Monday, November 16, 2015

Avant Garden Vintage Stars...

Okay, I thought I had scheduled this to post earlier today but obviously my chubby little fingers poked the wrong keys. Oh well... today I have my Avant Garden Vintage Star quilt top made from one layer cake with the addition of some background fabric.

This quilt is an extension of my obsession with Jeni Baker's Giant Vintage Star quilt (you can see her tutorial here). I've made 5 Giant Vintage Stars which you can see in this post...but I haven't got it out of my system. I wondered how large a quilt I could make if I sewed up the stars using a layer cake...and the answer is you can make 36" stars, sashed with 4" strips and the top measures 76" square. I'm going to add an outside border of 4" strips to float the stars,  boosting it to 84" square which should fit nicely on my double bed. Now the little star in the center could be made with the scraps left over from using the layer cake...however I wasn't thrilled with the fabrics I had left from the layer cake... so I used scraps that I had from another quilt I made using this same fabric line.

Isn't it cute? The polka dots and that floral print are too cute.

I used 8 different fabrics in each of these 36" stars.

When I make this quilt again...and I will... I plan to make the stars a bit smaller and have them finish about 32". Then I could float them with some sashing and add a nice sized border. I wanted to add a border to this one but to get the scale correct it would have made an enormous quilt. I'll have to settle for a nice dark binding to finish this one off.

This giant vintage star idea is a lot of fun. One star made from a layer cake (a 10" square) would make a lovely baby quilt. I love the graphic quality of these giant stars...I mean you can't go wrong with stars now can you?

At the moment my week doesn't look too busy...oh I like that... hope to have some sewing and stitching and some knitting time. Hope you have some quality crafty time in your week too!

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Love the scrappy goodness! I'm with you on getting as many prints as possible--and these all coordinate so well. Nice !

  2. Love these stars! YOu're right! You can't go wrong with stars.

  3. Beautiful stars! It would be fun to have a tour of your home and see all the wonderful ways you use these quilts!


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