Monday, July 31, 2017

A little sewing time...

So I've found a little time to sew and propelled by the ever present guilt (which I'm trying to rein in) I did get the borders on two tops that have been languishing ...

First, the GIANT Tulip quilt ....

I LOVE this quilt!!!  Colorful and in my mind kinda folk arty...The blocks which are a Lori Holt design went together like a dream...but the borders were more of a nightmare... I ended up sewing each border (the little inner one and the big outer one)  on at least twice... with the inner border I had 2 of them on and went searching for the fabric I thought I had set aside which would let me do the other two without having to piece them... couldn't find it... made a pieced inner border...measured, cut, sewed it on... turned around ...moved a pile of stuff... FOUND the saved fabric...ggggrrrrrrr... debated with myself for a half an hour about whether to take off the pieced border and put on the unpieced strips that I had planned... don't want to do it... but realize that the hour or so I spend fixing it is just a nanosecond in the life of this quilt ... however I sew it now, it will be like this FOREVER... so I get out the seam ripper and fix it.

Felt better after I did that and moved on to the yellow outer border... put on the side borders ... and then it hit me that this is a rectangular quilt... those are rectangular blocks... this quilt is going to be longer than it is wide and the skimpy borders I sewed to the side weren't going to make this quilt wide enough for my bed ...(I like them to be a generous size)... luckily I had enough fabric to re-cut the borders and make them wider... finished size 85" wide and 89" long...

I was in a fast and furious text conversation yesterday with my quilty lady friends and was using talk-to- text... I was talking about this quilt but instead of typing "tulip quilt", it typed "toilet quote"... much fun was had with that slip... my older son was listening to this exchange and suggested perhaps I do a quilt with toilets and give it a border of plungers and call it my "Feeling Crappy" quilt... funny stuff but don't think it will happen...

My plans for this quilt is a mock Baptist fan panto in a variegated yellow thread... can't wait to get it to my long arm quilter.

And I got the borders on this quilt... the Double Slice pattern from Missouri can see it here. Very quick and easy to do and I really like it sashed versus block next to block.

This picture isn't the greatest  capture of the color of that grunge... it is a lovely sage-y olive... in the picture I have the scrappy binding I'm going to use pinned around the edges...

This quilt ended up about 73" square...should look lovely draped over the back of the couch in the living room.

So I'm feeling good about getting a couple of things done... I even attacked the Arcade quilt with the wonky sashing... haven't got it done but did get it un-sewn and re- marked. And there are several things I want to start... I got a layer cake of each of the new Lori Holt fabric all brightly colored and the other backgrounds... want to do something in a positive/negative kinda vibe...and I want to play with the Missouri Star Two Step quilt can see it here...and I'd like to get the Fall churn dash quilt I did with Sandy Gervais fabrics finished...and maybe do a new Christmas quilt for my living room wall (love those wonky little improv Christmas trees) and I'd like to have a day with 20 hours of quilting available and still get 8 hours sleep...LOL

I haven't done this linking up  in a while ... here goes... going to link up with Em's Scrapbag... and Small Quilts and Doll Quilts.... and Love Laugh Quilt.

Hope you have a great week... I've got lots of plans ...have to see if they pan out!

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. You have been busy AND productive! Lots of fun projects nearing the finish point. I enjoyed your justification for re-doing the borders. You would never be happy if it already bothers you now.

  2. Congrats on all of that border progress! I feel your pain. I miscalculated, ordered not enough border fabric, reordered, forgot that the quilt gets bigger after each border is added so I STILL didn't have continuous yardage long enough for the outer border... Grr!!! And like you, I decided it was worth reordering a THIRD time because the quilt will be laughing at me for years if I had seams through my solid white borders.

  3. Borders are never fun--which is why I make borderless quilts so often! Love the Tulips one.

  4. Love love love the tulip quilt, much better than a toilet quote.

  5. Love your tulip quilt
    Dont you hate the way spell check changes your words

  6. slow down girl--you are making me dizzy with all those plans and wants and ideas---
    love the 2 quilts that you got the tops finished for--way to go!!!
    enjoy the moments, di

  7. I love your tulip quilt! The yellow border makes it really sparkle. It's a good thing borders are done near the end of completing a quilt... otherwise there would be way fewer quilts made, I think!

  8. Congrats on two fun and colorful flimsies. Love those tulips!

  9. What a beautiful quilt. Carol, you make me think that maybe I should take up quilting again. With all the long arm quilters, I could have the quilting done for me.Who knows!!

  10. Both of your quilts are gorgeous but I just adore the tulip quilt. the colors are so bright and cheerful and I love your fabric choices for the second quilt, especially the placement of the fabric with the trees. Lovely work on both!

  11. Beautiful quilts! I took a quick look at the tutorial for the Double Slice quilt, and I agree with you that the sashing is worth the extra work.

  12. Your scrappy tulips are so yummy!!! Visiting from DWM.

  13. your giant tulip is such a happy quilt!


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