Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day and Slow Stitching Sunday where I realize I'm not cut out for certain things...

Happy happy happy Mother's day to all  of you who've nurtured a child... I saw a sign in front of the local Tire Discounters yesterday which said...Happy Mother's  Day, if it was easy Dad would do it... there is some truth to that, isn't there? LOL  Hope you are having a lovely day...mine started with fresh donuts brought to my house by my older son... and while he texted me at the ungodly hour of  7:45 am that he had the donuts, we didn't eat them till I woke up at 9:30...thank goodness I had my phone silenced...well actually I do that almost all the time... I am not an early bird...9:30 was early enough... the donuts were delicious ... I got a coconut one...and then we sat and watched the Formula 1 race from Barcelona... when he lived at home we watched these races every Sunday morning they were on... it was nice to do it again. He and my DIL are coming back with dinner later...carryout from Carraba's favorite. And I am going to spend the rest of the afternoon (after I get this written and posted) sitting in the sunroom/porch and stitching. It is my tradition to start a new project guilt-free on Mother's Day...

And speaking of starting new projects... I realized this week that I am not cut out for Stitch Maynia where you start a bunch of new projects...that Catholic guilt I talked about before is real...and it came back on Monday. Now I only started 2 things...both patriotic which I do want for this year... which is good, but after working on some WIPs that I love I just didn't want to add to the pile. So I spent last week working on my  Lizzie Kate "Things Unseen" sampler...

I got all the flowers in the basket started... I filled in the bird and I stitched the house...made it brighter yellow than the called for Weeks Straw... I used my favorite yellow Crescent Colors Queen Bee and gave the place an olive green door... just like a certain little house that I'm very fond of... There are suppose to be 2 sheep to the left of the house...I'm thinking they may be replaced by two chickens... a bit more personalization. That border still needs work but it is perfect mindless stitching for "watching" videos ...right now I'm hooked  on "Call the Midwife"... I got started on the show about 2 seasons ago so I've never seen the beginning. It popped up on Netflix and I watched season 1  last week. Now I should have gotten more done but between the Midwife and working in the yard several nights I sat down in my chair, threaded my needle and promptly fell to sleep.

In my defense, I cleaned out and refilled 5 big window  boxes and planted them with about 80 wave petunia... I cleaned up the spent hyacinths...and I planted about 110 marigolds. Still need to replace some perennials that don't show signs of returning and get some short zinnias and lantana to edge the bed.  Working outside next week will depend on the weather... we've gone from winter to summer in the blink of an eye... Spring has lasted about 3 days, really it did... already  had upper 80's and today humidity has returned. Forecast for the week is lots of stormy weather and temps pushing 90...sheesh it is still May...not July...

So here is my choice for my traditonal Mother's Day start...Mrs. Maguire Bee Charmer by Pineberry Lane...

I love those GIANT flowers... I'm going to stitch it on this 32 ct linen I painted yesterday...

a soft yellow and some olive green...and now that I look at it I see a chicken in the lower left corner and a seahorse in the upper right...ROFL... I totally didn't try to do that ... oh well at least it isn't as risque as the piece I painted for the Christmas sampler... you can read about that fiasco have to scroll down a bit.  I've brightened up the flosses a bit... while I love the style of primitives I like a little less brown in my pieces.

So I'm off to the sunroom to stitch... I'll link up with Kathy's Quilts and I'm taking my laptop out on the porch too so I can see what everyone else is doing today too...

Happy Mother's Day...and happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. We've had instant summer, as well, in the high 80s. For some weird reason my husband enjoyed Call the Midwife, too. Happy Mother's Day to you, too!

  2. Enjoy your afternoon of sitting in your sunroom with your stitching! You have made good progress on your LK piece. A coconut donut sounds quite delish. Enjoy your Carraba's dinner later!

  3. I see Mrs Maguire has an interesting apron. No more large dresses of just one color!! Enjoy your guilt free start. A78mandel at yahoo dot com

  4. I love Call the Midwife and just finished watching season 7.
    Enjoy your Carabba's dinner and Happy Mother's Day!

  5. I wish I'd known about the tradition to start something new on Mother's Day. Drat! I have the floss, I have the chart, but I don't have the linen. Your yard sounds wonderful. The chicken and seahorse really made me chuckle. Happy Mother's Day to you!

  6. I'm with you Carol - lots of starts all unfinished would just stress me out. Your stained fabric screams SPRING!

  7. What day isn't great that starts with donuts??!! I also love Call the Midwife series. I watched them on Netflix till I caught up. I never join those multiple project stitch alongs. Not good for a one at a time stitcher like me. Right now I am being very brave and interrupted my sampler to stitch 3 tiny patriotic things to go in my bowl. Now that's what I call adventure! I can only imagine how beautiful your yard is looking!

  8. Pretty projects and great idea,Thank you for the tutorial and for sharing !



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