Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Finally getting around to making a post...

So.... I went to my quilt guild meeting on Monday night and a couple of friends asked when I was going to update my blog... and then another friend called and asked the same thing... so I've been sufficiently poked and prodded and I'm putting up some a new post... hope you are proud of me... I certainly am...LOL!

I've made four more of the blocks from the pattern Flower Basket by Live.Love.Sew... you can find the pattern here.

I'm having fun with these as I've used several of these prints in quilts and waaay back when I sewed clothes I made dresses from some of these fabrics.  Here are some close ups...

Little lavender flowers...



Geraniums... I made a dress with this fabric and I think it is still languishing
 in the back of my closet.

And here are this week's production with last week's production... halfway there!

Big Dude was carrying out his inspection duties and was not to be hurried... this is going to be a pretty quilt... I have to find another tone on tone white for the sashing strips and then I'm going to make the corner stones each from a different floral fabric.  That would put 41 different floral fabrics into this quilt...sweet!  So far all of these fabrics are Hoffman (at least I think they are)  but I may stray from this manufacturer as there are some other prints in my stash that I'd like to use too. And I have a Moda or two  that would be lovely additions... so much pretty fabric... I am blessed. The only issue I'm having with this quilt is that it does take a good size chunk of fabric, after all they are BIG blocks - 16" finished. At lot of my stash of these florals are bits and pieces and twice now I've cut out a block only to be short one 4.5" square... darn it!

Well it is already Wednesday and I don't know where the time goes to...I've gotten some outdoor jobs done. Cleaned off my patio and spray painted several flower boxes. I've planted 3 small flower boxes and I'm awaiting the arrival of  a large flower box to be installed below my living room window. My handyman suggested last Fall that flower boxes on the side of my house would be a nice addition to the one on  the front of my house. My house sits on a corner so I sort of have 2 front yards. I think the addition of 3 more window boxes will be dynamite. I'll take some before and after pictures. I'm hoping he can install them in about 2 weeks. I've already decided what to plant in them... pink and white wave petunias with either sweet potato vine or creeping jenny as accents...simple but I'm hoping it will look wonderful.

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. These blocks are fabulous! Can't wait to see them with the sashing. How rotten to fall 4.5" short--twice! Glad you did not loose motivation from it.

    Your outdoor happenings and plans sound FABULOUS; I am really looking forward to hearing/seeing more.

  2. I think the window boxes will be beautiful with those flowers. Quilt squares are so pretty.


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