Sunday, March 8, 2015

Now here is something novel...

I actually have some crafty content for my blog... how novel is that? LOL! I've been working on my BAP for 2015, the Band Sampler from Cross Stitch It... you can see it here in its entirety. So far I've received the charts for January, February and March... and this is January and February.

Okay technically February isn't complete yet as I still have another alphabet to stitch between that big A and Z.  My strategy for this one is to add a letter here and there when I have a bit of thread left over after doing another motif. That alphabet is charted for 12 different colors of thread, and I like that variety but I didn't want to think that hard and come up with 12 choices all at once. This way I can add lots of colors as I go.

So far I've used 20 different colors in this piece... all from my stash... aren't I virtuous? I think as this progress I will have to buy some flosses as there are several wide bands that use only one color and I don't want to run out. I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

I do love that giant A and Z... I stitched them in one of my favorite flosses... Gentle Arts Queen Bee... and I did big smyrna crosses. Love that bump!

What I've stitched so far measures a tiny bit over 6" deep and I figure I've got about 34" to go. Like I said it is a BAP. I'm already scoping out places in my house where I can hang this.  And yes I am being totally unrealistic in thinking I'll get this done by the end of the year... but one can always dream!

Another Spring-y day here... I saw my grass... it is brown... but it s grass... and that is good. This is my least favorite weekend of the year, the Spring forward time change. I HATE IT!!!  Just pick one and leave it alone.  I did see this on the internet...

Absolutely, this was my plan! LOL!

I'm linking up with Kathy's Quilts Slow Stitching Sunday... you can check it out here.

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Yea....I had to drop the whole gym thing this morning, too. Wonder what I'll use for an excuse tomorrow? I'm always impressed with your cross stitch work. You get an awful lot done....and fairly quickly. Hang in there Carol, Spring is coming!

  2. Beautiful colors Carol. It was nice out here grass is brown too.

  3. Your cross-stitch piece is pretty. I really like the Smyrna crosses.

  4. Very pretty stitchery! My husband skipped the gym today too :). We took our daughters and grandson out to breakfast instead. :(

  5. The band sampler is just beautiful!! I guess you had the same idea I had- too bad gym!

  6. I am bummed about the lost hour and I did sacrifice my exercise. :0)

  7. You are doing a wonderful job and I like your rationale about how to stitch those in between letters. Love your cute sign at the end of your post.I Feel the same way.

  8. Gorgeous progress on this piece. I am really enjoying watching!

  9. You are amazing with your cross stitch work, carol. As usual. I envy your talent.

  10. I love your work...whatever you are working on always makes me smile. Thanks for sharing.


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