must make you smile every time you come in or out. Now the yard. You have done a wonderful job. Everything is so pretty. I would love to walk by a house like that. I would stop to admire the flowers every time I walked by. We would probably meet and become fast friends over the lovely blooming things in your yard. I must get busy. We have had such cool temps that everything is very late this year. My hydrangeas are not even close to blooming and the peonies are at their peek. We are predicted to get more sun next week. I sure hope so!!!!

  7. Super cute quilt and gorgeous flowers in your yard! Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Beautiful flowers! lots of colour! I have long eared munchers in my garden too.

  9. Sooo many beautiful flowers!! How rewarding to have achieved the look you wanted in your garden.

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  11. wow !!! beautiful and so lovely work :) i really like your good idea so much.Thank for sharing.



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