Wednesday, July 12, 2017

When it rains....

When it rains... I sew... and it rained almost all day yesterday. Now I had watched the weather report the night before and I swear the weather guy said it would all be gone by the morning rush... obviously I missed where it stated it would be the morning rush hour in Honolulu... sheesh...

Since I "planned" ahead to sew I made a mental list of what I should work on... I have several tops that just need a bit of time to get them to the finish line and I thought I would work on them... but I didn't WANT to work on them...insert stompy foot... so I didn't ... instead I played with my Lori Holt/American Jane flower blocks and here is how far I got...

The plan is for a quilt big enough for my double bed... 3 rows of 5 flowers each arranged in a zig zaggy fashion. I've picked 5 different patterns from Lori Holt's books and her pattern called Farm Girl Vintage Flower Quilt & can see it here ... to sew up this pattern you also need her Farm Girl Vintage Book as it has the pattern for the leaves and some of the flower heads. I'm using lots of American Jane fabric collections as I love the colorful look of the vintage prints.

These blocks use lots of squares so I'm able to use pre-cuts for a lot of the pieces and I've been able to squeeze in a few little novelty prints...

I love the cat ... I think this was from the Storybook Friends collection and that little chick print makes me happy happy happy!

Vintage toys...

Paper dolls...

So I'm making progress on this quilt... I have all of the leaf units made and all the background cut for those blocks so anytime I get a minute I try to sew one up... only 6 more to go!

And I need 6 more flower is good to see them all together as I can get a better handle on what colors to make the rest of them...  I will say I do like sewing the plainer, easier ones... but the ones that sparkle are the ones with lots of different prints.  I want to get this one wrapped up so I can move back to the big checkboard quilt I want to make using these American Jane prints... the checkboard quilt takes lots of 2.5" squares and most of the blocks in this quilt take 3.5" squares and I don't want to cut out a 2.5" square and then wish I'd saved it to cut bigger for this quilt... I know ...I'm nuts... I know there will be more American Jane collections (there is a new one coming in September) but I just love love love a lot of these older prints...and it has been getting me into trouble on Instagram.

Did you know that people sell "older" fabrics on IG?  They are calling is "de-stashing" and I've been able to snag several pre-cuts from collections that are out of print that somehow I missed getting the first time around. I was able to buy a layer cake of American Jane's Potluck collection... sweet!  And some Basic Grey Curio... and there were a couple of others but I controlled myself...just barely... I saw this meme the other day and laughed out loud...

Lately almost all my shopping is online... fabric, floss, yarn...and then other odds and ends for the house... I'm in love with Amazon Prime and there is a package on my front porch every couple of days with their smile-y logo... and now I discovered I can watch a bunch of my favorite British dramas on Prime... I even found one I loved from waaaaay back... The Duchess of Duke Street... it was the first one I ever saw... it aired back in 1976!!!  and it definitely hooked me on these British period pieces... another distraction for an already chaotic life...LOL

Soooo.... I just re-read what I wrote and I'm not sure how I got from fabric to 1976 British dramas...but I did...LOL...

Well today is making up for the cool rainy yesterday by giving us a 90 degree HAZY HOT and HUMID day... a good day to hunker down with the AC and sew but there are errands that were put
off and an eye exam appointment for my son, so off I go...

Hope your week is progressing nicely and there is some time for you to sew too!

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Down here in the deeper South we call that a 3H day,

  2. Your flowers are looking super. We have the 3 H's here as well. Stay cool!

  3. Another FUN quilt--love the happy, bright colors and patterns.

  4. I love the cheerful flowers, it will be a great quilt.
    Would you mind adding a link back to within your post somewhere? It helps quilters who check out your Design Wall Monday post to be able to link back to my blog and then look at the next design wall. Thanks!

  5. Those fabrics on the flowers are wonderful! I love the vintage feel they have. What a fun quilt this will be, Carol!

  6. You have some pretty cute American Jane fabrics. I fell in love with the Potluck line when it came out. I couldn't stop thinking about it. I finally decided to order some and couldn't find it anywhere. Panic. After lots of searching I managed to find a fat quarter stack and I grabbed it fast. I've made up a top with that line but I'm not in love with it -drat!. My daughter (who doesn't quilt) told me I needed to put blue in the border instead of red. I think she's right.

  7. If you could only find a hay bale motif.

  8. Those flowers are going to make a wonderful quilt!! You make me think I need to get Amazon Prime. There are so many things you just can't get on netflix!!

  9. I like to stay inside and sew on the hot days too. You have been very productive!

  10. Your flowers are looking super. We have the 3 H's here as well. Stay cool!



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