Sunday, March 26, 2017

Searching for my inner slug with Slow Sunday Stitching...

I am sooooo happy it is Sunday... I'm plum tuckered out with all the stuff that has been going on at my house and my son's house this last week and all I want to to is sit... find my inner slug... and slow down. So far, so good... the rain stopped and I did go for a short walk with my son at a local park... but now I've got my butt parked in my chair and the most activity I've planned is to thread a needle.

Last Sunday I talked about wanting to start my newest purchase Little House Needleworks "Needlework ABC's" but I said I should finish up the With Thy Needle and Thread  "Bluebird Out my Window"... and it is mostly done... I filled in the flowers, I just have the scattered little ditsy motifs to do, so I gave myself permission to just do one letter on this new sampler.... but one letter lead to another, and here is where it sits today...

I LOVE doing long samplers, and this one is a joy, as it is simple... not a lot of concentration required... once I start a letter I pretty much know how it should stitch out. Now I did change out the linen. I went through my stash of 32 ct and this is the ONLY piece I had that was long enough for this sampler... and fortuitously it is a lovely dusty turquoise color that works beautifully with these flosses IMHO... The Classic Colorworks  Cocoa Bean that the letters are stitched in pops on this linen... it would have been much more subtle on the Weeks Confederate Gray...and  I like this look better. Also I substituted Weeks Honeysuckle for the CC Antique Lace for the buttons.  It has some nice pale shaded yellow highlights which should work well with the other yellow I'm going to add to this piece. There is a lovely house to stitch which spans I J and K... it is going to be a little darker yellow tone...and then the stitching lady at the bottom will have an even darker yellow dress. I believe when you use a color or a fabric at least 3 times in a piece it ties it all together... just my opinion.

And the afternoon may include a nap...

yeah I know...he's big...that's why we call him Big Dude... I may bear an even closer resemblance to him after consuming  that box of lemon flavored, powder sugar covered. "Savannah Smiles" Girl Scout cookies... I don't know who Savannah is (although that now that I think of it I vaguely remember the GS were founded in Savannah, GA... gosh my mind is filled with useless wonder I can't remember what was on my grocery list) but the cookies are addictive. I purchased them yesterday in front of the local IGA and the leader said this is the last week they would be selling them ... probably a good thing for my waistline...LOL!

Well I hope you are having a nice Sunday...not doing dinner with my son and daughter-in-law this week, they are going to her parents house instead, so I've got no dinner plans... maybe just soup and sandwich... tasty and easy...

I'll link up with Kathy's Quilts today and Super Mom - No Cape on Monday...

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Nice start on the ABC piece--love it on the blue fabric.

  2. Yes, Girl Scouts started in Savannah. Is that the blue I sent you? Sweet stitchery. I can see how once you start a letter you know where it's going!

  3. I think using the 3 colors is a good idea. I have often heard of the rule of using odd numbers in decorating. The guy who helped us with our yard(we did not know NW plants at all)even suggested we plant in groups of 3 or 5. See you are just so smart!!!!

  4. Needlework ABCs looks fabulous on this fabric! :D

  5. Needlework ABC looks great, love it in that Linen color. Have a great week

  6. I laughed out loud when I read your comment about your "inner slug"! My sister and I wanted to title our blog "S. L. U. G. S.".


    She always says she's a slug. ha!

    Your new sampler looks great.

  7. So glad to see another posting from you so soon and the projects you have under way. Hate when you are quiet, Carol! I worry you are sick!

  8. Hope you found your inner slug and enjoying stitching "just one letter" on your new project! LOL

  9. Your sampler is darling ... I've cross-stitched, but never a sampler piece. I'd like to try one, though, I think. I really love the look of yours! :)

  10. Love your sampler...I used to cross stitch but not for a long time. Sometimes we just need to stop and res.

  11. So hard to stop at just one letter or just one cookie! This sampler looks will have it done in no time!

  12. Wow, you have really made great progress on that piece. It is so pretty. Enjoy your stitching. I look forward to watching your progress.

  13. I love your new sampler and I'm betting you've got it finished by now! I've fallen woefully behind in seeing what you've been up to. I have inner slug aspirations! I'm so wore out that I don't think I even have the strength left to hold a needle. *Grin*


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