Monday, August 1, 2016

Monogamous quilt making...

I haven't gone down in my sewing room for over a week... I started a quilt... and I like it... but I lost interest... something that happens a lot to me... I do not usually commit to a project and work on it monogamously from start to finish... I usually bounce from project to project and then come back around and finish things up... that is what will happen with the quilt I was working on, as another pretty looker came along and said  "make me"... and I did!

And I was monogamous with this one... I started this on Friday and the top was finished yesterday... I need to get a back together and pass it off to my long arm quilter, Terry, at tonight's guild meeting. Now this was EASY...  and it isn't real big.. .about 65" square... which is quite  an accomplishment for me as I have a real problem with quilts gettting away from me and going from lap size to king size in a blink of a eye... hey I once made a quilt that started out as a potholder and ended twin sized... it happens... hangs head in shame. And piecing doesn't get much simpler than a 4 patch, now does it???

This quilt is part of my personal challenge to use up some of my stash of Layer Cakes by making simple quilts that use one Layer Cake and a small amount of background fabric... say under two yards. This one fits all the criteria I set for myself.  The fabric is Basic Grey Persimmon by Moda and this particular Layer Cake was a bargain I picked up at Fabric Shack. I am very fond of Basic Grey fabric collections, as I am also very fond of Basic Grey paper collections, which is where their designs begin. Their paper collections usually contain more prints than the fabric runs but I'm happy either way.

Luckily when this fabric line first came out  I purchased a jelly roll (which is still maturing in a plastic bin) and I purchased some yardage of that background fabric with the little birds... I LOVE birds!!!   There were about 5 pieces of Grunge in this collection too... I used them to make little 4 patches for the cornerstones... here are some close ups of the fabrics in this collection.

Love the leaves...

And the combo of an ikat looking prints and a sweet calico is hard to resist...

Modern prints...

And another mix of modern with vintage...

More birds...

I feel that Basic Grey collections are quite eclectic... bohemian...  a mix of modern and vintage that I would never think of putting together but they work!!

Soooo... I'm starting the week on a productive high note... Terry is bringing me 3 quilts she quilted and they all need binding and one needs a sleeve... and I haven't got any of those parts made yet... so maybe that is a good place to start... lots of running around this week and next weekend is jammed packed... I will start with the best of intentions, but we all know where that leads... as my sainted Gramdma use to tell me "the road to hell is paved with good intentions"... and I think I've been on that road before... LOL!!

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. MAN, that's what I need are finishes! Maybe if I had a few, I'd be more inspired to get a few more under the belt. Of course, that would require staying off the stupid puter.

  2. Anyone who can finish a top in a matter of days really impresses me a lot! The fabrics are great !

  3. My comment disappeared so this may be duplicate...
    Nice work! You are speedy. Hope all your returned quilts get their turn quickly and become real at last.

  4. Very nice quilt! Great pattern to showcase those awesome fabrics! I agree... not prints I'd put together either... but they do play very well with one another!

  5. I am trying to use up some aging jelly rolls by making baby quilts ...two made so far.
    Yours looks great. Nice to use up suitably aged fabric in simple quilts


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