Monday, August 15, 2016

A feeble attempt to feel cooler...

I am so tired of hot humid weather... my naturally curly hair is a giant frizz ball... my petunias have bolted and look scraggly...and while the rain today has brought the temperature down it just took the humidity higher...ugh.... so in a feeble attempt  to feel cooler I got out these Fall-ish blocks which last saw the light of day back in February.

The blocks are Charm Pack Churn Dash and you can see the pattern here.  When I started these blocks I thought I would make 9 of them and make a bed sized quilt... as you can see I have reconsidered that plan and I am going to settle for 5 blocks.  I always like setting blocks on point because they grow (I know that this isn't actually true but it seems that way to me,. so don't feel the need to set me straight...ohhhh...bad pun... I am happy with my delusions...LOL)  The blocks finish around 18" square... mine a tad smaller. I will say if you make this pattern you need to use a scant 1/4" seam to come out close to 18". I did use a scant 1/4" but I'm still a bit small... its ok ...they are big enough for me.

All the fabrics are from various Sandy Gervais Fall collections... she does wonderful Fall collections and they all go with each other... it reminds me of the hey day of Debbie Mumm fabrics (I LOVE Debbie Mumm fabrics)... the collections all went together until she did that pastel collection.... NOT one of my favorites. Anyway, where was I headed with that thought....oh it is nice that the old collections meld nicely with the new stuff.

The sashing and the cornerstones are from Sandy's current collection call Beauty Fall... which you can see here.  I really love that diagonal plaid and the cornerstones are dotty... if you click on the picture you can see it better.

I choice this larger scale print for my border  which I picked up last week at my favorite quilt shop Fabric Shack. And if you are a fan of Fabric Shack there is news that they are opening an annex in addition to their main store, both in Waynesville. I don't know all the details but more square footage should mean more fabric and how can that be a bad thing! Okay... it may be a bad thing for my budget but it sure makes me happy!

Well I like the look of this on my design wall, which is a good thing, as  it may end up staying like that for a while. This week is super busy with lots of running around... and why is it whenever I have a week like that all I really want to do is stay home?

Hope your week runs smoothly and you get to do what you want to do!
happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. FYI, so far I have done two Pantographs. Practiced on Quilts of Valor. The second one was definitely better than the first. I'll keep practicing, hoping to get to the point where I'm happy with the result soon!

  2. I sure miss the Fabric Shack. I could always find what I needed.....and feed the fabric monster there!!!! Hopefully I'll be back to visit in 2017!

  3. I'm with you on all points -- heat, humidity, on-point. Did you know that blocks are half again as big on point as straight? Yep, round up 1.414 to 1.5 times the block size. Granted, that's just an estimate but it helps me figure how big my quilt will be. I was in the vicinity of Fabric shack two weeks ago and had to struggle to keep my car headed to its intended destination!

  4. Not only do the blocks get bigger but in my opinion they start to bounce and twinkle and can turn a static quilt quite lovely with movement. I do not know how many blaugh quilt layouts are saved by putting the block on point!

  5. That is going to be a lovely quilt to use this Fall. Our weather is warm but not yet unbearable. I had a brief taste of nasty weather on the trip to Chicago. This time of year, I always start looking forward to fall.

  6. You and I are so much alike on many points that I think we must have been sisters split up at birth. I too hate these hot, humid days for many reasons, but primarily because no matter what I do, my hair frizzes up so badly it looks like I just got out of a steam bath! I'm also a night owl.

    I think your Fall quilt blocks are really pretty, but they did not cool ME down any. How's that working for you? lol

  7. Is it working? Do you feel cooler? If so, I'll immediately start on a Fall project. I think we've had an unusually hot summer. We have had some decent rain lately though, which is very unusual.

  8. Love the pattern and the colors! I am ready for fall, too.

  9. Love the pattern and the colors! I am ready for fall, too.


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