Friday, December 30, 2016

I LOVE hand knit socks!!!

So the end of 2016 is in sight... and on the knitting front I will end this year just like last year... with hand knit socks on my needles.  Socks are my most FAVORITE thing to knit ... and in looking back over the last year they were pretty much the ONLY thing I knit.

I was curious how many socks I knit last year and by my count (and remember math is not my friend) I knit 32 socks... 16 pairs, but really 15 pairs and 2 single socks. The good thing is both of the single socks have their mates on the needles... I am amazed at me...LOL!!

Here are the first complete pair of socks made from my Opal Advent Calendar...

I did these in the Frankensocks style so there were lots of joins and ends to deal with but I do like the little bits and bobs of different stripes and colors. I wanted the Advent calendar so I'd get some different colors than I usually buy and I did. That purple and pink  were no where in my stash. This pair reads very "cool" and subdued to me... nice but different.  I finished these up on Christmas Eve...

So on Christmas Day I cast on the second pair of socks from the Opal Advent Calendar... and these are much brighter...

I picked out the skeins that were showing some yellow and orange... not many with yellow. The cuffs, heels and toes are a variety of yarns from my stash. Now these are even brighter in real life!  And did they knit up fast!! Like I said I cast on the first sock Sunday and I was finished with it on Tuesday. I don't remember the last time I knit a sock that fast.

Using 3 different skeins of yarn, in much bigger chunks sped up the process as there was less decision making.  And I'm always super motivated when starting a new skein of yarn to see what the repeat is going to look like...multiple that 3 times over and you get very speedy knitting!!!

The second sock is moving along nicely too. I took what was left of each skein and wound in into a ball so the sequence of the striping pattern is reversed.  It makes for scrappier looking socks in my opinion and then I'm again motivated to see what the repeat is going to look like... I know I could just turn the first sock upside down and see what is coming but hey....I'm easily amused here... and it keeps me off the streets at night!!! LOL

With a bit of luck I may have this pair finished before the end of 2016!!  My plans for New Years Eve are to stay home, probably eat pizza and knit or cross stitch. I'll be up at midnight because I'm a night owl, not because I need to see the ball drop.  As for the New Year I will usher it in with more knitting, cross stitch and quilting. My philosophy is that you should do the things you love on the first day of the year to set the tone for the next 365 days!!

Tomorrow I'll have a little recap of what I've accomplished this year. I never think I get much done but reviewing my blog showed I was more productive than I thought. I haven't been too conscientious in posting the last couple of months but I have been working on stuff. I've considered not updating the blog and moving solely to Instagram, but looking back over 2016 shows me why a blog is a good thing. It is a pictorial diary of what is going on in my life. It certainly isn't the lifestyles of the rich and famous (remember that show with Robin Leach? Whatever happened to Robin Leach?)... but I am certainly happy with the life I have!

I'm going to link up with Patchwork Times to see what others are knitting this week. So much yarn...not enough time!

happy knitting -
carol fun


  1. I deleted my Instagram account and have started a blog. I've read yours backwards. Love it! Awesome socks.

  2. I just sent you a big long email. Then I looked at blogs and you are the first in line for me!! Your socks are just the best. When I see them, I think I should take up knitting. My plans are just like yours. However, I will be up at 12 (not to see the New Year in) but because around here, they shoot off fireworks. We have lots of reservations near us here in WA. New Year's is only out done by the 4th of July!! So I will be tucked in my warm bed reading!!!!

  3. Your socks are so nice. I love the yellow and that purple in the first pair is so soft and soothing. I'm glad you're going to continue blogging, I'd miss your posts if you went solely to Instagram.

  4. Nice socks! I love your scrappy knitting. My blog has been neglected this year and I'm sad so many people have gone over to Instagram, but I'm hoping things will be calmer here so I can blog more often. Having only one job should help!

  5. I just love all your socks--they're all so pretty! I can't knit, only crochet and know that I HATE joining as I never feel like I do a good job of hiding them so I'd probably avoid the Frankensocks only for that reason.

  6. Once again... you have some awesome socks there. It's exciting to look back and see all that you have accomplished. I won't be up at midnight... I have to serve Communion at our 8am church service. :) Happy New Year!

  7. Love your newest pair of socks. The addition of the purples speak to me loudly.I do not change yarns as often as you do for the Frankensocks, but I'm having a blast making them. Thank you so much for getting me started with your stash leftovers! I am forever indebted to you for getting me started making Frankensocks. I love making them. Please don't stop blogging. I would have no way to be inspired by you and we are so much alike. I am not on Facebook or Instagram. I too will be up at midnight knitting because I am a late late night owl. lol

  8. Love reading your blog and viewing your socks, cross stitching and quilting. I don't Instagram so I would miss you😩. Hope you will continue sharing your creativity.😀💞

  9. Love reading your blog and viewing your socks, cross stitching and quilting. I don't Instagram so I would miss you😩. Hope you will continue sharing your creativity.😀💞

  10. I have a couple of friends who knit and both have made me socks...very cozy! When I retire, I hope to learn to knit. Love your fun coloured socks!

  11. I am a much slower sock knitter and can't imagine getting that many socks done in a year and they are sooo cute.


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