Monday, April 24, 2017

Where was I???

I'm a bad blogger... but then I'm not telling you anything you didn't already know, am I?  I didn't mean to be away for 2 weeks... I actually thought it was only 1 week... but you also know math is not my forte so there was an error in my calculation there too.

Remember when I had that wonderful brief micro-burst of creativity and productivity...well it seems to have left the house... I've putzed on this and that haven't finished hardly anything...wait wait... I did make some Easter cards...

its hard to tell in this picture but the bunny is embossed and then cut out with this incredibly cute die from Paper can be found here.

And I finally got  my little tulip quilt up on my living room wall...

I'm really happy with the quilting Terry did on this one... a dense scroll-y pattern in a variegated thread.

And I got a few more blocks together for an IG QAL #charmschoolsewalongsew... my version of the Lunch Box pattern from the book Charm School 

I have more blocks made than are on the design wall and still have about 16 to go... if I counted right and we all know I probably didn't...oh well. I want to get this top together by the end of the is good to have goals right????

So where have I been spending my  time the last 2 weeks.... tropical vacation???  ...laundry???  ...working for world peace? Naaahhhh... I've been visiting garden centers and plant nurseries and any place that has Spring flowers for sale... here's a look at my haul so far... this table full...

and these roses...

and a few close ups of  some of the flowers I've brought home...

this is called a Pocket book plant and those little flowers are pouches...

and this is called Blue Moon phlox and it is an amazing lavender blue color... and peeking out in the lower left corner are those Lemon Slice petunias I adore...

and speaking of petunias... there are soooooo many pretty ones out there...

from left to right... the purple/yellow ones in the back are called Moonstruck... the pink and yellow ones are called Queen of Hearts...see the hearts???   and the ones in front are called Good and Plenty in an orange colorway....

and I searched high and low for these guys...

a light lavender wave petunia... my color scheme for my window boxes this year will include yellow and rosy pink and these lavender petunias...

and then there are the roses...

this is just one of the branches from the yellow tree rose... it is called Julia Child and I had absolutely no intention of buying a tree rose but this one just called my name and I was powerless to resist...

now this rose is one I went shopping for ... 

it is a David Austin rose called Gertrude Jekyll and it is a climbing rose... I got 2 of them to plant by the corner of my front porch... my plan is that they will grow up the brick pillar ... wish me luck... in my mind's eye it is going to be very English cottage-y... I think the pink color will show up well against the yellow brick and I love the shape of these English roses... they have a peony look.

And I bought this rose...

another David Austin rose called Pat Austin... this one will replace the peach one I had last year... I loved that bush but it had problems with black spot and Japanese beetles and then it didn't come back this year at all... dead...dead...dead... probably did me a favor. Last year the David Austin roses had less problems with black spot so I think they will be a better choice for me... and I'm sure the deer will agree and leave them alone....ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.... oh I am delusional... I'll be spraying the heck out of these babies, but it will be worth it. 

Tomorrow I start to pot and plant stuff up... this isn't all I'm going to do... I want to do a border of marigolds around my rose bushes and there is my pyramid of petunias to pot up... I have a few for this display but I have more I want to get... 

So if you are looking for me in the next week I should be out in the yard... or back in one of the garden centers... flowers are as addicting as fabric and yarn... good thing they aren't illegal as I'm hooked...LOL!

happy stitching-
carol fun


  1. Such a plethora of petunias and a bevvy of beautiful blossoms!!

  2. Well, I would say you have spent your time very well. What a lovely assortment of plants. I love the roses but I have given up on them. It mists here almost everyday in the spring. By that time the black spot has gotten hold and is a problem all summer. Your cards are just wonderful! Very creative!! Plus that tulip quilt on the wall looks just wonderful -perfect for Spring!!

  3. It makes perfect sent TO ME that you would be at garden centers rather than in the sewing room at this time of year ! I like your selections, especially the pink rose. I highly recommend the use of blood meal sprinkled around the base of anything that you think that the deer might find tasty. Deer ate my hostas like crazy last year UNTIL I used the blood meal and cut up bars of gold Dial soap to throw into the flower beds. Problem solved. I've done the same again this spring and seem to have avoided the problem from the beginning. PLUS...the blood meal is a wonderful additive to the soil as well...the plants really benefit in more ways than one.

  4. love the tulip quilt. What a wonderful pop of color. You are a girl after my own heart - my mom, sister, and I went plant shopping this weekend. More plant sales this weekend. Still need to power wash the patio and sidewalks. With the deer fence and lawn we also now have 3 new flowerbeds one of which will be dedicated to David Austin roses!

  5. Love all your flowers, both nature and fabric made! I recently bought a couple Blue Moon phlox plants too!

  6. I am so very intrigued by your pocket book plant!!

  7. Your tulip quilt is Gorgeous!!!! As are all your flowers. For now, we're just waiting and watching to see what flowers we already have. DH usually goes nuts buying new flowers, but I think this year we'll just need a few for the pots on our deck. Enjoy Spring!!

  8. Wow! The tulip quilt is just wonderful. So bright and cheerful - just like all the flowers you are planting in your yard. When you have time will you send me the pattern that we emailed about? Thanks!

  9. Love the Easter bunny card, and the quilt looks fantastic on the wall...and the FLOWERS! I have always loves petunias.

  10. Enjoyed the flowers and love love the tulip quilt

  11. cute tulip quilt and gorgeous flower photos~

  12. Oh my goodness! You are going to have a botanical garden of your very own...inside and out! I would SO love to bring everything home that you did, but alas, this desert is not kind to nursery plants. The only way I am able to refrain from buying them is to not even set foot in the nursery because I have no will power. I'm going to garden vicariously through you!


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