Sunday, December 31, 2017

Where I look back and think ...

hey I was pretty productive!!!   So here's a quick recap of what I did in 2017 on the crafty front... lots of projects completed and a bunch started too... biggest  fail...not as much blogging... only 71 posts including this one versus 87 posts in 2016... Instagram takes less time to post to so that has curtailed my blogging.

Anyway here's what I counted when I went back through my posts for 2017....

I knitted 9 pairs of socks and 2 single socks ... and a sock I said I was going to finish last December is still waiting for  its mate.... hang head in shame... I also knitted 3 shawls and I got all of them blocked... yeah!!

On the quilting front I completed 13 quilts of various sizes from wall quilt to bed 3 of them are waiting in my sewing room for bindings but I'm gonna call them complete as I have the binding made, it just hasn't been applied. 

My favorite quilt I completed last year has to be my Scrappy Happy Tulips using  Lori Holt's tulip pattern and  American Jane fabrics...

And  a close second would be my Grungy Gourds...

And third I'd pick my Wonky Christmas Trees...

which I just realized I never showed it finished on the blog... so there is a bit of new content here. I quilted this one myself ... something I do every couple of years to remind myself that I really don't like to machine quilt my stuff... I can do it... I just don't want to.

I made 3 wreath projects....

Spring-y Summer-y



All of these made me happy!!!

And  the area I was most productive in  this year was cross stitch. I've always loved cross stitch but this year saw an explosion of seasonal projects and smalls so that definitely pumped up my finishes.  By my count I completed 27 separate cross stitch  projects of various sizes. I blame all this production  on discovering Priscilla's blog and her innovative and thrifty finishing ideas ...  I  have never had that many seasonal pieces till this year and I really love including them in my 3 tier tray and decorating around the house. There will be more of this in my future.

As for favorites I would have to chose the Halloween pieces...

Lizzie Kate Tingles...

Prairie Schooler Trick or Treat...

And what I hope is the start of a whole sorority of little prim ladies...

So 2017 was a good year for crafty-ness and I hope 2018 is a good one for both you and me...Happy New Year!!

carol fun


  1. You were very productive—if a sock short, lol! Loved seeing all your happy, scrappy, colorful projects. I’m sure you’ll never stop creating. Hope 2018 is great!

  2. I went back and found I was more productive than I'd remembered (though I didn't include my cross-stitching). LOVE your grunge gourds and I've made a wonky trees wallhanging (just wish I'd made it a tad longer). Your Christmas wreath is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Wow! You have had a very productive crafty year! You have finished so many wonderful projects that I could not pick a favorite. I find those quilts just amazing!! This does not even include all your garden projects. I really enjoy having you for a good cloud friend ,Carol, and I wish you good health and much happiness in 2018!!

  4. 27 cross stitch patterns! OMG. I am super impressed. I would be hard pressed to finish one any more. You had some great quilt finishes, especially loved the Wonky Christmas Trees using your scraps so well. I'd say you were very productive! Congrats and here's hoping 2018 will be even better. I also think you are an overachiever when it comes to knitting too.

  5. I think you were quite productive in 2017. Here is wishing you an equally productive 2018!

  6. So many great projects! I especially love your Halloween and Christmas wreaths! Happy New Year!!

  7. You have had a great year in your craft/sewing room! I love the Christmas tree quilt! Here's to a wonderful 2018!

  8. You had a very productive year..a lot of beauties created!
    Happy New Year!

  9. If you only completed 13 quilts, that in and of itself would be amazing. Love the Scrappy Happy Tulips quilts. But wow, knitting, making wreaths, cross stitching - you knocked it out of the park! (I know you are a baseball fan!)

  10. Wow, such fantastic finishes, Carol! I love the Christmas trees, striped binding is my favorite!

  11. Wow, Carol!! All of your finishes are wonderful!! But . . . where are all your socks?? :-))

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