Monday, November 14, 2016

Something I didn't think I'd ever say....

I'm glad the weekend is over... I know who says that?  Well if you'd been barking like a seal and feeling like a truck ran over you, you would say that. I was looking forward to the weekend all week (I know who doesn't ? ... I'm full of obvious observations today... I think it is the cold medicine talking). But on Friday afternoon I started to feel puny and it continued all weekend. I think I overdosed myself on Saturday... that was the worse day... Sunday I felt a bit better... good enough to do dinner, carry out from Carraba's. Today I started out slow but I'm getting there. My voice is still gone, but I always lose my voice when I get sick... and I could do without the cough  but at least I don't feel like a truck is parked on my chest.

On the bright side I do have some sewing stuff to share... stuff obviously NOT completed this weekend... but stuff that finally got photographed. First a new table runner for my dining room table...

It measures about 65" long and drapes down the sides of the table.

I did my best to not duplicate a single square... they are all Sandy Gervais prints from different  Fall collections...and the background is my FAVORITE Basic Grey Grunge... Yellow Chiffon... I have about 5 yds of this stashed in my basement as they don't seem to be making this colorway hoo... I know I've used it in about 5 different quilted pieces and I never get tired of it! I quilted it in a variegated Sulky thread in a swoopy random fashion.

I also love that pumpkin bowl in the center of the table...

I don't know if you can make it out, but it says Thankful... perfect for this season!

And because starting a new project always makes me happy, I want to show you my newest adventure...

These are 6" finished blocks from Tula Pink's City Sampler 100 Modern Quilting Blocks... you can see the book here.

Now this book has been around since 2013 so I'm late to the party... there have been a couple of QAL with groups working together on these blocks and I stumbled across one on Instagram which you can check out here. I've been intrigued but could not come up with a fabric/color plan for the blocks. If you are going to make 100 blocks you'd better have a plan. I didn't want to do brights with blacks and whites... and I didn't want to do Kaffe's... and I didn't want to do anything sweet ... and then it hit me Momo... I LOVE MOMO... and I have a nice stash of several collections of Momo... and it was off to the races.

I've started posting my blocks on Instagram here... you can check back every day or so and see what I've done. Now I didn't start at the beginning... I mean really, anyone can start at the beginning. Since I'm late I started with Block No. 77, and what I have so far is Blocks 77, 78, 79, 80 and 81... I have Blocks 82, 83, 85 and 86 cut out...I think I'm going to skip 84. I only plan on doing 70 blocks as that is all I need for a double bed sized quilt... at least that is all I think I need. And the great part about deciding at the start that I only need 70 instead of 100 blocks is I already feel a sense of accomplishment... I know that makes NO sense at all but it makes me feel good so I'm going with it.

Here are close ups of two blocks I like a lot...

Block 78

I inked the little face on the flower...

Block 81

This one puts me in the mind of looking out a window and that is the view from my front window most evenings... they don't call it Deer Park for nothing...LOL

I'm having great fun with these blocks. Lots of opportunities to fussy cut images and so far it has taken me longer to select fabrics and cut the pieces than it takes to sew them together. Makes it nice to sit down for a couple of minutes and knock out a block. Stay tuned ... I'll have more to show...

Well I hope you had a nice weekend and will have a nice week. This one is a little less busy than last week and that is good... more time to sew!

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Your table runner looks so great on your table! (I really love the way you quilted it.) And the little smiley face flower in the center is too cute. Glad you are a bit better. It's awful to be without a voice - hope that comes back soon!

  2. Your table runner is perfect for the Fall season and that bowl just sets it off to a T. Sorry to hear you were under the weather and glad you are feeling better. Your new project looks like a winner too. Lots of fun with the special fussy cutting, huh? Like the smiley face too.

  3. What a pretty table runner. Don't you just get frustrated when they stop making something that you really like. I hope you are feeling better today. You sound just like I did when I was teaching. I always lost my voice. In general though, you sounded pretty sick. I hope you have a nice quiet week with lots of sewing!

  4. Hugs! Love the table runner ♥


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