Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy... Easter/April Fools/Slow Stitching Sunday...

We've really loaded up today with things to celebrate, haven't we?  Hopefully you are having a lovely Easter celebration with NO April Fools jokes and have time to slow down and stitch a bit too. My day is very low key... went out to dinner with my older son and daughter-in-law last evening as they were doing ham at her mom's house today. The four of us will have an Easter celebration next Sunday with our go-to favorite, prime rib. In the mean time, my younger son and I are doing a nice beef stroganoff meal...meat's already done and when we get hungry I'll make some egg noodles and bake 2 ears of corn on the cob...fruit/salad/rolls.... meal complete.

This Peek a Boo Easter Bunny mini quilt is gracing my back door...the one everyone comes into the house through. He is a foundation pieced pattern from Center Street Quilts  and you can see the pattern here on Craftsy. It comes 6" finished  or 12" finished. I made the 12" one and added borders on 3 sides...and the felt eyeball are my addition too. I haven't done any foundation piecing for a while but I do enjoy the precision of it. Now this block took me waaay to long as I dithered about each and every piece of "low volume" background I added...not that my low volumes are very quiet. The yellow dotty fabric was a 1/3 yd cut I got from Joanns (I only know that because it said  so on the selvedge)... it wasn't the quality I'd put in a quilt but for this it was fine and those dots and colors just yelled Easter to me (it's ok ... I only listen to the good voices in my head...LOL)

And this past week  had me doing more running around than I planned...lunch out with a friend...shuttling my son to a volunteer job...and a lunch with his dad...and lunch with a friend...and his other job...and there was shopping for the new porch room... two trips to IKEA in two days.  I got a 3 piece sectional outdoor sofa that fits nicely into the corner of the room and will let me sit and watch the traffic and the world go by. My carpet squares came too...and I think I've figured out how to arrange them with minimal trimming. I hope to get them on the floor this week...and I hope the new blinds arrive too. Once I've got them installed I'll take some pictures. I did sit out on the porch yesterday and stitched a bit. It was a bit chilly still but I did enjoy it. I'm really looking forward to the blinds so I won't feel like I'm sitting in a department store window.

Also this past week had lots and lots and lots of stitching time...listened/watched my beloved Cincinnati Reds lose their first two games of the season. It is touted as a rebuilding year... again... and I suspect there will be more losing than winning... but I'm still a fan.  As for the stitching here is where I'm at with Needle and Thread by Brenda Gervais of With Thy Needle & Thread.

I worked on the leaves and the birds and the other motifs until my CC Queen Bee floss arrived bright and early Thursday morning...and I've been stitching with a vengeance  every since...

I'm loving  the CC Queen Bee on the skirt... I'm stitching it in blobs and blotches to get that splotchy look. However I'm concerned that I may run out of floss. What you see here is just a few plys less than one 5 yard skein... I bought two but I think it is going to be this morning I ordered another skein. I'm not sure  about her hands yet... I substituted GA Apricot Blush for her skin instead of the called for CC Perfect Piecrust... the values may be too similar with Queen Bee...may have to frog the hands ... as there is no way on God's green earth I'd frog all that Queen Bee!!  And I'm even happier this week with the painting of this linen... I am soooooo happy happy happy I won't be stitching all that grass.

Now even though I like the splotchy -ness of her skirt the thought did cross my mind last night that perhaps I should have stitched the skirt in a nice DMC. Hmmm... I know the fancy flosses seem sooo... I don't know... fancy and special...but there is something very comforting about DMC... all that uniform color and the ability to pop out to Joanns or Micheals and pick up another skein or two, easy peasy, does have its advantages.  Perhaps next time I have a piece with a giant amount of solid stitching I will have this thought before rather than while I'm stitching... perhaps...

Well I hope you are having a lovely Sunday... I will be linking up with Kathy's Quilts and then I'll have my feet up and my needle threaded and I'll be Slow Stitching on Sunday...

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. I am looking forward to seeing your porch pictures when you get them taken. You have made good progress on your stitched piece. Your bunny door hanging is sweet. Your meal of beef stroganoff sounds delicious.

  2. Your Peek a Boo Bunny is adorable with the sweetest polka-dotted fabrics. I was wondering about the grass and sky - I like the painting affect.

  3. Your bunny is super cute. And I am loving Queen Bee.

  4. I love the painted linen, perfect for this design!

  5. I like her big blobby dress Carol, but running out of the dye lot is always a concern.

  6. The bunny hanging is adorable and oh so bright and cheerful!
    Your fabric painting was such a good idea...not to have to stitch all that grass, especially with all the stitching involved with the dress. Good thinking!!!

  7. It is a joy to sit in a comfy chair and just stitch away, especially if it's something special. I can fill your glee as you stitch away on the skirt. Too fun!

  8. Love to watch TV and stitch, Your lady is looking good. Hope you have enough thread.


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