Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Lizzie Kate Sunday...

I am quite enamoured with Lizzie Kate designs at the moment. I do love their distinctive style. I think they are my second favorite designer after Blackbird Designs, which are on a mountain top for me - LOL!

I just picked up this piece from Bev, my framer at Joanns, and I am sooooo pleased with how it came out.

The piece is Promise Me... you can see it here... and I made this for my younger son. I think most of you know he has Aspergers, high functioning autism, so I thought this piece would give him a bit of encouragement. We are hanging it in his room where he will see it every day. He was very pleased that I would stitch this for him, which melts my heart. Of course I would love to stitch things for my boys, but as boys there has never been much call for it before now. They acknowledge my samplers but don't really get my obsession... and that is okay by me.

I had a hard time picking a frame for this but I'm very happy with this choice. I didn't want it to be too frou frou. His room is done in tan with black and red accents so this fit well...kinda black, kinda brown and a hint of gold.

I used the called for flosses and linen except for a couple of changes. I made the bird bluer... I think I used GA Blue Jay. And I made the flowers and hearts more rose red than the pink they suggested. Trying to tone down any girly-ness.

And on the stitching front I did get a little more done on my Lizzie Kate Things Unseen Mystery Sampler. You can see the whole thing here.

Excuse the wrinkles, I'm too lazy to go downstairs and press it, only to bring it back up and wrinkle it all up again! I did have to frog and re-stitch the word "cannot" as I had done it in the wrong color floss. And I did some more on the border, which is mindless but boy there is a lot of it. I didn't get as much stitching time in last week as I went out to dinner twice and I worked on invitations for my older son's upcoming wedding. They are coming along nicely. I hope to have them ready to go in a week or two. The wedding is the end of April, so I'll be ahead of schedule. Then I need to switch gears and work on table runners for the reception and signature squares for a wedding quilt. Instead of a guestbook they are going to have the guests leave them a message on the signature blocks and after the festivities I will assemble them into a quilt. The colors are turquoise and orange, very pretty. I'll show them when I get a bunch done.

So, I'm hoping to cross stitch a little tonight while I watch Downton Abbey and the new series Grantchester. I enjoyed both of them last week. And who know what tomorrow will bring. I heard that the Northeast is going to get hit with a lot of snow. Here in southwest Ohio they are predicting an inch or two. Wish all of us could forgo the snow, but it is winter. Stay warm!

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happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. What a lovely gift for your son! Very wise words for our children to remember. Enjoy your stitching today - I'll be watching Downton with you!

  2. Your newly framed cross stitch project is very nice. I like it a lot. Very nice gift to your son.

  3. Looks great and I love the saying! Perfect for your son.

  4. Love the quotes and the little bird just adds to the sweetness.

  5. I love the words on the project you just finished for your son. The frame is just right.

  6. Love your cross stitching....

  7. Great stitching Carol! I am on a L*K tear at the moment. I really need to take photos and blog. They are great to stitch on when time is short. Can't wait to see the wedding quilt come to fruitation. It's an awesome idea!!

  8. Such a special gift for your son - one I'm sure he'll always treasure.

    Love your Lizzie Kate WIP - the fabric you chose is gorgeous.

    I don't always have the time I'd like to have to do the things I love to do. It's always there when I'm ready and that in itself is comforting!


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