Monday, April 29, 2013

A Hat Trick and An Hourglass on Design Wall Monday

All in all I did get a lot done this last week. I was determined to get things sewn together and not just take the blocks off the design wall and put them in a ziploc bag where I knew they would languish for a long long time. I kept telling myself that if I got these two tops done I could play with my Kaffe fabrics with no guilt. And hopefully that will happen later this week.

PB&J Hat Trick

Okay this is my entry for the Vintage Schnibble parade. It is Hat Trick pattern and I used the Basic Grey PB&J collection from Moda. Now mine is square instead of the rectangle the pattern called for, but I always prefer square quilts, no matter what the size.

I love all the patterns in this collection and the colors. I used a brighter yellow Grunge fabric than the one in the collection and I think it coordinates well.

This border print is what really hooked me. I LOVE any fabric that has the alphabet on it. For me it combines two things I love - samplers and quilts. A perfect combination.

After dinner last night I got my butt in gear and got the border on my Hourglass quilt. This is the pattern on the cover of Kim Brackett's new book Scrap Basket Beauties.

I ended up using an olive Grunge for that inner border and the cornerstones, instead of the rust one I originally picked. The top measures about 74" square. I love how it ended up having a bit of an I Spy quality.

There is a bunny or two...

And a pink squirrel too!

And I love the birds and the little mushrooms that are in the border! Notice this quilt also features a border fabric with an alphabet. I told you I couldn't resist them - LOL!

So I should be able to sew with the Kaffe fabrics totally guilt free this week....if I actually have some sewing time.  College classes are over for this semester for my youngest son so I'm freed up from that schedule, but we are starting his "vacation" time off with an early morning appointment at the doctor, then breakfast, a trip to drop off his laptop to get rid of the virus it picked up, a noon appointment with a contractor and some grocery shopping and laundry. And Tuesday is looking just as busy. I'm looking forward to maybe Wednesday or Thursday being a free day for me. After I get my hair cut and drop off a load of quilts for a quilt show and take a top or two to get quilted.  Arrghh..... the days just fill up so fast.

Happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. They DO fill up fast, but I hope, hope, hope you find some time to play with your KF fabrics because I KNOW you're going to turn them into something magical!
    I love those grunge fabrics too. I think I need bolts of them.I really like how you incorporate the alphabets into the borders.
    Here's to some sewing time for both of us this week, but kudos to your son for finishing out another semester. Me thinks some vacation time is a good idea.

  2. The hourglass "butterflies" have come up on several blogs. They are really intriguing. I made Hat Trick several years ago in an effort to use up 3" 9-patches...maybe it's time to try it again. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. I make myself do the same thing--sometimes--I make myself finish a project or two before I can play with the new fabric!!!
    love all your projects--even those orange and green socks!!
    I have not been doing alot of stitching--mostly knitting--as I have been cleaning and moving furniture around!!!
    and I do know what you mean about 'all' those other things that seem to come up--that must be done--to take away or slow us down in our stitching time--hang in there!!!
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  4. Yellow background would not be my first choice but this really works on both of those quilts.

    I just love all of Carrie Nelson's patterns. She was scrappy before it was popular. I have had a few classes with her and she is such a joy to work with.

  5. I don't know how you get so much done every time you post. I think that Alphabet fabric is absolutely perfect!

  6. Love your alphabet borders! Keep up the good work. Someday you'll find time to get in more stitching.

  7. Both quilt are great. My favorite is the first one. And I love that alphabet fabric as well.

  8. You are just amazing!! Cross stitch, knitting, and quilting!!!!

  9. Love the fabrics you used for Kim's hourglass quilt. How fun!!!

  10. Both quilts are wonderful. I hope you find lots of time to play with Kaffe :0)


  11. Terrific Hat Trick! I love alphabet fabrics, too, and it's a good idea to make it a square--easier to use that way!

    Your quilt really turned out lovely. Bravo!

    Elizabeth E.

  12. Both quilts are terrific! I love that PB&J collection - and anything from one of Kim's books is going to be a winner, especially with your fabric choices. Good job! :)

  13. Eye candy!!!! Someday you must take a pic of all of your quilts together in a stack!


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