Saturday, January 14, 2017

I'm getting a little paranoid...

Well technology is conspiring against me again...this time my Wifi provider went on the fritz for about 12 hours...grrrr... I can live without TV...don't watch much besides the news but DON"T TAKE my Internet away!!!   I was just getting my butt in gear last night to post when it went poof!!! I'm beginning to think that maybe someone doesn't want me to post...arggh!!!

The absence o f Wifi made for a very quiet evening  which wasn't all bad... I did a bit of knitting...which was... you guessed it...MORE SOCKS!!!

I finished this pair... Zitron Trekking XXL 415... one of those skeins of yarn that I didn't know I owned till I saw it on someone else's blog and then I coveted it. Luckily I looked in my stash and found I had a ball of it ...yeah... the heels and toes are a dusty plum... I think a Fabel from my stash. Now these took a little while as these are "car socks"... socks I only knit when I'm in the car waiting and need to kill some time. Simple stockinette... I need to find another yarn for the car... maybe an Opal  or a Regia...something self striping.

And then there was another Frankensock...

bits and pieces of the little mini skeins from my Opal Advent Calendar and the cuffs, heels and toes are an older Opal . When I cast on this sock I thought I was going to find more greens in the little skeins but I didn't. But I think it is okay because the green plays nicely with the other colors adds a nice contrast...IMHO! Now normally I would cast on the mate right away... okay not normally, but well lately. I've been doing that... but this time something else shiny caught my eye.

this is another Frankensock but it is a lot less busy... almost calm... very quiet... OMG what has gotten into me???  Well this sock is done using only tonal yarns... some Opal and some Fabel and some I don't know where you came from since there isn't a ball band on you,  but you  sure are pretty!  I'm knitting larger swaths of the yarn which I think contributes to it being a quieter sock... I was influenced by these socks I found eons ago....

Now when I cast on my sock somehow I remembered the inspiration being darker... ah the tricks my memory plays on me!   They appeared on the blog Cozy Things which you can see here.   She has lots of lovely knitting. The socks were in this post in now looking at my inspiration I can see that I need to got through my stash and look for some lighter tonal yarns... for yet ANOTHER pair of Frankensocks... this shows all the markers of an addiction doesn't it??? Don't answer that ... ignorance is bliss.... blah blah blah... I'm not listening to you... I'm happy in my little yarn-y world with  all its squishy goodness!

And the weather makes me happy to be wearing hand knit socks... it gray and windy and cold outside...but the roller coaster continues and I saw two 60 degree days forecast for next week...which is going to be on of those weeks that has me wondering what day of the week it is all week since Monday is a holiday...and the day we are celebrating my older son's 32th birthday...OMG how did that happen...  I haven't gotten any older (and yes I am delusional here)... anyway spaghetti and meatballs is the requested menu and I'm happy to oblige.

It has been a mildly productive week for seasonal decorating ... all of the Christmas, except for the gingerbread men garland in the kitchen...have been taken down and put away. The snowmen have made a triumphant return and their beady little eyes are following me all over the living room. And I added a new piece to the decor...

Several of my friends had cute wooden boxes filled with mason jars and candles on their tables this season...I loved the look but needed something with a smaller scale for my home.  I found the wooden tray at Target... it is a bread bowl... the hobnail mason jars I got on Amazon and I filled the tray and the jars with Epsom salts and popped in some of those battery operated candles... the little trees were a dollar spot find at Christmas time... my own miniature shovel needed! It has a nice twinkling glow in the evening...

Well winter seems to be having its way with lots of us... hope it gets better soon!

happy knitting-
carol fun


  1. The wools you have chosen for your socks is beautiful--knitting with those wonderful colors would help me fight the winter blues. Your candle table arrangement is fabulous might be tempted to use scented bath salts to make it smell good

  2. Love the centerpiece with the mason jars--very apropos!!!

  3. Your center piece is so pretty. I love to use candles lots of ways during the late Fall and winter months. It gets dark around 4:30 so I have lots of time to enjoy them. Your socks look warm and cozy, I love the colors.

  4. Technology feeds off our confusion lol. Love your socks. The winter display is really cute.

  5. Love that center piece, and enjoyed hearing how it all came together--neat job--
    love those socks---
    enjoy the moments-di

  6. Those look like perfect reading socks!

  7. Your wifi going on the fritz deprives us of sock posts. Thankfully it was restored.

  8. Your table decorations were perfect and didn't break the bank. Now, I must say that your Frankensocks look a lot better than mine. I know what your secret is too. I just have to try and copy it. I've never been good at thinking ahead on sock knitting, but making the top, heel and toe the same color makes them look like Armani or someone as fancy. Think I'll try that on my next pair. Your new pair are beautiful at the top of the post. Love the rich colors.

  9. I love, Love, LOVE your socks!


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