Monday, July 27, 2015

Hey look!!! A Chicken....

Really... among the many projects on my design wall this morning there is a chicken...we'll get to it in a minute. If you've read this blog for any amount of time you know I bounce around like a BB in a boxcar (my sainted Dad's description of me as a child). I haven't changed any.

So at the top of the wall I have the two rows of the Meadow Mist Designs pattern, Looking Glass that I started last week. And below that I have two blocks from a pattern by Coriander Quilts called Floret.

The blocks from the Floret pattern use my stash of Denyse Schmidt fabrics that I have been aging since 2011. There are several collections in these blocks and I like how they have a vintage 50's vibe when combined with a white on white background.

Along with cutting 5" squares for the Floret pattern, I also cut a 2.5" strip from each piece as I'd like to make another 16 patch quilt with these. I recently saw this quilt on Country Threads Chicken Scratch blog made with the new Gardenvale collection by Jen Kingwell and it put me in the mind of some of the Denyse Schmidt fabrics. Since mine have been properly aged and are now "free" fabric I'm feeling virtuous that I'm using fabric I already have to make a quilt, instead of buying a new collection. Oh I am so good... I may dislocate my shoulder patting myself on the back- LOL!

And the chicken... this is from Lori Holt's new book Vintage Farm Girl. On Friday she posted a chicken block with a sawtooth star and I immediately wondered how an Ohio Star would look on the chicken... so I made one.

An Ohio Polka Dot Chicken... I LOVE IT! Which has me bouncing off with an idea for another quilt...there are not enough hours in a day, I tell you.

Hopefully I'll get a lot of sewing time this week. So far there isn't much on my calendar... a dinner with the quilty ladies and a doctor's appointment for my younger son...I hope it stays that way.

happy stitching-
carol fun

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Some Summertime Stitching...

Last week included some of the nicest days we've had all summer... temps in the low 80's and low humidity... it was glorious while it lasted...and I helped me with some summertime stitching.

I finished up this little piece on a scrap of some linen I dyed myself. This is from a recent release by Lizzie Kate called can see them all here. I like all of them and plan to stitch them in due time. This one finishes out to about 3" X 4.5". I have an idea about how to finish it but haven't gotten to it yet.

And finishing up that little piece got me to thinking about another summertime project I had started a long long time ago...I think the last time this saw the light of day was 5 years ago! Glad I remembered it!

This it Magic Garden by Shakespeare's Peddler and you can see it here. Now if you take a moment and look at the sampler in the link you are thinking, huh? First off I stitched this on a linen I dyed myself in shades of yellow and orange. I did that because I changed at least half of the colors in this piece. I love the design and the layout but can't for the life of my figure out why certain motifs were stitched in the colors the designer picked. Those flowers on the left hand side look like daylilies to me, and when I think of daylilies I think shades of yellow and orange... they are charted in GA Onyx...okay I've seen dark purple daylilies but I've never seen any black ones. And the carrot on the right... it is charted in GA Raspberry Frost... which is a tiny bit raspberry and a whole lot beige... which makes it look like a dried out parsnip to me. The slice of what I think is watermelon in the middle was charted in GA Hyacinth...purple...again I didn't get it, so I changed it to pink.

So in thinking about this, the title is Magic Garden, and perhaps the designer had a mythical garden in mind, or a garden at midnight...I don't have a clue. I'm happy with my changes as it is certainly a bright summery garden! I think I've got all my floss changes figured out except for random speckles stitched all over the background. The chart call for GA Hyacinth which look good on the linen in the picture but not for my linen. I need to look in my stash for a nice mottled yellow/orange... something a little lighter than the GA Orange Marmalade I used for the daylilies... or perhaps I selectively cut bits and pieces from the Orange Marmalade and use those. Sheesh... sometimes the decisions take longer than the stitching!

Now I'm off to listen to the baseball game until it is time to work on dinner. The talk today is all about whether our star pitcher Johnny Cueto has been traded or not. Last night the story was he was told 10 minutes before the game he was traded, but the deal fell apart. He went out and pitched a stellar game. At lunch time the story was yes he was traded to the Kansas City Royals...but just a little bit ago the story was NOPE... no deal. I have to say the management of the Cincinnati Reds is looking like a bunch of amateurs. I hate to see Johnny go... before I moved to my little house I lived in the same cul de sac as he lives during the baseball season. He is a nice kid... the same age as my older son and he treats his mother very nicely. He bought the house so his mom could come and cook for him during the baseball season. I'd certainly be willing to do that for my son if he as making $10 million a year, wouldn't you? LOL

I'm linking up with Kathy's Quilts today and Super Mom-No Cape tomorrow.

happy stitching-
carol fun

happy stitching-
carol fun

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Putzing on Pinterest...

I spend too much time on Pinterest... but if there is a 12 step program to help you stop...I don't want to know about it! LOL The other day I was studying researching wasting time on Pinterest and came across this wreath and here's a link to the directions.

It looked so cool and summery and I wanted a new wreath for my front door and it looked easy and quick... so I jumped in. Here's my version...

Now I couldn't find the turquoise striped mini cupcake liners she used but I did find these multi-color mini cupcake liners in the cake decorating department at Wallyworld. Here's close up of how they look flattened out.

Even though you flatten them out there is a lot of the white reverse side that shows and I'm not sure I like that but I went with it. I added the orange butterflies for some interest.

Now for my caveat on this project... it wasn't too expensive as I already had a Styrofoam wreath and some ribbon. The cupcake liners cost about $1.75 for 100 and I used somewhere between 200 - 250. The pins weren't expensive either until I ran into problems. It takes a while to flatten the liners and pin them into a Styrofoam wreath...I first covered my wreath with some orange ribbon I had on hand. However my choice of straight pins was not ideal. I  picked up some inexpensive short applique pins at Wallyworld thinking I didn't want to go all the way through the wreath. Hmmmm... not good. Not enough length in the pin to get a good bite of the wreath and the small heads sometimes just went through the liner leaving a hole as the liner fluttered to the floor...grrrrrr! So I got more pins, cheap ones with a bigger longer length and large glass/plastic heads and ended up repinning the entire wreath, which effectively made the whole project take twice as long... and therefore while interesting and fairly inexpensive,  it was not a fast project. Live and learn from my mistakes...if I ever make another one I'll just buy pins with the bigger heads the first time around.

I'm not sure how this would hold up to a lot of weather. My wreath hangs on my door behind my storm door on my front porch which is pretty sheltered. I wonder if eventually the humidity may cause the liners to get a bit limp but so far so good.

So go and spent some time studying researching wasting time on Pinterest. I'm sure you'll find some fun stuff. If you want you can always look at my boards... here's a link to the stuff I've collected.

happy stitching and crafting!
carol fun

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A new shiny thing...

So, I said I was going to machine quilt the table runner I showed on Monday...ummm... not yet... something else shiny caught my attention and off I went in another direction. I recently purchased this pattern, Looking Glass from Meadow Mist Designs. You can see her patterns here.

And I was up at Fabric Shack on Tuesday and acquired a layer cake of the adorable collection by Ingrid Slyder called Forest Friends. One new pattern plus one new layer cake equals one new quilt started!

I quickly got 2 of the 5 rows on my design wall but had to stop to get dinner together and then I worked in the yard for a while. I'll get back to this tomorrow. In the meantime take a look at these adorable forest creatures...

aren't those the cutest little red foxes you've ever seen?

Even the bear and the skunk seem charming...LOL!   And I love the background fabric with the polka dots. This is the second quilt I've made that I've used grey fabric which comes as a surprise to me as I've always thought that gray was boring. I'm rethinking that opinion... its not is a nice supporting color for other colors!

I'm linking up with Freshly Pieced today... check out what everyone else is working on... so many quilts I want to make!

happy stitching-
carol fun

Monday, July 20, 2015

Bird brained...

Okay, after finishing my Go 4 It quilt and my Bar Code quilt, I was making a very concerted effort to keep myself from starting another quilt with a bajillion little pieces. Sooooooo... I started a table runner... it only needed to by 13" wide and 31"long... and somehow I ended up with this...

which only had a million little pieces instead of a bajillion...LOL! Yes, yes...this is a bit of hyperbole.  I used the block called Crops from Lori Holt's book Farm Girl Vintage as my starting point. I ended up making it as long rows instead of individual blocks but that didn't eliminate using little bitty 1" square connector corners...about 80 of them. I could have done the 12" version and that would have been about half the work but I like the way the smaller leaves look and it allowed me to cut a ton of different greens. Hmmm...somehow I still ended up back at a bajillion pieces.

As far as being bird brained, well that's a reference to my mental state and  to this background fabric.

It is from the Basic Grey collection called Persimmon and I couldn't resist buying several yards when it first came out. Glad I did because when I did a Google search I didn't find a lot of it out there. I want to get this table runner quilted today. I have plans for a cute vignette on my little yellow chest featuring this runner topped with several other bird elements. I LOVE all kind of birds...robins, sparrows, finches, cardinals and chickens!

The weather guy is teasing me with better weather for the end of the week... after a few more torrential downpours and 90 degree temperatures like we had this weekend. Sheesh! It is like living in a sauna. Thank goodness for central air conditioning.

Happy stitching-
carol fun

Friday, July 17, 2015

Its 90 degrees in the shade...

so lets talk about wool socks!  I know that makes no sense at all but since I knit socks all year round and I have a finished pair to show I want to talk about them.

This is the pair I knit with Opal yarn called Bootsfahrt... boots fart...LOL... ok I know it means boat trip in German but come on who doesn't love a good fart joke? Nice colors and nice yarn to knit with...easy care... toss into the washer and the dryer and wears like iron... gotta love it.

And then there is this lonely sock in the missing man formation...

This is Blue Moon Socks that Rock in the colorway A Room without a Roof... like from the Pharrell song "Happy"... it makes me happy! Now I know I could the popular fish lips heel and it would keep those stripes uninterrupted but then I wouldn't get that wonderful pooling around the ankle...that's what makes me really really HAPPY!! I wish the whole sock would pool. So many people do everything they can to keep the yarn from pooling and I would do everything I could to make it pool if I knew any tricks.

I've gushed over Blue Moon Yarn before and my love affair continues unabated, and today as I was putting this post together I saw that they had their Rare Gems listed for sale. oooooohhhhhh... I've always wanted some to this yarn and thought you only could snag it at a yarn since this rare opportunity presented itself to me, I ordered some. And now that I know my order has been safely placed I will graciously share this info with you... aren't I wonderful? You can click here to see what I'm talking about.   Ok ok ... wonderful with a side order of snarky and selfish, but where Blue Moon yarn in concerned I can't help myself.

And since I always have a complaint about the weather I'm want to share that my whining about all the dreary, rainy days had some validity. In the past 30 days Cincinnati has had over 10 inches of rain...the most rainfall in 144 years over that 30 day span. Local news story here.  No wonder there is mold on the bottom of my trash cans. Mother Nature is now balancing that out with temperatures in the upper 90's the next couple of days giving me more weather to fret about... I think this is a sign of getting old and crabby... I think I'll do well in those categories...LOL!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

happy stitching and knitting!
carol fun

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sudoku in the checkout lane...

Well it certainly took me longer to get to the checkout with my Bar Code quilt than I anticipated. Turns out I had cut and sewn several of the low volume strips the wrong width, and I had to take them out, and trim them down, and then sew them back it...sheesh. It was like standing in the express checkout line behind someone with 99 items in their took FOREVER!

Finally finished...yeah!!! Now along with dealing with the wrong width strips, as I was sewing the rows together I kept seeing patterns I didn't like. It ended up being a big Sudoku... I didn't want the same color to appear in the same row either horizontally or vertically. I kept moving a block here, a block there... no now there are two pinks in the same that puts two greens in the same column... wait a minute if I switch the blue block with the black block... no that doesn't work either...arghh!! In the end the best I could do was that the same color does not appear in any horizontal row, and the same color only appears in one vertical row. At least I think that's what I have... and I can't do Sudoku worth a darn.  Perhaps I could have gotten it to work if I hadn't come to this realization before I had 4 of the 6 rows sewn together and I refused to unsew anything.  I'm anal, OCD, neurotic, ADHD and stubborn...I'm a great big package of crazy all tied up in a colorful binding...LOL!

And speaking of colorful, check out this fabric I found for the binding..

It is a Benartex KANVAS fabric from Maria Kalinowski. Isn't this fabulous? I bought the last 2 yds on the bolt from Sew-A-Lot in Centerville Ohio. This is a binding I know will  find its way onto lots of my quilts.

Here's an idea of how it will look on the finished quilt...

Now to get the back made and send this off to the my long arm gal, Terry.

I'm linking up with Freshly Pieced today.

happy stitching-
carol fun