Saturday, May 14, 2016

Where does the week go????

I start every week thinking I've got so much time to get things done... and then whoosh... the week is over. I've worked a little on knitting, a little on cards, a little on sewing and a pretty good chunk of time on cross stitch which I'll show tomorrow...promise!

But right now I want to show my latest knitting finish... another pair of ragrug socks that has a definite Frankensock vibe... I'll explain what I mean after you look at them...

I knit these alternating Drops Fabel 162 and deep turquoise yarn with Wisdom Yarns Pix in Citrus Slide... you can see them here and here.  I love how the different stripe sequences played out and I got chunks of striped patterns which give these socks the look of scrappy Frankensocks.   I am currently totally besotted with knitting scrappy socks. I started a Pinterest board called Frankensocks which you can see here...  and lots of inspiration from Instagram which you can see here and here.  You don't have to be on Instagram to look at the pretty pictures... just type in a hashtag like #sockknitting and be prepared to lose an hour or two or three... LOL!

Now it is the middle of May and one would think that sock wearing weather is over but one would be wrong... very very wrong... it is only 48 degrees as I type this and I am cold...and to add to the ambience it is gray and rainy... ugh...

On the other hand yesterday was be-youuuu-ti-ful and I potted up a pyramid of petunias...

Six different varieties of Proven Winners petunias in 6 different ceramic pots... from the top we have Honey, on the middle shelf left to right we have Holy Moly and Violet Star Charm, and on the bottom shelf again left to right we have Picasso in  Blue, Lemon Slice and Pink Star Charm.  You can click on any of the names and see bigger pictures of these pretty posies. I LOVE petunias and this is a way I can indulge in lots of different varieties.  At the moment my favs are Lemon Slice and Holy Moly...what a great name for a petunia! These are all new to the big box kinda garden centers this year... last year I think all of these were only available at nurseries... do you remember driving all over hell's half acre looking for Lemon Slice petunias??? I got all of these at my local Meijer's  store in Loveland.  They had  more varieties and I might go back and get a few more. I find them as irresistible as a skein of sock yarn or a fat quarter.

Well I hope the weather is nicer in your neck of the woods... I'm staying indoors today... got some sewing to do... and some more knitting...

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Always love your crazy socks and the petunias are lovely. Neat pyramid display piece!
    Been a weird day here--sunny, rainy, sunny, rainy, windy and chillier than expected. I'm ready for spring... just not summer!!!

  2. I know exactly what you mean about the day and week just flying by. Your socks are so cute!! Can't wait to start mine, which was going to be this weekend. I thought my last red sock would be done this week, but I got too much in a hurry and made a major mistake and now am waiting for a friend to return from vacation to rip me back and get my stitches on the right needles. Love your petunia display. I have not seen those cute names before. I too love petunias and my hummers do to.

  3. Your petunias are so pretty. I haven't seen a few of the colors you mentioned. I will have to look harder. Our deck is pretty well planted so now my attention goes to my garden. As usual, I love the socks. I could use them here today. The same weather gods must be looking at us. Yesterday, in the 80's, today low 60's and rain. However, we really do need the rain so I'm not complaining. Have a terrific Sunday!!

  4. Neat socks! I feel like that about pansies. :D We are pretty cold here presently in the low 30's. Yesterday for my son's graduation we had snow flurries.

  5. Love your socks. I have begun using up leftover sock yarn and knitting what I call leftover socks. I only have done one pair but there will be others as I think they are fun.


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