Thursday, February 11, 2016

Thankful on Thursday...

Well it has been quite a week...snow...running around... and bunch of goodies in my mailbox... I have lots to be thankful for...okay maybe not the snow or the running around...but the goodies have been wonderful!  In the order that they have come to my door...first goodies from Moda... I won a giveaway on Moda's Instagram ...Making it Moda...Colorful. Well you had to pick your favorite many of you who know me waaaaaay too well just shouted out "YELLOW"?  Oh you are sooooo correct! As my prize I received these goodies...

Three junior layer cakes from the Simply Colorful collection by V & Co., a layer cake of the newest Grunge fabrics (and oh how I love Grunge!), two charm packs Bella solids and Zen Chic's Modern Background - Ink, a great book by Vanessa Christenson of V & Co. featuring my favorite and the best color in the whole wide world...YELLOW...and a cute tin pin that says Moda that a hint that I'm certifiable?  Don't answer that. I also got another great handwritten card thanking me for my love of Moda. I don't know for sure but I think Carrie Nelson may have written the card...whoever did it I truly appreciate the goodies and the hand written note. The writer has lovely penmanship and hand written notes are to be treasured in this digital age, don't you agree? Thank you Moda for your generous giveaway!

Next delivery brought these goodies...

a beautiful card with another hand written note inside and this adorable, or should that be egg-dorable cross stitched piece!  This will have a place of honor in my Spring decorations The white on khaki color combination is an exact match for my living room!  It was stitched by my cloud friend, Barb from Wicked Stitcher... you can check out her beautiful work here. Thank you so much Barb...such a lovely gift!

And the final delivery which arrived today were these goodies...

a third card with  a handwritten note and the cutest little heart tin filled with what I call Jordan almonds.... the almonds with the pastel hard sugar coating. I have fond memories of these from all the Italian weddings I attended as a child... and I think they are very tasty!  These goodies came from Stasi of Bee-mused and Bee-Stitching... you need to check out her beautiful work here. Stasi use to manage my favorite cross stitch store, Twisted Threads. I was one of many who were very sad to see it close, but we have been able to keep in touch. Thank you Stasi... your thoughtfulness is very appreciated.

So I am one lucky lucky gal... lovely friends and lovely cards and lovely goodies! So very very much to be thankful on this Thursday  or any day of the week!

happy stitching-
carol fun

Monday, February 8, 2016

Making up my mind on Monday....

So today finds my design wall quite crowded with several projects...some old and some new. Now to make up my d*** mind about what to work on first.  Right now I'm just jumping around from project to project... or as my sainted father use to say " you bounce around like a BB in a boxcar"... folksy and true.

What a mish mash... I can't even decide what season to work in. Lets start from the top and see what I can sort out...

This is the most senior project... I started this 2 years ago and according to my blog I had it on my wall in 2014 and 2015. It is from Lori Holt's first book Quilty Fun... you can see it here. These flowers are my version of her Tulip Patch Quilt. My tulips are more squat than hers and all of mine are dotty... they are my hybridized version. When I first started this quilt I was going to make it big enough for my double bed. I have since decided that it doesn't need to be any bigger than the one in Lori's book. When I released this one from its plastic tomb I was happy to see that I had several rows put together and was almost half way done. Then I looked more closely and realized I had made a mistake in the first row of tulips. The spacer I added to the last tulip group on the right hand side is narrower than it should be. I'm pretty sure I fudged to make the rectangles above and below fit which I shouldn't have done. Need to go back and fix the tulip row and then continue on. It would be nice to have this one done for this Spring. Third time I've played with this quilt will hopefully be the charm.

These 3 amigos are Charm Pack Churn Dash blocks done with 2.5" squares which produces an 18" block. You can find the pattern here. There is a group on Instagram doing this one... you can see what they posted here. Each of these blocks was done with a different Fall collection from Sandy Gervais and my favorite butterscotch Grunge is the background. I'm using Charm Packs cut into 2.5" squares to do these blocks and the other six I want to make will use all of the different collections mixed together. I really like these but it will be a while till Fall rolls around again so perhaps they can wait a bit.

And this is the newest project... Friendship Pinwheel from Missouri Star Quilt can see the video here. This pattern was just uploaded last Friday and I was immediately smitten with it. The block is BIG... 18" finished... and I thought it would be a good pattern for a quilt for my younger son. I'm using my stash of Debbie Mumm fabrics and I'm going to put minky on the back. I think he is more excited for the minky back but he does like the stars too. I figure 16 of these with sashing and border will make it big enough for his bed. The pattern is easy but somehow I messed up and my stars are rotating in a different direction from Jenny's ...hmmmm... need to be sure all mine end up in the same direction whatever that will be.

So what to do first... oh I forgot to mention the projects not on the wall that need some attention. I need to put together a back for another quilt for my brother... I want to get the borders on my Double Square Stars...and I want to get the signature blocks from my older son's wedding assembled by their 1st anniversary which is the end of April.  There is certainly no lack of things to be done and hopefully I'll have more time at home this week than last week. They are even calling for some snow...but I can't say I would take their predictions to the bank.

Hope you and I have a productive week...
happy stitching-
carol fun

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The "I need to slow down and stay home" Stitching Sunday...

Oh my goodness... the last week and a half/two weeks or so have involved waaaay too much running around... and I have no one to blame but me as I scheduled too much into too few hours. I am making a concerted effort this week to stay home...except for the meeting I'm going to on Monday morning... and maybe lunch afterwards... and then this needs to stop!

Anyway I did get some stitching time in and it was nice to play with needle and thread. First off I'm just about done with Stu Snowman by Teresa Kogut.

It wasn't until I was giving him a press that I noticed that the letters of the alphabet to the right of his neck spell out his name "STU"...I wonder if he got his name because of the placement of the letters or is this just coincidence... either way I'm very partial to Stu... he's a big boy! He measures over 9" tall on 36 count linen. Now, all that is left to stitch is his feet and about 8 rows of solid white under his feet. I thought he would be a good project to take with me tomorrow when I go to the Queen City Sampler Guild's stitch in meeting. I could talk and stitch without fear of messing up.

And speaking of messing up... here is my newest start...Fragments in Time by Summer House Stitch Worke.

I am stitching this on the same 36 count Edinburgh linen I stitched the Stu on... I really like it... and I'm stitching the 8 little charts as one sampler. You can see how they all look together on Barbara's Facebook page by clicking here. She has provided a complimentary graph for the border which you can see here if you scroll down to the pictures from 2015.

Now on first viewing  the graph  my take was it was a simple repeating pattern which I could stitch while binge watching old episodes of Downton Abbey and crying my eyes out.... why does that happen??? I know who is going to die and yet I still get all weepy...oh well... I do LOVE Downton Abbey. Anyway there is a repeat to the border but there are several places where it deviates needs to pay attention...and I did a pretty good job of it except when I started that colorful vertical dividing band. If you enlarge the picture you can see that I stitched 3 brown stitches between the motifs... there are only suppose to be TWO brown stitches... arghh!!! I thought everything was fine last night when I went to bed but when I picked it up this morning and started to work on the first little chart in that upper right corner I found out what I had done wrong. Frogging will be the first order of stitching today. I take comfort in realizing my mistake before stitched the other vertical bands.

So tonight I shall stitch again while watching more Downton Abbey. I hate to see the series come to an end. I saw a spoiler on a British site the other day but it was a happy ending for one of the characters I love so it was okay. I find Downton to be like a book in that you want to know how things turn out ...but you don't want it to be over. I purchased all the DVDs and I even have this current season sitting on my desk...still  wrapped in cellophane...and I can't bring myself to open it and watch the end...not will come soon enough.

So I'm going to link up with Kathy's Quilts today and Super Mom - No Cape tomorrow and I hope to get back to posting more here on my blog. I've been involved on Facebook and Instagram, for the past couple of days, in  a challenge to post 7 pieces of a day for a week.  You can check then out here and here.

Hope you have a lovely Sunday...
happy stitching-
carol fun

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sliding into Saturday...

Wow... where did last week go???  I caught a cold on Monday, was miserable on Tuesday, but rallied by Wednesday and actually got some cleaning done around the house by Thursday. Friday was spent running errands and well now it is Saturday. I'm having family over tomorrow for dinner to celebrate my brother's birthday.  I'll be prepping lasagna and baked ziti later today but for the moment I can stop and show you how the quilt I made for his present turned out.

The pattern is Charm Box and I WILL be making this one again... and the fabric line was Chic Neutrals by Amy Ellis along with some stuff from my stash.  On a side note.. isn't this railing wonderful?  It is on a small porch on my next door neighbor's house and she said I could use it any time I want to take pictures... love it!

Here's a  close up of the quilting... Terry Finnerty did a great job on it. I put gray minkee on the back to it should be nice and cuddly. My brother informed me that the quilt I made for him 6 years ago has gotten extensive use... like every day for the past 6 years. And he has washed it frequently, so it well loved but well worn, This quilt will replace that one and I want to get another one together so he has a spare. I'm going to let him chose a top from the couple, several, heck, a whole LOT of tops I have waiting to be quilted.

Right now the sun is streaming through my living room windows and the temperature is rising... suppose to hit 50... woo hoo!  Not typical Ohio winter weather... we will pay for this next month I am sure. Big Dude is keeping me company... he's napping right by my chair...

Now my home is filled with quilts and pillows, so where does he rest his head? On a giant ziploc bag filled with yarn... it must be comfy.

hope you are having a great weekend!
happy stitching-
carol fun

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Some seasonal stitching for Sunday...

First a little rant on the weatherr..for all of you digging out from Snowzilla you have my deepest the big snow event that was hyped for a week turned out to be a bust for most of my area. Some places about an hour south of Cincinnati got about 6" but here in the city it wasn't even enough to shovel. My son swept it off the driveway in about 2 minutes... I am not complaining. Saturday was a lovely sunny day, and today is looking the same, and tomorrow there is high of 40 predicted ...yeah... come on Spring!!! I know I'm being totally delusional as we still have February to get through but an mild winter and early Spring would be fine with me.

And with that rambling behind me let me show you the seasonal stitching I've been up to....

isn't he adorable??? His name is Stu Snowman and he was designed by Teresa Kogut. Here's what he'll look like in all his glory.

I found him in a Etsy shop but he's gone now. I wasn't looking for a snowman sampler but when I saw his smiling face and his big old noggin I could not resist. The dime is my picture is to give you some scale idea... his noggin is 2 1/4" wide on 36 count Edinburgh Sand linen. I changed all of the flosses except for the hat. I used what I had in my stash and I'm happy with my choices. Anchor 275 for his body, DMC 422 for the outline, DMC 921 for his nose, and I'm doing the alphabet in Cosmo Seasons 8037 a variegated floss. He'll be 11" tall when complete. Don't tell my older son this but the big guy reminds me a bit of him... sweet ...with a big head... it s family trait.

Now once I stitched the outline this is like coloring book work. No counting and all I have to do is stay inside the lines... lovely stitching to sit inside and enjoy the sunshine streaming through my front picture window. I love this view...

Can't wait for that tree across the street to have leaves again.

And I finished "Instead of Sheep"...yeah!

Now it needs to be taken to the framer...I'll put that on my list of things to do next week. As for today the Dude and I are going to sit and stitch... well I'm gonna stitch and he's gonna do what a Dude does best...


Hope your Sunday has some stitching and some sunshine and some snoozing in it!

carol fun

oh... I'm linking up with Kathy's Quilts today and Super Mom - No Cape on Monday. Go check them out!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Off the needles...

I'm sitting here waiting for the snow to commence... we are suppose to get a couple of inches but so far I've only seen a flake or two. Hey if they are wrong it won't make me unhappy. I don't like driving it it and I'm too old to go sledding, so no snow would be fine.

Now I have been knitting and I have 2 pairs of socks finished... both of these pairs use the same recipe of alternating 2 patterning yarns every row. I LOVE how you have no idea what you are going to get. LOL...this is as dangerous as I get in life... the excitement of unexpected yarn patterning...oh I'm such a thrill seeker! Woo - hoo!

All the yarns used in these pairs comes from Nordic Mart... you can check them out here.  Great yarns, great prices. The first pair used Drops Fabel 340 (turquoise) and  Pix 108 Techno by Universal  and the heels are Drops Fabel 109 (cerise).

This pair used Drops Fabel 330 (purple) and Pix 106 Succulent by Universal  and the heels are Drops Fabel 112 (apple green).

I have plenty of of the Pix yarns left over and I plan on knitting them with a different solid/tonal yarn and they will look completely different. I really enjoy knitting just plain stockinette socks... mindless ...soothing...meditative... and totally doable when you are talking or watching TV. I was always a big fan of self-patterning yarns and knitting with 2 at a time has opened up a whole new world of possibilities. No two socks will ever be alike... I LOVE that!

So I'm off to paw through my stash and see what other combinations I can come up with.

happy knitting... stay warm!

carol fun

Thursday, January 21, 2016

A post purely for my own enjoyment...

Like I said snowed... which is a nice complement to my indoor snowman decor. I've been collecting snowmen since 1990... the year we moved to Modesto California ...and there was no snow...anywhere. I was homesick for Ohio and they made me happy. Now lots of you have seen all this stuff before... although there is something new at the end. And this post is purely for my own enjoyment and information as next year when I drag this stuff out I'll be able to remember what I put where.

Good view of the living room...quilts...tree with snowman ornaments... disembodied snowmen heads..3 tier galvanized tray (more detail on this at the end of the post.

My snowman laden book case...

Love these Jim Shore snow ladies and the Lizzie Kate Winter of my favorite samplers!

Overflow snowman display... ones I didn't find anywhere else to put... looks a bit skimpy...oh goodie I can collect more...LOL!

My FAVORITE piece of furniture in my house... 2 tier table I picked up for $15 at a thrift store in Greensburg, Indiana...I spent 3 times that much for the paint and glaze but I LOVE it. Millions...okay maybe not millions... of beady eyed little snowmen...most from Hallmark. Picked up that vase of tulips at Krogers, they are suppose to bloom yellow and red. Fingers crossed.

And finally the new piece I added ... a 3 tier galvanized tray decorated for winter. I feel in love with this tray on Priscillas blog...check her out here.

I lucked out with the greenery. I hit Micheals and all their Christmas stuff was 80% off. I scored those icy berries and the greenery for pennies...okay, truthfully a few bucks...but I saved like $62 on the purchase...kaching!

So I hope you enjoyed this tour of winter decor. If you didn't that's okay too. I've just saved myself hours of trying to figure out what I put where next year.

Stay warm...
carol fun