Monday, March 9, 2015

Design Wall Monday... I made a block!

Well, I had some time to sew this weekend and I made one single solitary block. Here it is...

This block is the result of this fat quarter bundle I got here at Stash Fabrics.

These are prints from Anna Marie Horner and I've never bought any of her designs before; but this fabric talked to me and put words into my head like bohemian and gypsy and hippie and Woodstock and... well you get the idea, I'm was having a 70's flashback.  I HAD to have these fabrics. (And  yes I do remember the 70's - LOL!)   I thought about how to use them and figured a simple block would be the best way to show them off.  Oh, I also added some additional AMH fabrics from Fabric. com as  more is always better. You can see them here. 

Now,  don't feel sorry for me that I only got one block sewn this weekend because it was one GREAT BIG BLOCK!

This block is from the tutorial for the Giant Vintage Star quilt by  Jeni Baker of In Color Order and you can find all the info to make one here.  Mine measures around 66" at this point. I want to add some more of that ochre fabric to float the star and then maybe add a randomly pieced border so it will fit on my bed.

I am particularly happy with how well my points came together in the middle. Sewing with 17" cut blocks can be fiddly. I pressed all my seams open and I think that helped a lot. Also my fabric hasn't been washed so it is stiffer. If I was using pre-washed fabrics I would spray starch the blocks.

These are some of my favorite pieces... I LOVE that giant echinacea. May have to buy more of that. I got it at

And that large scale floral in the bottom triangle puts me in the mind of lilies of the valley.

Now if you make one of these Giant Vintage Stars I have a couple of suggestions. First buy more than 2 yards of background.  I just had enough  and my yardage was 2" over 2 yards. If your fabric is cut wonky at one end you are going to have a hard time. Second, if you are using 16 fabrics and only need a HST of each print I found it was easier to cut using a freezer paper template. Here I have it ironed to a fat quarter and then I took it too my cutting table and used my 24" long ruler to cut it out.

Using a freezer paper template is helpful when you have a fabric with a stripe or a large pattern that you want to keep fairly straight. You can reuse the template over and over, just be careful when you are cutting that you don't shave off the edges.  You do have the back up that you will be trimming the blocks  before assembly, so if you are a little off you still have another chance to get it square.

I also realized this is the third time I've made this quilt.  The first time I made it was in 2012 and I used fabrics that reminded me of vintage sheets.

The second time I made it was in 2013 and I used flannels. It was a birthday present for my brother.

 And while the third time is said to be a charm, somehow I don't think this will be the last time I will make this pattern.

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. That is one huge star! But what a great way to show off your lovely fabrics. It looks great against that gorgeous yellow background too.

  2. Love how deceiving that first picture is. That is a big block for sure!

  3. That is a great way to use a collection of fabrics--thanks for the hints. Very pretty!

  4. I am so impressed the way your points came together. Having quilted in the past, I know how difficult that can be. You have another wonderful cheerful quilt!!

  5. You do beautiful work :-) My daughter just got her first sewing machine. It is my hope that one day she will make something... anything lol
    big hugs,

  6. Oh, Carol that is a great block!! And you sure took me down memory lane with all that 1970s talk!! LOL!!

  7. ooooh I love those fabrics, and Yes I do remember the 70's! They were fun and so are your fabric choices! cheers.

  8. It's a great pattern and those fabrics work perfectly for it.

  9. Beautiful job! This one is on my list to do one day! What a scrap buster it is!


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