Sunday, December 18, 2016

Some assorted stitching on Sunday...

Well I haven't done this for a couple of weeks, but today I have  some cross stitch pics to share. Something completely stitched, something almost done and something started... I'm covering the whole gamut today...LOL! (Funny aside... at first I had typed gamet... which didn't look right... so I looked it up and I'm glad I did. A gamet has something to do with before a vowel... a little knowledge is dangerous!)

Anyway here is the piece that is completely stitched...

This is A Funky Bird by Barbara Ana. Now I changed the body of the bird from the dark brown to the lighter thread color that I can't remember what the number is now... but I like the looks of it.  I plan to get this one framed.

And then this is almost completely stitched...

This is from Teresa Kogut and is called appropriately Star Shaped Snowman... hey I guess titles get hard for designers too!  Now I pretty much changed every color on this one as the original was done more primitive. I wanted to use this scrap of linen in my stash that I have no idea where it came from. It is dyed/bleached with what I think is  a snowy look...however, I may not have made the best choice for where I located this on the linen. The snowman's arm... which is behind that branch is almost invisible. I think he would benefit from some backstitching....ugh!!!  He is a cutie but I was surprised that this primitive piece included a ton of 1/2 stitches and 3/4 stitches.  I think he will end up as a little pillow. You can see more of Teresa Kogut's cross stitch here... she has some cute Santas and chickens too!

And finally there is this ... a BRAND NEW Christmas start... which doesn't have a snowball's chance in Hell of being done this year....

This is the Lizzie Kate Jingles series from about 2013. I had never seen... or probably just hadn't paid attention ... to this bunch of adorable charts before. I lay the blame for this new start squarely on the shoulders of my friend Heather, who not only pointed it out to me, but also found it on sale on ebay for a great price including all the embellishments. Now it is well known that I have little self control where cute stuff is concerned... I'm thinking it is a genetic flaw and that will absolve me from any responsibility for my actions stemming from this condition... right??? A head nod in the affirmative would be  greatly appreciated.

Here is what it will look like when all 12 little darlings are stitched...

If you go to Lizzie Kate's website... here... you can download a layout that shows you where to put each chart and gives you additional little fillers like those blocks under the reindeer and the heart frame for what will be a snowman scene.  They also provide this layout info for other series... and somehow I think that info will get me into more trouble as the Halloween stuff  is too stinking cute!

So right now I'm happy with my stitching stuff. I have BIG BIG BIG plans to organize my cross stitch graphs in 2017. I'd like to put them into alphabetical order by designer so when I go to look and see if I have a chart I don't have to look through 6 different boxes. I also have plans to lose 50 pounds, quilt only from my stash and win the lottery... I think all those plans have about the same probability of success... should be an interesting year, dontcha think???? LOL!!!

So dinner tonight is going to be Mexican food... at El Rancho Grande... my boys and me...always tasty. My daughter-in-law is attending a concert her mother is singing in...she is a good daughter!

I'll link up with Kathy's Quilts today and Super Mom - No Cape tomorrow.

Hope you have your Christmas duties well in hand. I hesitate to say this out loud but I'm in pretty good shape. Two more gift cards and I think I can call it a wrap...I hope I haven't forgotten anything...

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Love that whimsical bird! Your new piece looks like so much fun. I haven't done cross stitch for years but this project is so tempting.

  2. lol I think our goals are pretty much the same! I think it is impossible to resist anything by Lizzie Kate. I would have done the same. The bird is just gorgeous and the snowman is cute!

  3. Gosh, it has literally been years since I cross stitched. You have whetted my appetite to resurrect this portable, low volume craft. I am sure I have a Debbie Mumm snowman or two lurking in the bowels of my closet. I am also glad to see someone else looking up words they use in their blog post. I just had to check that whetted really had an h. Maybe I can insert some of my cross-stitching into a quilt...?

  4. Funky Bird is so fantastic! Your snowman has such a sweet smile. I just love him!

  5. I was listening to that very same radio station Saturday and had that exact same thought about that song. Just what does it have to do with Christmas?! And yes, it's sad. Geesh! On a happier note, I love the frankensock!!

  6. I love your new Christmas stitchery... it's perfect for next year!

  7. I like your 2017 plans. LOL. Yeah, me, too, except for the XS, which I don't do. I like yours, though. That bird is so appealing to me.

  8. I really like that jingle series!

  9. Love the star shaped snowman and the bird is so cute.

  10. Your projects are stinking cute! You are inspiring me to get out my cross stitch UFO and try to finish it.

  11. Your XS is so cute, but I am not tempted to take up anymore cuteness in 2017. I love your goals for the new year though and I think I have the same genetic flaw when it comes to cute things, at least in the quilting and knitty areas. I think I possibly caught it from reading your blog and seeing all the cute things you post. lol

  12. Funky Bird just pops! You have lots of plans for 2017. After your organize your stash, would you come and do the same for me?

  13. I'm not sure how I missed all this wonderful stitching.I love the framed piece. I have it in my stash. That bird is awesome, definitely worth framing. And the little star snowman is so cute. Good luck with organizing your stash. I just seem to fall from one thing to another. Maybe I need to follow your example.


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