Sunday, June 4, 2017

Slow Sunday Stitching with Christmas in June...

So it appears that I can only manage one post a week... sorry... but in my defense last week found me to be extremely popular ... I had a lunch date every day last week... all were fun and tasty but I didn't get much accomplished otherwise.

No measurable knitting was finished... although I did buy some yarn...

I found this at my "big" Joanns... it is Superfine Merino a DK/Light Worsted ... it has 142 yds in a ball and it is super soft... it is also a bit pricey... $14.99 a ball... so of course this yarn can ONLY be purchased by me with a coupon... and I've lucked into several 50% off coupons. Now on Memorial Day I thought I was going to make out big time as I had 3 coupons for 60% off...except Joanns punked me as they marked this yarn down to $12.99 making my coupons useless...grrrr... this just makes me more determined to only buy this stuff with a coupon. OH I saw a great meme/t-shirt the other day ...

my situation EXACTLY...LOL!!

And fabric was purchased ... 2 jelly rolls and some bargain stuff from Instagram... but no sewing was done... insert frown-y face...

But there was progress on the cross stitching front... cross stitching is perfect for "watching" my beloved Reds play baseball... there were some good games, some great games, and so OMG terrible games... it softens the blow... LOL

First I want to show you a finished I finished this ages ago but I just recently got it framed and it looks great in my early summer decorating...

This is from the BBD Loose Feathers Abecedarian series... this was #3 and is called Forget me Not... my blue skeins were nice and bright and I love this  piece....and here is how it looks in my living room.

I love that I've been able to incorporate several cross stitch pieces on these display shelves...

on the top shelf I have my latest small finish ... and in the middle there is my beloved Lizzie Kate Spring sampler....

and at the bottom I have Forget me Not and a nice stack of summer-y looking quilts... along with lots of birds... you know I have a thing for fowl right???  LOL

And this is what I've been cross stitching.... my Lizzie Kate Jingles piece...

last time I touched this was December of '16 and I only had 2 of the charts finished... I got two and a half done this week...

love the snowman and the cardinals... and the cute heart frame...

the stocking and the cookies are fun motifs and while I like those peppermints they were a bear to stitch... hard to fit in the white stitches after I had the red ones complete...but they are stinking cute!

and this one should be complete tonight... just a couple of simple motifs to finish... that would give me 5 of the 12 charts done...yeah... I would like to have this one wrapped up by the July... maybe not the beginning of July but before it is over... I know exactly where I'm going to hang this and it will be a nice addition to my Christmas decorating.

So while I'd like to do some sewing next week I'm not promising anything... the other project on my list is cleaning out my garage... and this week looks like it would be perfect for that... dry weather, not too hot and so far, other than a doctor visit for my son tomorrow, there  is nothing on my social calendar ( oh that sounds so pretentious... snark)... there is stuff I want to take to Goodwill and stuff the just needs to be trashed. I have a shelving unit I want to assemble and organize my gardening stuff ...and I want to wipe down the shelves I have my grocery inventory on ( my older son teases me about my stockpile of toilet paper and boxed pasta, but if the zombies attack he'll be begging me for spaghetti and Charmin)... I figure if I say it outloud here on the blog that I'm going to clean out the garage I'll guilt myself into it... fingers crossed.

Hope you are having a nice here has been sooooo nice... I love when the temps stay in the mid 70's to low 80's and the humidity isn't too high... that is perfect in my book. I've got dinner in the oven... a baked ziti dish with chicken and alfredo and lots of cheese... I'm making asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and a salad and rolls and a strawberry pie from Frisch's for dessert... can't wait till 6pm!

I'm linking up with Kathy's Quilts today and Super Mom - No Cape tomorrow...

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Hi Carol, lovely post full of your gorgeous stitching. Your blue sampler is very pretty and looks so nice sitting on your what not unit. Some weeks are like that as far as social activities go - so nice to be popular but it is nice to have a quiet week as well, isn't it?

  2. Tis the season for winter and Christmas projects! That's what's on my blog today too!

  3. What a lovely combination, gorgeous stitching and beautiful framing. Love all your Christmas stitches, I enjoy stitching Christmas all year long! Your quilts are beautiful, did you make them too?? Mary@stitchingfriendsforever

    I find that happens all the time at Joannes, when a good coupon comes out it seems everything is reduced in the store.

  4. I agree about JoAnn's.....have never understood why they won't let you take the discount off the original price if the item is on sale. I get caught by that often!!! Your pieces are wonderful and I always love seeing your seasonal displays!

  5. I really like your display rack with all the bird items. Your latest framed piece is gorgeous and I love the blue moulding you selected for it. What a nice selection of yarn you purchased. Good progress on your LK piece!

  6. Your framed piece is just beautiful! The frame is perfect for the stitched piece. Everything looks so good on the shelves. I am thinking of doing a Halloween piece after I finish Borders so Christmas stitching works well for me. We,too, have been trying to get our garage cleaned, what a mess it was!! Good luck to you!

  7. I love blues so Forget ME Not resonates with me. What a super spring display you've created.

  8. I love your shelf with the assorted goodies arrayed. I too am bird mad and I also love cross stitch. And I'd love to come to your house for supper and perhaps check out that cleaned garage. lol


  9. Hi,
    Very nice post, impressive. its quite different from other posts. Thanks for sharing.
    Bangla Choti

  10. I love your display rack with all the cross-stitch pieces on it!

    And that Christmas pieces is going to be such fun.

    Thanks so much for linking up to last week's Stitchery Link party and for the link back. Aloha hugs!

  11. I like the Christmas stuff, I just want to enjoy summer first.

  12. I hope you got that shirt - it's too funny! Love your Lizzie Kate Christmas piece and your seasonal displays are always so pretty. I am envious of your weather and will be setting up camp on your porch if it doesn't cool off soon. I'll do windows and dishes in exchange for spaghetti and Charmin.

  13. just found your polka dot chicken sight love it i am looking for the feather mystery sampler 31-34 of 2008 no luck yet really want to do you have any tips where i might find it. esc

  14. I love your shelf with the assorted goodies arrayed. I too am bird mad and I also love cross stitch. And I'd love to come to your house for supper and perhaps check out that cleaned garage. lol



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