Friday, November 4, 2016

Lots of sockiness... I know it is a made up word... but I like it...

So we just finished out Socktober, I mean October and that gave me lots of knitting time for socks... although that is pretty true of every month... but lets not dwell on that, since I LOVE LOVE LOVE to knit socks!!   Let's begin a show of sockiness  with a finished pair of socks...

another pair of Frankensocks which I tried to bend toward the purple range.  Lots of bits and bobs of Opal and Regia and assorted other sock yarns that I have no ball band for. There is also some sparkly bits  which you can see if you make the picture bigger. I don't know why I bought that sparkly skein and I don't think I want a pair of  entirely sparkly socks but little pieces of it here and there are a nice distraction...oooooohhhh something shiny!!!

And then there are the unfinished socks....I know I said that from now on I was only going to do Frankensocks... but it was a lie... I really like doing the Frankensocks but somehow I needed a change... a palate cleanser... so I cast on this sock...

It is a bit hard to see the pattern but it is there... it is called Sunday Swing and it is a free pattern which you can see here.  The yarn is Regia Colormania and it has been in my stash for a while. I've got 2 other colorways too.

Here's another picture where it is on my leg  and you can see how the pattern swings back and forth...

I've knit this pattern before and it is easy... one patterned row you have to count ... one knit row you don't have to count... and back and forth, back and forth.  I know you are surprised.... it isn't a plain vanilla sock... I'm surprised too!  

And then there is more sockiness with this sock that just jumped onto a pair of empty needles... honestly... it wasn't my fault... it was Socktober magic...

I was searching cruising wasting time on Ravelry and saw this BE-YOOOO-TI- FUL yarn. Zitron Trekking XL 415.  A wonderful wash of color that reminds me of a tub of rainbow sherbet... lots of things remind me of you have this problem too ??  Anyway as I was wiping the drool off my laptop it hit me that "YOU OWN THIS YARN CAROL"... OMG... I DO!!!  It has been maturing in a plastic bin in the basement for quite a while, so I freed it and in appreciation it jumped onto the empty pair of 2.75mm circular needles that were minding their own business next to my comfy chair. In my world sock yarn does have a life of its own... it is a crazy little world but they know me there and all is good...LOL

Now these are plain vanilla socks but really not so plain... I love how the colors are pooling but there is also a clear delineation of 2 different color swaths... above is one side of the sock...

and here is the other side... isn't that cool??? Kinda psychedelic. The colors changes are definitely keeping my interest and this is a great car knitting sock... a sock that will primarily be knit while I'm waiting in the car for my son, or in a drive through window line or wherever I find myself with time to kill and I'm stuck in the car.   It is a good thing that I knit because otherwise I'd probably hurt people. I think I show remarkable restraint at times, as I am armed with  sharp pointy things and I don't poke people's eyes out... although I do have those thoughts??? Its not bad unless I act upon it .... right???

So Socktober was a productive... overall I finished 2 pairs of socks and started 2 more pairs... my needles are never empty.

Hope you have a nice weekend ahead... the unseasonably warm weather has given way to seasonably cooler temperatures so I'm wearing long pants and  socks and I'm quite comfy and happy!

happy knitting -
carol fun


  1. "Sockiness," no stranger than "Socktober". I got quite a chuckle from your last few paragraphs! What is your favorite weight and manufacturer for sock yarn? I'm looking for something to wrap for my DIL other than another gift card to Knitpicks.

  2. Okay, you know this post just killed me! Gaahh!!! The bug is biting me.

  3. As usual, your socks are spectacular. I didn't have time to take a picture "yet" of my sock progress because of having to help hang a quilt show, but maybe late tonight I'll get it posted. Love that last yarn. Very cool.!!

  4. I always enjoy your humor and great socks have a great weekend

  5. Love your frankensocks! My hubby is getting a pair for Christmas. They are so much fun to knit!


    And you already know how crazy I am about your Frankensocks, and since I haven't taken the plunge and bought a kit (and my own leftovers just aren't gorgeous enough) I will have to love vicariously through yours.

    And those POOLS of color on the last pair.............SWOOOOOOOOOON !

  7. It looks like the weather is co-operating and giving you reasons to wear your amazing socks. I love the color of the ones you are working on now. Just so pretty!!

  8. Wonderful wonderful socks, Carol!! I love your colorful "plain vanilla socks"!! Look forward to seeing them completed!!

  9. Love, Love, Love your socks. And you can't have bits and bobs of yarn if you don't knit some straight socks once in a while to have leftovers.

  10. I think sockiness is my new favorite word!

  11. Love your frankensocks! Nice new starts on the others as well. I have stitching projects that do that, although I'm not yet brave enough to try socks.


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