Sunday, July 20, 2014

One Finish and Two Starts for Slow Stitching Sunday

I have bounced around from project to project this week - not that it is really any different any week, now that I think of it - but I did find some time to concentrate on a bit of cross stitching.

First I finished BBD Forget-Me-Not. A lovely little piece with such pretty blue flosses.

I thought about starting another one of of the Loose Feathers Abecedarian series, and while I was rummaging through my stash looking at all my choices, this little bit of fabric and a ratty skein of floss fell out of a box.

I also discovered a graph I had printed off of Pinterest eons ago and it was serendipity. There is still a bit to stitch on this one and  I want to finish this as a small. I'm thinking a collection of birds would be lovely.

And while I was looking at all the BBD stash I had I rediscovered this graph. OH how I LOVE this one! Look at that BIG blue house and that mutant bowl of fruit and that  GREAT pumpkin! Simply irresistible!

I got this far on Friday night. I'm thinking that the alternate squares for the roof would look great in a diagonal satin stitch - a nice bit of extra texture.

I like how the shutters have that extra little stitch for the hinge and I can't wait to break out the blue floss. You know I have a weakness for stitching yellow houses but blue house are a close second. Every house I've ever owned up to the one I live in now have been blue to one degree or another. I've had houses with blue shutters and two houses that were ALL blue. One was a little Tudor style house that was painted blue with yellow and red accents when it was purchased. Could have been a cute gingerbread color scheme but it hadn't been a good choice of colors. Eventually it was repainted in a more traditional Tudor color palette which was enthusiastically received by the neighbors. And in California I lived in a stucco house. Most of the houses were painted shades of cream with yellow or peach undertones - very classy. However my house was painted blue and not a pretty shade either - blue to the gray side - yuck. I didn't live there long enough make it worthwhile to repaint it but the next residents did repaint. I'm sure the neighbors were happy about that too.

Well our lovely cool weather is being replaced by the typical hot and humid Midwest summer. It was so nice while it lasted.

Hope you have a great week!
happy stitching-
carol fun

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I got more mail for WIP Wednesday

Happy middle of the week! On Monday I showed the beginning of this quilt and speculated that it needed to be a bit bigger... and today it is! I added two rows to the width and two rows to the length. I like the proportions better this way.

This is from the Post Card QAL on A Quilter's Table blog. You can find the instructions here. It is a super simple sew. I've spent more time folding and re-folding fabric than I have spent sewing. I got all the "fronts" of the postcards cut and arranged and I'm happy with the flow of the color. They are all Kaffe Fasset, Brandon Mably or Philip Jacobs.

I LOVE text fabrics - it goes along with my love of samplers. And some of the postcards talk to me. See the one that says "need"? And the two above it with the script writing and the math equations?

And the one that tells me "sew" and reminds me I need a new "spool" of thread - I told you the fabric talks to me - LOL!!

All I need to do is sew the rows together and this one is off the the long arm quilter. Oh go check this out on Missouri Star's Facebook page - it made me laugh!

I'm linking up with Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday. Lots of eye candy there!

happy stitching-
carol fun

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Stuff around the House

It is a glorious day here in southwestern Ohio. The "Polar Vortex" is paying us a visit and it is sunny and low 70's. Oh it could stay like this for a long long time, but the forecast says just a couple of days. I'm airing out my house and enjoying a lovely breeze.

Well there are a couple of new things here. First, have you noticed that there are new blogs listed on my Blog List? Several of my friends told me that they visit the blogs that are posted on the list but they are always looking for new ones. Now in my Bloglovin'/Feedly/Blogger accounts I follow about 500 blogs on lots of different subjects. I try to keep the ones on the blog to the crafty ones. I've been thinking about updating the list for a while but over the weekend the decision was made for me when I tried to delete on duplicate listing and instead I deleted the entire Blog List - whoosh! poof! GONE GONE GONE!!! arrrrrggggghhhhh!!!! It took me a couple of hours to recreate the list and while I was at it I added some new ones. There are over 200 listed and the latest updates appear at the top of the list. If there is a blog I don't have listed and you'd like to see it on this list let me know and I will add it. I have gotten very adept at adding, deleting is still a problem - LOL!

And then these sandals appeared on my front porch. Aren't they cute? A kinda hippie chick vibe!

I'd been have a bit of heel pain - plantar fasciitis - and knew some Birkenstocks would help. I went shopping online and was considering a navy suede pair when these appeared and I was powerless to resist. You can find them here at Zappos! Oh, they also come in a purple-y paisley. Not trying to enable,just sharing!

I've done a little gardening around the house too. These pots sit on my front porch steps.

I was totally smitten with this purple leaf plant. I think it is called Persian Shield. My future DIL bought one at a local garden center and I popped over and snagged a couple. The marigolds are even more orange in real life than in the picture and the pots have a bit of a Halloween vibe. Fingers crossed that they last that long!

Hope you are having a wonderful day!
happy stitching-
carol fun

Monday, July 14, 2014

Postcards from Kaffe, Brandon, Philip and Mary

Again, another quilt has appeared on my design wall that was no where on my list of things I need to do... I really don't know how this happens..oh yeah, I do know... I saw something shiny and I HAD to make it RIGHT NOW! Look a squirrel! But such a colorful squirrel, don'tcha think?

This is my start on the Postcard QAL I found on the blog A Quilter's Table. You can find the directions here... and the Flickr group is here. Most people are making smaller versions but you know how hard that is for me to do. It took no time at all to put together the postcard blocks. I think I have about a dozen different text prints along with the black/white polka dot divider. In looking at the picture I can see where I need to rearrange a couple of the postcards. All of the prints are from Kaffe Fassett, Brandon Mably and Philip Jacobs - love their stuff!

As I was admiring this on my wall last night it occurred to me that it would be even better if I made it a little bit bigger - add two rows across and two more down. It would be almost square then and I really like square quilts. Hmmm... lets see I would need 22 more of each block. I still have all the Kaffe, Brandon, Philip fabric out on my cutting table...I think it is gonna happen -LOL!

Oh you may be wondering who is the Mary I referred to in the title of this post. Well, it is Mary Engelbreit. I think this is my favorite postcard!

Happy stitching-
carol fun

Friday, July 11, 2014

My philosophy of UFO's

I adhere to my own philosophy that it is vitally important that we all have UFOs- unfinished objects, WIPs - works in progress, Phds - projects half done. I practice what I preach and have many many many UFOs and I no longer feel any guilt about them. Why? Because when I rediscover a UFO and pick up that project again, I am already partially or sometime almost completely finished with it at that moment of rediscovery. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I charge headlong into that bright spot and crash into the oncoming train -ooops - maybe not the metaphor I was going for - LOL! What I mean is I am energized to finish and that energy has been strong the last three weeks where sock knitting was concerned. (Don't ask about the quilt tops or cross stitch - they are in their dormant phase of being UFO's... very important for their development.)

To begin, this pair is done! Yarn is Opal Rendezvous, an old discontinued collection. I love that the stripes are lots of different widths. I wish Opal would make a new collection like this.

Next, you may want to don your sunglasses. This is Regia Fluoromania. You can purchase it here if you have a wish to sear your eyeballs - LOL! I'm planning on getting another colorway of this yarn.

I love this spot where you get the bits of orange all broken up.

And three weeks ago I showed this sock in its unfinished state, another Regia yarn, Kaffe Fassett line using the Carolina pattern which is free here on Ravelry.

So what to knit next? Should I cast on the second sock for that Kaffe one I just finished? Or I could cast on the mate for this one I completed a while ago, Blue Moon Socks that Rock in that same Carolina pattern.

Decisions, decisions, decisions. I know I'll start a new totally different pair of socks like this one!

Isn't this wonderful yarn? It is a new to me yarn Sausalito by Crystal Palace. You can see it here, lots of colorways. This is colorway 8101. It is 80% wool/20% nylon and I like a bit of nylon in my socks. I LOVE how the colors shade in this sock with no abrupt changes. Now it isn't the easiest of yarns to knit with. It has 2 plys, each a different color, which gives it a tweedy look, but they aren't tightly plied together and it gets splitty easily. It annoyed me when I first started knitting it, but after seeing the colors develop I am willing to put up with that bit of nuisance for these results. In fact, I'm so willing to put up with it that I already cast on the 2nd sock and ordered yarn for two more pairs.

So go forth, knit, sew, crochet, quilt - don't feel guilty over the UFOs - their time will come!  LOL - now I'm a preacher. Oh makes me think of a favorite line from a local radio guy Gary Burbank. He did a character called the  Right Reverend Deuteronomy Skaggs who would preach, "Don't make me holler, don't make me shout, turn those pockets inside out!!" and "reach in those jeans, and pull out those greens."  Hey, at least I'm not asking for your money !

Happy knitting-
carol fun

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Batik Paint Chips on WIP Wednesday

I finally got some time in behind my sewing machine and I put together the blocks for my 2nd Paint Chips quilt. I'm loving these batiks!

Again I started with the pattern on the cover of  the Karla Alexander book, Stack, Shuffle and Slide - here it is on Amazon. And again I added lots more piecing, and inserts, and bits and bobs.

This time I even added little pieces to the sashing strips.

Next it needs a narrow plain background border and then I'm going to piece the accent border before finishing it off with a wide background border. My plan is to machine quilt this one myself in a grid pattern that looks like an uneven plaid. I can do it all with my walking foot and that's the kind of machine quilting I do best.

I'm linking up with Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday.

Hope your week is going fine - mine seems to be moving quickly - again!

Happy stitching-

carol fun

Sunday, July 6, 2014

I Forgot about Slow Stitching on Sunday

Holidays are enjoyable but I get totally off track as to what day it is. It feels like I've had three Saturdays in a row which is why it surprised by the fact that today is actually Sunday not Saturday. Sheesh - I am getting old - LOL!

Anyway I did get a bit more stitching done on my BBD Forget Me Not - the alphabet is finished.

However it isn't stitched exactly as the chart call for. See that P - it is down one stitch further than it should be. So just take it out and re-stitch it, right?

Ummm, it was too late for that as I had counted off  and stitched the two rows underneath based on the placement of the P and that was waaaaay more than I was willing to frog. Okay, I thought no problem I can live with it... and I'm going to, but in order to give the birds in the last row a little head room I needed to make the whole sampler one stitch longer. I extended the inner zig zag border by one stitch and then added a row to the bottom of the urn so everything ends up on the same line.

I'm hoping to finish this one up before next Sunday and I'm ruminating about what to do next. I thought about starting some patriotic smalls but the more I thought about it, the more it makes sense to start on Fall/Halloween smalls. I need to go through my stash and see what is there. I'd love to have a little display of smalls and I love Fall decorating so that would be a great match.

Happy stitching-
carol fun